100+ Bowling Team Names and League Names

Updated on April 8, 2020
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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life.

100+ creative names for bowling teams and leagues
100+ creative names for bowling teams and leagues

Strike, score!

You have joined a bowling league, and I bet you are super excited to compete with other teams on the league, but there is just one problem: your team needs a name!

And it can’t just be “John’s team” or something boring like that; it has to have a nice ring to it, something to really catch people's attention.

Oftentimes, the team leader or manager will look towards the whole team when trying to decide between bowling team names; after all, everyone will be sporting the name on their team shirts, right? Right. So everyone rightfully should be included.

You can’t have a team called Pink Ladies when there is a guy or two on the team, and likewise you wouldn’t want a team name of Macho Men if there are ladies on the team. A little common sense goes a long way when brainstorming about bowling team names!

Brainstorming a Team Name

Here’s a few more tips to consider for choosing a team name:

  • Think about your teammates’ personalities: Do they strike you as funny, outgoing, gangster, reserved, or dirty?

  • Use bowling terms: Strike, spare, and split are total givens. How about kegler, turkey, and blowout to get you thinking more?

  • Play on words: There is an abundance of bowling terms that are easy to twist around; I’m sure you can think of a few! With all of the balls flying around, it shouldn't be hard!

Even considering all of the above, choosing a name can still be a difficult process. Lucky for you, we have a list of awesome bowling team names to spare.

Whether you are looking for something clean, funny, or raunchy, you may find just what you are looking for!

Creative Names

Here are some of the “cleaner” names on our list. You may have heard some of these already since some of them are pretty common amongst you bowlers.

Good Bowling Team Names

We've Been Framed
Cereal Bowls
Lickity Splits
Alley Katz
Turkey Lurkeys
Line Crossers
Spare Me
Pin Busters
Split Ends
Lucky Duckies
Alley Oops
King Pins
Twinkle Toes
Elbow Grease
The Hedgehogs
Bahama Llamas
Sour Apples
The Dudes
The Papa Bears
Bowl-tie Pasta
Gutter Gang
On a Roll
High Rollers
Pin Heads
Seven Ten Splits

Funny Names

If you and your bowling team have a great sense of humor, check out his list of goofy team names!

Funny Bowling Team Names

Pin PRicks
Dinner Buckets
My Big Fat Greek Church
Dirty Birdies
Futter Guckers
Doin' the Splits
Pin Ticklers
Holy Split
Turkey Pluckers
Lane Lappers
Superbowl Champions
Bowling for Beer
The Wrecking Balls
Rear Enders
Beer N' Bowl
Turkey Club
Gutterly Ridiculous
Gutter Mouths
Tipsy Pins
Bowling for Bacon
Cheesy Cakes
Mark it Zero!
The Sandbaggers
Medina Sod
Bouncing Balls
Mr. BowlJangles
Irritable Bowls
Christmas Tree Tossers
Split Happens
Stop, Drop, & Roll
Granny Rollers
Bowling & Trolling

Women's Team Names

Many bowling teams are coed, but if you've got a group made up only of ladies, here are some great girls-only team names!

Women's Bowling Team Names

Dolls with Balls
The Pinups
Betty Bowlers
Lane Queens
Pink Pinsters
Bowling Babes
Alley McBowls
Sassy Strikers
Pin Princesses
Dames of the Game
The Mama Bears
Mrs. Bowlutiful

Kids' Team Names

Youth bowling leagues need catchy names, too! Here are some great options for the tiny teams.

Gutter Snipes
Pin Pals
Little Strikers
Pintsized Pinsters
Tiny Turkeys
Flinstone Flyers
Slip 'n Sliders
Rolling Thunder
This is How We Roll
Gutter Guards

Dirty Names

Perfect names for those with the mouth of a sailor and mind in the gutter, literally!

Dirty Bowling Team Names

Cherry Pickers
Cock and Balls
Shaking Bedposts
Balls Dropped
Three Fingers
Gutter Sluts
We've Got Big Balls
Gutter Bust
Glory Bowl
Split or Swallow
Dirty Balls
Heavy Balls
Blue Balls
Choked Up
Split Lickers
Ball Chasers
Love Tappers
Wax Our Balls
Double Wood
Honey Ballers
Power Strokers
Polished Balls
16lb Balls
Spare Balls
Dense Balls
Foul Balls
Blazing Balls

Deciding on a Team Name

Found your name? That’s great!

Didn't see one you like? We told you it isn't easy!

There are a few more ways you and your team can come up with names together. Talking about things in other settings can help to provide some inspiration. Try these few things to help the names roll off your tongue:

  • Talk about it over a game of bowling. Something might just slip out, and it won’t be anyone’s balls!

  • Talk about it over dinner. It is said that the mind works more clearly when you are not hungry. Remember, everything is better with bacon. Even bowling team names.

  • Talk about it over a drink or a few. We all know interesting things come out when alcohol is involved. Bottoms up!

When all the pins have been knocked down for the night, the beer stops drippin’ and the balls return no more, and you still haven’t figured out a name for the team, sleep on it. You might even find something inspiring in a dream. The Dream Team, Sleepers, Night Prowlers, you get it. Many good things come from a good night’s sleep, even if it’s just a clearer mind for the next day to figure out that name!

The perfect name will come to you, one way or another, perhaps even in the form of one of those out-of-nowhere phenomenons. Or should we call it a “PINomenon?” Okay, bad joke, but it might make for a great team name!

Hilarious Bowling Fails

What's your favorite bowling team name?

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