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Why Are Volleyball Shorts so Short and Tight?

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Many people want to know why volleyball spandex are so short and tight.

Many people want to know why volleyball spandex are so short and tight.

Short Volleyball Shorts!

As a volleyball coach, a question I often get asked by parents who are new to the game is, "Why are the volleyball shorts so tiny?"

Everyone seems to have an opinion on this. Some people claim it's for sex appeal and to lead to more spectators (if this was the goal, it was a failure!). Some people think it's because young girls just love strutting their stuff nowadays. And some point their fingers to history and physics to explain why the girls wear these shorts.

As a coach, and as a woman, I can empathize with parents and players that are uncomfortable with the shorts. I played volleyball in the 90s (the era of baggy pants and flannel!) when bun huggers were just going out of style and before the current spandex had really taken hold. I started my volleyball career wearing basketball-length shorts and loose long sleeve jerseys. I finished it wearing short, spandex-length shorts and a cap-sleeved jersey. I felt uncomfortable enough in the short shorts, having all that leg exposed! I can completely empathize with girls and parents who wished there was a little more modesty in volleyball. If I had to wear the uniform my players do, I would be uncomfortable! But my players don't want to play in any other kind of shorts.

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Bun huggers were very popular for many years. These  volleyball uniforms had shorter shorts, but baggier tops than most teams today.

Bun huggers were very popular for many years. These volleyball uniforms had shorter shorts, but baggier tops than most teams today.

History of Volleyball Shorts

Volleyball was invented in the late 1800s but was primarily a men's game in the beginning. It wasn't played by women at the international level until the 1950s and it didn't become a widespread college and high school level sport until the 1970s after the NAIA and NCAA had introduced it as a varsity-level sport.

The women's volleyball uniforms of the 1970s reflected the fashion of the time. Mid-length shorts, form-fitting (but not tight) shirts.

As the synthetic material spandex became more popular in the late 1970s, many teams started switching over to spandex as part of their uniform. Both in the United States and internationally, women were wearing what was commonly referred to as "bun huggers" with greater frequency. These spandex bottoms resembled a bikini brief. They were a higher cut "short" that allowed for a full range of motion. One of the downfalls to this particular cut of volleyball shorts was that the shorts would commonly "ride up" and find themselves uncomfortably wedged in one's bottom, exposing greater amounts of the rear end than intended or wanted.

Bun huggers held on for quite a long time, despite their many drawbacks. It really wasn't until the late 1980s and early 1990s that teams started transitioning back to more traditional shorts styles. I remember in 1994 talking to a friend about the horror that was our volleyball uniform and then being thankful that we didn't have to wear the old school bun huggers that some of the other schools wore. So they weren't completely phased out at that point!

In the late 1990s, the spandex volleyball shorts started to come back into style. This time with a little more length to them. Originally many teams had a longer style 4" spandex shorts as they transitioned out of the traditional shorts and back into the spandex shorts. But the teams often quickly moved to the 2" spandex shorts. The longer shorts just moved too much. The players would find themselves tugging at them to get them back into place or finding too much material had crept upward into uncomfortable locations.

At this time, nearly every female volleyball team in the United States wears spandex shorts as part of their uniform. I have personally witnessed some schools that wear a more traditional mid-thigh short instead of the spandex shorts (often private religious-based schools), this is often because the uniform is in violation of the school dress code. Ironically, I have discovered that nearly all of those players wear the spandex under those shorts to avoid exposure when diving and rolling.

After the bun huggers went out of style, there was a period where teams found the middle ground for their volleyball shorts.

After the bun huggers went out of style, there was a period where teams found the middle ground for their volleyball shorts.

Why Are Spandex Preferred in Women's Volleyball Today?

This is the hot-button debate, isn't it?

Despite what many may have you believe. The shorts were not chosen with a desire to sexualize your daughters or to add sex appeal and spectators to the sport. The shorts were chosen for comfort and practicality.

First and foremost, the reason for choosing the spandex shorts used today is because of the range of motion. The spandex short does not, in any way, inhibit its occupant's range of motion. Volleyball is a sport often played while flying through the air or very low to the ground and these motions require flexible clothing. Try doing 50 lunges in your traditional shorts and see where your shorts wind up, especially if you have larger thighs as many female back row players do. The material moves and bunches in traditional shorts, but it moves MUCH less in the short spandex shorts. The same goes for repetitive jumping.

Next, do a few backward somersaults in your traditional shorts. Have someone snap a picture of you in mid-somersault. See where your shorts are? Are your underwear exposed? When you stand up are the shorts bunched up in weird ways? Yes, that's another reason for the spandex short over a more traditional short. Volleyball players often dive, do a shoulder roll and are back up and ready to play in a matter of seconds. Spandex will allow for freedom of motion without having to worry about exposing something you didn't intend to!

Also, spandex has moisture-wicking properties which also offers its advantages. In reality, they are as comfortable as wearing your underwear, if not more comfortable than your underwear. For experienced players who have gotten over the body consciousness of getting used to the spandex, they are just a part of the uniform they put on. Many players never have to adjust or think about it again.

Finally, the volleyball players I know DO really enjoy wearing them. They find them fashionable and comfortable. They love finding new spandex to wear to practice in bright colors and patterns. Nike has really established a niche market with its Nike Pro spandex shorts. They are always talking about the new patterns that Nike has come out with and admitting their jealousy when somebody has a new pair. So there IS an element of vanity and fashion to it, but they wouldn't have lasted this long for vanity's sake, and they certainly wouldn't have made it to the international stage if fashion and vanity were the only rationale!

The baggy clothes of the 90s led many volleyball teams to switch to a baggier uniform like basketball players were wearing.

The baggy clothes of the 90s led many volleyball teams to switch to a baggier uniform like basketball players were wearing.

Spandex as a Uniform

Just wait, I can hear you thinking, "If spandex is so advantageous to volleyball players, why don't the Men's teams wear them?"

Well, there are a couple of quick explanations for this. First of all, it really isn't fashionable for men to wear itty bitty spandex shorts, neither is it practical considering the different equipment that men are born with. Women may have LESS to worry about when wearing spandex, while men would actually have more to worry about.

Second of all, the advantages it lends to women are reduced in men. Men's thighs are generally a different shape and so they are less likely to have shorts ride up. Also, women play the game differently than men do. For women, the game is more about flexibility and agility than it is for men. The men's game is really dominated by power over agility. Not that they don't have players who go to the floor! They do! It's just a different type of game than the women play. They don't necessarily use the same types of motions in the same quantities that the women do.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you have read the history of the shorts and the reasons why volleyball players wear those little spandex shorts, what do you think? Are you buying it? Do you wish the uniform would change? Do you find the shorts to be sexist? Let the world know what you think, leave a comment below!

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Chris on September 12, 2020:

They don’t need to ware underwear while they are playing at least tell there in collage. All I have to say is being a man The underwear or spandex shorts makes me uncomfortable because they don’t leave anything to the imagination. But really should be up to the parents

Linda on April 14, 2020:

I'm old enough to have played in bun huggers at college then university. Now my daughter plays, in spandex shorts. I can't help feeling it's a step backward. Less flattering, less feminine, less comfortable.

Hanako on March 26, 2020:

Although men can't wear women's uniform, does that mean women can't wear men's uniform? I don't there should be such a difference between genders because in the end, volleyball is volleyball.

Sam on February 05, 2020:

Sorry for cutting my comment here's the rest of it.

this is about everyone being confident and comfortable in what they are wearing. There are different types of women in the world from "girly" to "not so girly" and everywhere in between (There is no standard for what a girl is supposed to be I just didn't know how else to describe it). Instead of just telling people to "appreciate the female body" and ignore the uniform differences, there should be different uniform options depending on what type of girl you are. If you like to flaunt around in short spandex do that. If that doesn't feel like you and you feel more comfortable playing in men's baggy shorts you should be able to wear that. Remember there should be no standard for what boys and girls have to wear for sports.They should wear what ever feels right to them and be comfortable. Instead of calling this article stupid just admit it has some truth to it. I know if my sister bad the choice to where the boys uniform she would have.

How about you?

By the way my sister's in highschool and she had no choice because they want everyone to look the same.

*Sorry for spelling errors but you get the point*

Sam on February 05, 2020:

I know a lot of people in this comment section are going on about appreciating the female body but can we just take a few minutes to realize that both uniforms will get the job done, so there really is no need for a huge difference in uniforms between the sexes. It's funny how most schools have dress code rules where you can't have your shoulders out or you can't wear shorts that are above your knee yet they let these female students play in tight short spandex. At least follow through with your rules! Some of these spandex are so short they look like they're walking around in underwear. When I go to volleyball games at my sister's school it's clear to see that some of the players are uncomfortable, constantly trying to pull the shorts down knowing full well that in two seconds they will ride up again. This is not about "appreciating the female body" this is

Jay on January 15, 2020:

@Logic n reason

Also, sports has always a celebration of the human body and form, and movement, but traditionally for men. Why, only men? Well, obviously because of a long history of insecure misogynists like you. I say the heck with it, put everyone in form-fitting clothing in sports.

I have hope for you though. Maybe, you can grow up and use that front part of your brain a little bit more (mr. logic and reason) and comprehend that the women playing volleyball or doing other similar things are not striking up seemingly sexual poses because they want a fool like you to get behind them. Somewhere in that so-called logical brain of yours, you are not getting that instead, this is a time to celebrate the human body - the female human body and to admire and love the exceptional movement and athletics. So, it is not meant for your petty sexual gratification, and the fact that you make it sound like you cannot "turn that off" makes me wonder if you are actually 13 years old. Again, maybe you will grow up and learn the world does not revolve around you, and that these are human beings, typically young and innocent human beings. Stop thinking about yourself for a minute. EVERY SENTENCE IN YOUR RANT uses the word "I" , "my", "me" or has an implied "I". In the few sentences that you somehow manage to get outside yourself, you are telling women what they should do in order to satisfy your "I". Yeah, maybe your rant was meant to be therapeutic - but not for us though. Maybe so for you, if you actually analyze deeply and not superficially, what you are saying.

Jay on January 15, 2020:

@Logic n reason

Ahhh..a so-called incel reading and writing about women's volleyball. How precious! Maybe women are universal sexual teases. (That's not really fair though). But if so, so what!!! Deal with it snowflake! Or, would you rather be the one that gives birth? We play the cards dealt to us fool - so stop whining. Maybe, in what ever middle age you are you should finally grow-up and accept that at least half of all women are way outside you league, man-up, and date or marry some chick who is in your league. Hopefully, you will learn not to be a d*** to them, and maybe you will learn to love someone other than your supposed brilliant logical reasoning (idiotic, more like it) self. Yes, that is right, your username does not pass muster.

"I love the female body, it completes me. I’m emotionally attached to it and physically attracted to it". These words don't really make sense. Obsessive/compulsive behavior can be abnormal, fool. How much porn is the Incel watching? Sure, porn is okay, but prob not as much as you are consuming it. "Emotionally attached to the female body " dude - you are not really in touch with your emotions. Talk to someone - and get off the internet.

"Sewer with the animals"? OK...whatever emotional connection you said you had with women's body - sounds like total BS now....and you sound like a serial killer. Go get help.

Logic n reason on December 21, 2019:

No I disagree. Your own article even states how this is a fashionable trend. I just think it comes down to women not knowing their power over men. Growing up I was told women don’t like sex, men are the perverts. The older I got I realized women are just as sexual as men are. I love the female body, it completes me. I’m emotionally attached to it and physically attracted to it. In most cultures that would mean I’m a healthy guy. This society would tell you I’m the problem, I’m the issue because I see athletic women in skimpy clothes and make it sexual, but am I the problem or is this society the problem? How can you turn off sexuality? And if you could would you really want to?

My point here is you can say it’s not sexual, and it’s all about comfort, and the women can say it’s not sexual, with a wink. But it is. Maybe they don’t understand it, maybe pretty women don’t understand the power they have over straight men, or maybe they do and it’s how they create their own power.

Bottom line there’s nothing wrong about getting turned on seeing these women 3/4s naked it proves your a normal guy. Maybe some of these ladies should find other ways to feel confident without sexually teasing the entire male race. It’s getting to the point where it’s nearly indefensible and they can stay in the sewer with the animals. Some of these girls would probably get offended or you hit on them or grabbed their butt, it’s like the stripper with a moral conscience.

Jill Evenfall on December 02, 2019:

No I don’t buy it. I can’t believe I read that entire article.

Toeny on October 29, 2019:

Whoever wrote this sounds like a FOOKIN feminist

AT on September 13, 2019:

And yet somehow men manage to play just fine in baggy basketball-style shorts. I guess men are just better at overcoming life's obstacles in general...

Kashif on August 16, 2019:

Is the short spandex shorts a requirement in most schools?

My daughter is 10 and wants to take up volleyball. Went to the first training class and came back astonished at the size of shorts that most of the 10/11 year olds were wearing. There is no way, I am going to allow her to wear those :)

Should she look at other sports? What's the typical policy in schools.

Also, all the points in the article talk about the great material spandex is. Why can't there be spandex shorts that run to mid thigh? I dont get the shortness part.

Lynsey on August 07, 2019:

Anyone who’s ever watched a volleyball game or even talked to a female volleyball player will know that those tiny little shorts do not stay put. They’re constantly riding up, and there are other athletic shorts options that can be accessed for the girls to wear so that they aren’t sexualized by pervs. I’m sure some girls like the shorts a lot but there’s no reason the shorts need to be so small and showing off their butts. I feel bad for the girls because more often than not they are being stared at and having their pictures taken by creepy men

Protect young girls. Seriously.

Coach Surratt on May 02, 2019:

In what way is volleyball more demanding in flexability and movement than basketball?? The school principal, where I coached, bought the volleyball team appropriate length Spandex for games. He was embarrassed for the school when the vb girls shorts rided up,their rearends showed.

Guest too on March 30, 2019:

My mom played volleyball in college and university in the mid-late 1980s and I'm following her path now. She wore bun huggers and now we wear spandex. I'm also a runner and for that we wear the buns. IMO they're more comfortable and a lot more flattering. I wish we were alowed to wear them for VB too!

Guest on December 18, 2018:

As a volleyball player who has worn multiple different types of shorts to play the game, I can attest to the preference of spandex. I've played as outside, oppo, ds, and libero, meaning that I've had experience hitting and digging, and the 2 inch inseam spandex are by far the most functional, or at least for me. Volleyball is a game of agility and speed, meaning that you generally would want your clothing to be form-fitting, if not acting as a second skin. I've found that the 4 inch inseam spandex and looser athletic shorts generally get in the way and that I need to adjust them way more than I do with the 2 inch spandex, especially after diving and rolling on SportCourt flooring, which is commonly found at NCVA tournaments.

Men's volleyball is a vastly different game from women's volleyball- women's volleyball is generally more focused on having great passers while men's volleyball is more focused on having great hitters due to anatomical differences. For example, for men, kneepads are optional because most players do not dive, whereas for women, kneepads are mandatory in order to participate due to the high number of women who get floor burn on their knees. This translates to not needing the tight fitting features of spandex, because if you don't dive, there's really nothing to adjust.

But if a player is really uncomfortable with spandex, most coaches allow other choices of shorts. One of the girls on one of my previous teams wore basketball shorts throughout the entire season, and our coach had no problems with it, as long as they were color coordinated with the rest of the volleyball club. But keep in mind- this girl is a middle who generally didn't play back row, so her choice of outfit was convenient for her.

Similarly, another one of my previous teammates wore long sleeves under her jersey and leggings instead of spandex in compliance with her religious beliefs, and no one had any problem with that.

But of course, there are definitely girls who pick up volleyball in order to flaunt the shorts. I personally feel like that's why the shorts get a bad rap, but then again, I'm very biased.

So basically, it's the player's preference as to what they want to wear. In my experience, once you get to the NCVA leagues, no one really cares what you're wearing as long as you're passionate about playing the sport.

emily on December 07, 2018:

volleyball shots are kinda good put some girls will put it more up for no reason

Rachelle on November 06, 2018:

My daughter has super cute athletic shorts that have 2 layers. A layer of spandex underneath with short running shorts on the outside. She is only 11, but they are a woman's small.

The shorts that I wore in high school were mid thigh athletic shorts. They did not restrict movement at all. Some girls wore spandex under them, but mine fit in a way that didn't need them. I did learn not to wear black underwear underneath though.

There is never a need for girls to wear tight, short spandex out on the court. There can always be an outer layer.

Just do an image search of volleyball shorts to see how many pictures are bring snapped while the girl is doing her volleyball stance. There's no reason for our girls to be objectified this way.

Michelle on October 30, 2018:

So, my daughter is 13 and has played since she was 8. She loves her spandex. The club she plays for requires them to wear cover shorts at all times when they are not on the court. That takes care of the modesty part. The right fit of spandex is critical. If they are too small then yes, they will ride up and be very uncomfortable. There are a lot of girls in our club as the girls get older they are more womanly. That requires the proper fit. Her shorts are 4 inch inseam instead of 2. It think that just fits better at least for her now. Maybe that changes as her body will most certainly change. When she plays school ball those shorts are very baggy and they get in the way. She does have to wear spandex under to cover. She hates them and complains every time she has to wear them. I can tell you that it does not matter the short. She loves to play this game and to her it would not matter what the short was, she will still play her game.

Mike on October 25, 2018:

The girls are constantly pulling the shorts down. Don't tell me it's anything but a style that is thrust on them by preoccupied adults and peers.

Cory on October 18, 2018:

I do not buy it at all. I watch my granddaughter play and she does not like it.

You say they stay put? What game are you watching? all the girls do is

Constantly pull them down. Some are so short you really see a glimpse of

“Cheek.” I am embarrassed for these girls.

Beautiful strong girls and they are “forced” to wear a “uniform “ that cheapens

The game and them. You can spin it any way you like it sexualizes the

Girls, period.

Maya on October 11, 2018:

I completely agree about the function of the shorts. I hate to see lengthy articles about how it's not performance related because the guys don't wear Spandex! I personally simply prefer wearing spandex, since they don't move around when you sprawl. I wear gym shorts to some practices in a pinch, but not usually.

concerned on September 17, 2018:

I think everyone has lost sight as to why girls are even playing the sport. Girls play for the love of the sport, and in a society where everyone is entitled and where everyone gets offended by everything, I think the bigger picture is to let the girls decide. If they are uncomfortable wearing the shorts then take the time to talk to the coach and see if their is a different option for that player. You can't cut a player from a team simply based because they don't feel comfortable or their religion prohibits them from wearing them.

I have two daughters who play the sport, and between the two they have both worn both pairs of shorts, spandex and shorts. My only complaint was when my daughter with the shorts dove for a ball and her shorts rode up, you got a glimpse of her underwear. Wearing spandex under is an option, but it seems a lot to have you player wearing now two pairs of shorts.

girl on September 08, 2018:

I really want to play volleyball but I feel very uncomfortable wearing spandex shorts. I wish I was a boy, then I could wear baggy shorts. I wonder if we practice volleyball only as a hobby, can we wear baggy shorts ? I do not want to compete, that is to say official match because we have no choice to wear these spandex shorts.

Corinne on August 09, 2018:

"...and see where your shorts wind up"

Are you telling me that they're constantly pulling wedgies and adjusting their spandex for other reasons?

Give me a break.

Soccer and softball require running, jumping, rolling, and even purposeful sliding - and yes, it gets quite hot outside, too! - and yet, those sports don't require skimpy little spandex, or constant "pulling" of shorts, underwear, etc.

"They wouldn't want to play in any other short."

That's nice. It's all about what you've gotten used to, right? Even jogging shorts offer free range of motion (have you seen the types of obstacles those runners do?) and are still longer than volleyball spandex.

Trying to find a good reason for what you're wearing, rather than seeing how something else could be more beneficial, is just ridiculous.

Guest on May 24, 2018:

The girls are comfortable wearing them. Those here complaining are the ones who need to get over it. No one forces anyone to play the game. Why do football players wear tight fitting pants? It just makes sense to. If those shirts give you inappropriate thoughts, then that is an issue you need to face yourself. Dont wear them if you don’t want or don’t watch the sport if it is appalling to you. You are the sexual malcontent. They at least are fit and attractive ladies.

Truth on April 20, 2018:

Underwear shorts are totally sexualized and inappropriate! Make all the excuses you want... I would NEVER do yoga in shorts that short - we move way more intensely and dynamically than volleyball! Such a bullshit post

Omolayo on April 08, 2018:

I appreciate this post, but I'm not really understanding how they are preferred over bum shorts or 4" spandex. I understand the range of motion thing, but why not skorts like field hockey and tennis or 3/4 spandex leggings. I've been to two tournaments for my 15 yr old sister and I see the girls pick wedgies and the bottom of their bums constantly. So either 90% of the girls are wearing the wrong size or these spandex shorts aren't doing what we think they are doing.

Anne on January 10, 2018:


I am requesting that her region for club volleyball allow her to wear the slightly loose fitting shorts for games. I will wait to see what they say. I think that more parents should request what they want and be bold. Don't let someone else tell you how it has to be. Call that office, email the region and national volleyball associated with your team. Stand up for the fact that your daughter deserves to reserve the exact shape of her body for her husband if she so chooses. Ok, no more ranting! g'night

Anne on January 10, 2018:

My daughter wears nike shorts that are not too long and are not form fitting. They never ride up, she never has to touch them. They shouldn't interfere with diving or any movements in volleyball. In college, I played volleyball and we wore shorts that were slippery, nylon probably, and fitting but not form fitting. The spandex are completely unreasonable to encourage children to wear. I think most women, men, mothers and dads have lost their minds if they think that this doesn't matter.

CC on December 28, 2017:

Sounds like more BS!!!

Lynn on October 23, 2017:

It is a very functional uniform. That's it. I played college volleyball in the 90's and it's very much about allowing movement without riding up. Stop making it about seducing someone! That's not the case! It's about athletes competing in a sport. I have a daughter and she is very modest in what she wears. She has no misconceptions about the fact that this is her uniform in volleyball and it doesn't bleed over into her everyday attire. For the argument that boys/men should wear spandex if this is better for movement?! Seriously?! Their bodies are different and girls/women would be constantly pulling baggy shorts down.

Volleyball Mom on October 02, 2017:

I appreciate the column above - honestly, I was in high school in the late 80s - I like volleyball but there was no way in the world that I was going to play volleyball wearing "bun huggers" - so the uniform actually kept me from trying out or playing (who knows what hidden talent I might have) - but here's my one big question: "WHY DON'T MEN WEAR TINY LITTLE SPANDEX SHORTS?" if it really is all for "range of motion and coverage when you are digging" - wouldn't men have the same issue? If men can perform well in normal shorts - why can't ladies & girls?

Christie on September 19, 2017:

I think our young girls are getting so use to wearing short shorts or thongs at the beach that they are and have become seducers and do not have any innocents lefts or conscious of what is appropriate and what is seducing our fathers, sons, uncles and grandfathers. Their short shorts do NOT make them any better a volleyball player!! Since the boys volleyball players are much better than the girls, why don't the boys change over to Speedos ? I think we have sold our girls to what men like to look at , your daughters butts. They girl's volleyball short shorts offend us women that are mothers , grandmothers, aunts and and even an innocent child. We put up with it all in the name of "not wanting to offend anyone" so we sit silently and let the men stare at our daughters butts. If it were not so, why are us women so shocked when we go out to buy their shorts, that we have to be talked into purchasing these ? " Is it because everyone tells us " ALL of the girls wear them" so we cave into peer pressure. Heaven forbid if my daughter does not fit into these groups......after all she won't have friends because I wear clothes that are in moderation and I do not wear clothes that allow men to look and then think about my butt every time I bend over to bump or dig for that ball. When will this seduction stop ??? Who has the guts to dress our girls in clothing that is appropriate and not seducing our men and boys ? If it does not bother you anymore, maybe you have become that frog that has been swimming in warm water and as the water slowly turns to boil, you just

boil to death because you got use to it all.

Connie on September 12, 2017:

I think the short volleyball shorts are awful. I had a granddaughter that plays volleyball for her middle School and it is awful to see all of the girls, and I mean all of the girls after every point dig in their crotches and rear ends to pull their shorts out of their female areas. How is that comfortable for the girls to play in. Please. This is just a way to have our young girls flaunt their bodies in front of the opposite sex and call it fashionable and more comfortable. This is rubbish. Long spandex shorts for bike riding could be just as fashionable and be just as comfortable and thus reducing all of the digging!

Robert on July 25, 2017:

I am a father of a 15 year old girl.

She went to volleyball camp. The coach told them the have to wear spandex shorts. i am guessing that is is the high school uniform My daughter is a size 4 pants She wears medium size loose fitting shirts We went to dicks sports. She bought a pair of nike XL shorts. The short had no loose fabric at all. They are form fitting every where except the waist. The legs are 4" long. I think size small and medium are for girls with eating disorder, TO cut off circulation, or to attract attention. the other girls pull the short up as high as they can.

My daughter IN HER WORDS said some of them you can see there lady parts. Are the shorts all made for kindergarten players? If you google search woman's volleyball image. Alot of the pictures are of their back side bent over. Some of them with major wedgies. You can tell me it's all about function all you want. We all know it's 90% fashion. Just don't FORCE girl volleyball players to wear clothes that treat them as sex object instead of athletes.

Randall Krause on July 04, 2017:

Your argument for why boys and men can't wear spandex shorts is counter-intuitive. Many male athletes already wear compression shorts underneath their regular athletic gear because they provide support and ventilation without limiting mobility. So from a practical perspective, spandex would actually be a benefit for male volleyball players, not a hindrance. And to suggest that they wear different uniforms because they engage in radically different maneuvers is absurd. The fact of the matter is, there is no compelling reason for why male volleyball players should not wear spandex shorts other than to maintain a double standard of fashion.

Current volleyball player on February 13, 2017:

I am a volleyball player and I enjoy the spandex. Sure at first I was a little uncomfortable in them but I got use to it and I wouldn't practice in any other kind of short. I can move easily and sure they are short but this allows me to stay cool. Because I am constantly hot while playing. And if they were lose then my legs would constantly get tangled in the shorts. I know this because for pe we have to wear soccer shorts and they are super uncomfortable and I can't move around easily in then. We shouldn't get rid of spandex. Plus they are super fun getting fun designs and colors.

concerned dad on February 09, 2017:

So why don't women's basketball, who are arguably making more athletic and in larger amplitude and frequency not wearing them?

Kelsey on September 30, 2016:

I voted for bun huggers. We wear them for track and they're great. Like Emma I don't understand why we can't have them for volleyball too.

Emma on September 12, 2016:

I too played college and varsity volleyball back in the 1980s, when bun huggers were mandatory. Actually, I liked them. More forgiving than spandex but more feminine and way more practical for movement than baggy shorts.

Now, my daughter is about to start playing indoor VB for her college, and she has no choice but wear the spandex. This despite the fact that bun huggers are compulsory for track events, in which she also competes, in the summer. She has seen my old team photos and asked her coach why they can't play in buns - apparently several of her teammates, who are also T&F athletes, would prefer them. She has been told it's not possible 'because no other college teams wear them.'

If that logic had been applied in the 1990s the sport would never have switched away from the bun huggers. So why can't some teams choose them now?

Daphine on May 04, 2016:

I don't like the answer. Sports clothing has changed and geared to fit the athlete. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE RULES FOR THIS- LOOK AT LONGER SHORTS FOR OUR GIRLS.

poetryman6969 on August 04, 2015:

I am very sorry to hear that sex appeal might not be the answer. I shall, in mourning, relegate myself to watching women's beach volleyball. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it.