Why Michael Jordan Is Overrated

Updated on June 21, 2019
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I'm a firm believer in statistics and how numbers can tell a story. The numbers do not support the nostalgia that Jordan is the GOAT.

Why Jordan Was Overrated

Jordan was a great scorer, but not the greatest player ever.
Jordan was a great scorer, but not the greatest player ever. | Source

Why Jordan Isn't the GOAT

Throughout Michael Jordan's career, he was seen as an untouchable force in basketball. He won six NBA titles, earned multiple MVPs, scored at will, and saved the Looney Tunes from annihilation. Kids drank Gatorade to be like Mike. Jordan sells more shoes than any other NBA athlete and has perfected his brand. Unfortunately, I personally believe that years of great branding, his success without seeing how it was acquired, and years of seeing highlights and allowing nostalgia to change our logical thinking have made it so that we've created this idea that Jordan is the greatest ever. The statistics, opponents he faced, and lack of killer instinct says otherwise.

Why Jordan Is Overrated

Jordan Wasn't Clutch

Let's just get it out of the way, Jordan was not a clutch player. Everyone seems to remember that Jordan was this master of clutch; a killer on the court who struck when he smelled blood. The fact of the matter is Jordan's clutch-gene is more of a product of our tainted memory than it is supported by the numbers. The following stats will show you why.

What Makes Clutch?

What matters most to you when considering a clutch player?

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Jordan Career, Playoff, and Situational Statistics

Field Goal %
Free Throw%
Total Rebounds
Total Assits
Steals Per Game
Blocks Per Game
Turnovers Per Game
Points Per Game
Jordan Career Stats
Jordan Playoff Stats
Jordan Finals Stats
Jordan Eliminating Opponents
Jordan Facing Elimination
Bold numbers indicate areas that Jordan's numbers regressed from his career average.

Michael Jordan Missing a Dunk

Why Jordan Wasn't Clutch

When we look at the numbers, we see that Jordan was a very good defender in his career, scored the ball incredibly well, and while he scored under 50% for his career he still found ways to be efficient in the game. However, when we speak about clutch it is specifically in the big moments; the playoffs, the finals, or game-winning situations.

When Jordan smelled blood and had the opportunity to eliminate an opponent he did so 75% of the time, with a record of 30-10. His shooting percentage dropped a whopping 9% in these situations, his rebounds decreased by 1.4, his assists by 2.1, he has .8 fewer steals, and .6 fewer blocks. That doesn't sound like killer instinct to me. In fact, it's more like letting a fish off the hook! He scored less, missed more, played far worse defense, and didn't help the team by assisting or rebounding.

When Jordan's back was against the wall, and he had to save his season he was able to save himself 41.7% of the time, with a record of 5-7. When Jordan faced elimination, he shot worse from the field and from the free throw line. He stole the ball .7 fewer times per game, turned the ball over 1.5 more times, and only scored 2.7 more points per game.

When the playoffs and finals came around, games that determined your ability to be a champion, Jordan shot a worse percentage from the field and the free throw line. He scored 3 more points, but he also had fewer steals, fewer blocks in the finals, more turnovers in the playoffs, and rebounded less in the finals.

In conclusion, Jordan vastly regressed in some major statistical categories in key moments when he had the opportunity to eliminate an opponent or save his own skin. Throughout other big moments, his stats regressed, and rarely improved vastly in the way we would consider a clutch player to do so. With the opportunity to move on from a team Jordan only did so 75% of the time, and when he faced elimination, he only won 41% of the time.

Jordan also only shot 5-11 on go-ahead shots in the postseason, 45.5%. Of those five, three were buzzer beaters.

Was Michael Jordan Clutch?

Based on the stats, do you think MJ was clutch?

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Michael Jordan Played in a Weak League

Six teams were added to the league during Jordan's career.
Six teams were added to the league during Jordan's career.

The 90's Was an Expansion League

Michael Jordan won his six rings in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998. He has two three-peat performances that were separated by a short stint in baseball. While many believe this solidifies him as the greatest, they often fail to look at the league surrounding him at the time. Between the years of 1988 and 1995, the NBA expanded. Six teams were added; Hornets (88), Heat (88), Magic (89), Timberwolves (89), Raptors (95), and Grizzlies (95). The following stats cover the time between their creation and their first playoff appearance as a team. They will include their overall game record, the number of games played against Michael, the overall record of Jordan vs that team in those years, and their playoff record against each other if applicable.

Charlotte Hornets: First playoff appearance in 1993

  • 1988-1993 (Combined record of 140-270)
  • 88-89: 5 Games, 4-1
  • 89-90: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 90-91:5 Games, 5-0
  • 91-92: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 92-93: 5 Games, 3-2
  • Playoffs: N/A

Miami Heat: First playoff appearance in 1992

  • 1988-1992 (Combined record of 95-233)
  • 88-89: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 89-90: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 90-91: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 91-92: 4 Games, 4-0
  • Playoffs: 3 games, 3-0

Magic: First playoff appearance in 1994

  • 1989-1994 (Combined record of 106-249)
  • 89-90: 5 Games, 3-2
  • 90-91: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 91-92: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 92-93: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 93-94: 1 Game, 1-0
  • Playoffs: N/A

Timberwolves: First playoff appearance in 1997

  • 1989-1997 (Combined record of 192-464)
  • 89-90: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 90-91: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 91-92: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 92-93: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 93-94: 0 Games
  • 94-95: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 95-96: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 96-97: 2 Games, 1-1
  • Playoffs: N/A

Raptors: First playoff appearance in 2000

  • 1995-2000 (Combined record of 135-243)
  • 95-96: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 96-97: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 97-98: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 98-99: Retired
  • 99-00: Retired

Grizzlies: First playoff appearance in 2004

  • 1995-2002 (Jordan retired for good in 2002) (Combined record of 101-418)
  • 95-96: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 96-97: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 97-98: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 00-01: 1 Game, 1-0
  • 01-02: 1 Game, 0-1

Michael played in a league that was watered down throughout his career. As the new expansion teams finally got to the playoffs (and many didn't stay long), new teams continued to flood the league. At any given time in his career after 1988, there were at least three teams that had five or fewer years of experience.

Aside from this, the leagues were incredibly top-heavy! After the first expansion of Jordan's career in 1988, the following were the number of teams that had a .500 record or worse.

88-89: 10 of 25 40%

89-90: 12 of 27 44.4%

90-91: 14 of 27 51.8%

91-92: 13 of 27 48.1%

92-93: 14 of 27 51.8%

94-95: 13 of 27 48.1%

95-96: 15 of 29 51.7%

96-97: 15 of 29 51.7%

97-98: 13 of 29 44.8%

01-02: 13 of 29 44.8%

02-03: 12 of 29 41.3%

If you look at the numbers, throughout his career, there were a lot of losers in the league. More specifically, if you look at the 6 years Jordan won titles, 4 of them had more losing teams in the league than winning teams.

Hall of Famers Jordan Has a Losing Record Against in the Postseason

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Larry BirdKevin McHaleDennis JohnsonRobert ParrishBill WaltonIsaiah ThomasJoe DumarsAdrian DantleyDennis Rodman
Larry Bird
Larry Bird
Kevin McHale
Kevin McHale
Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson
Robert Parrish
Robert Parrish
Bill Walton
Bill Walton
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas
Joe Dumars
Joe Dumars
Adrian Dantley
Adrian Dantley
Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

Jordan Never Beat a Prime Opponent

When you think of Michael Jordan's biggest rivals, people often think of Larry Bird, the Bad Boys of Detroit, or Magic Johnson. The problem is, Michael never beat any of these opponents in their prime. In fact, these opponents are some of the only players in MJ's career that could rival his skill and ability as a team. They're the only opponents who could arguably be considered dynasties, had multiple rings in their time playing Jordan, or ever challenged him as a player.

Below is the list of Hall of Fame players Jordan faced between the Finals and the playoffs, along with his record against them:

Finals: Jordan was undefeated.

  • Magic Johnson
  • James Worthy
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Charles Barkley
  • Gary Payton
  • John Stockton x2
  • Karl Malone x2

Total: 9


  • Larry Bird 0-2
  • Kevin McHale 0-2
  • Dennis Johnson 0-2
  • Robert Parish 0-2
  • Bill Walton 0-2
  • Isaiah Thomas 1-3
  • Joe Dumars 1-3
  • Adrian Dantley 0-2
  • Dennis Rodman 1-3
  • Patrick Ewing 5-0
  • Charles Barkley 2-0
  • Dominique Wilkins 1-0
  • Alonzo Mourning 3-0
  • Shaquille O'Neil 1-1
  • Dikembe Mutombo 1-0
  • Reggie Miller 1-0

Michael Jordan faced 16 Hall of Famers throughout the playoffs on 39 occasions. He posted a winning record against 6 of the 16, a tied record with 1, and a losing record with 9 of the 16. His total record in the playoffs against Hall of Fame opponents was 17-22, with 10 of his 17 wins coming against Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and Alonzo Mourning alone. If you include his Finals appearances, MJ faced 24 Hall of Famers on 48 separate occasions, with a final postseason record of 26-22, or 54%. The problem with this is 20% of his entire postseason wins came against 3 players who never won rings. The biggest issue with Jordan's career is he never beat an opponent of his caliber in their prime. Another knock on his career is that of the fifteen Hall of Fame opponents he faced more than one time in the postseason, he only posted a winning record against four.

Larry Bird and the Celtics

Jordan never beat Larry Bird in the playoffs. He faced the Celtics twice in the playoffs, never winning a single game. In his second year, it's understandable that Jordan wouldn't beat a great team that boasted so many Hall of Famers, but the second time he faced the Celtics it was different. Jordan posted his greatest statistical season in his third career year. Jordan averaged 37.1 points per game, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.6 assists. If Jordan was the greatest ever, shouldn't he have been able to win at least one game against the Celtics that year? Instead, he was swept again.

The Bad Boys of Detroit

Michael's next greatest nemesis was Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boys. Jordan faced this team four times in the playoffs during his career, losing his first three meetings and winning the last one. Not only did it take Jordan four tries to beat the Pistons, but the year they did Isaiah Thomas had broken his wrist and never fully recovered. In fact, it was his worst year of scoring and steals in his career to that point.

Magic Johnson

Jordan actually beat this opponent in their single meeting in the Finals. Unfortunately, Jordan never beat Magic in his prime on the big stage. Magic retired the very next season when he learned he had HIV. Aside from this, Byron Scott and James Worthy both were dealing with injuries throughout the Finals and even sat for game 5 against Jordan.

Were the League and Opponents Weak?

How do you feel about Jordan's career opponents?

See results

Jordan's Six Rings

While it is impressive that Jordan won six rings in his career, he also did a fair share of losing. Based on the number of teams admitted to the playoffs, if you are knocked out in the first round, you could be ranked at 16th at worst and ninth at best. That ranking goes up to eighth and fifth during the second round. If eliminated during the Conference Finals, you could be ranked fourth at worst or third at best. Losing in the Finals obviously means you are the second best team in the league. Jordan lost in the first round of the playoffs three times, the second round twice, and the conference finals twice. Jordan was first or second in six of his 15 seasons. He was the best in the league 40% of the time, he was third or fourth 13% of the time, he was fifth through eighth 13% of the time, and he ranked ninth and lower 20% of the time. Seeing how in his three first-round exits he only won one game total, it's easy to say he probably ranked 13th or 14th in the league, being that there were only fourteen teams in the playoffs at the time. Would the greatest player of all time be ranked between five and fourteen at the end of the season 33% of his career? Absolutely not.

Jordan in Washington

The End of Jordan's Career

If you were reading Jordan's placement stats above you may have thought that the math doesn't add up. That's because 14% of the time Jordan was one of the league's worst teams and failed to make the playoffs at all. When Jordan returned to the league for his final two seasons he failed to make the playoffs in both. Yes, he was 38 and 39 years old at the time, but shouldn't the greatest player ever be able to make the playoffs at a time when more than half of the league gets in; especially when he's a seasoned veteran champion? He only won 37 games in each of those final seasons, needing only 42 to get into the playoffs in both. It was a sad ending of a career for a man who was once a force offensively.

Why Jordan Isn't the GOAT

Jordan was a great player, let me make that clear. I believe he's one of the best players, the best scorer ever, and a great competitor who changed the game. Unfortunately, he didn't excel and overachieve when big games came around, he played in a weak league that aided his success, he never beat an opponent on his level in their prime and regularly was beaten by the ones that challenged his greatness, and he failed to make the playoffs at the end of his run. I believe that all of this adds up to a great player who wasn't challenged enough in his career to boast as the greatest ever. Players like Kareem, Bird, Magic, and LeBron James all had to face dynasties at various points of their careers, sometimes on multiple occasions! The argument will never be solved, but don't allow sentiment and nostalgia cloud the truth of the matter, Jordan was a great player but he is still overrated.

Who is the Greatest of All Time?

Where do you think Jordan falls all time?

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Questions & Answers

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      • profile image

        Rod Harper 

        5 days ago

        So Michael Jordan with no help couldn't beat the celtics in the playoffs. Yet you don't the fact that when they could have had another series the celtics failed repeatedly. When Scottie started showing his true potential the bulls won in the playoffs. You like comparing apples and oranges I see. So since you want to make it an issue. The McHale and parish celtics couldn't beat those watered down nba hornets in the playoffs? Was bird their everything? Michael Jordan also never lost a series to the Cavs nor the New York Knicks much less swept by the Knicks and the mike never dropped a series to the Hornets. Either the 90's was watered down or the celtics were old. You can't have both. Because you contradict yourself. So the Jordan Rules weren't a thing? Was that not created because Michael Jordan was killing the Pistons? Funny how that's overlooked. It's like you guys don't like looking at a full picture. The Pistons changed everything because of their fear of one player? He was overrated so why would there be a need for the Jordan Rules? Let's look at the Bird's celtics finals victories. You beat above average rockets teams twice. They had 2 incredibly green big men and not much else. Did that second Rockets team get to the finals becaue of a defensive brain fart? You did beat the Lakers once. How many L's did Magic give you? I guess you don't fair well against teams that are remotely evenly matched. So the 72-10 Bulls couldn't beat the 86 celtics? Who's guarding 33 in red? Heck who's guarding ron harper? Dennis Johnson is far overmatched. You can't put Dennis johnson on Michael Jordan that's totally unfair. So who is guarding him? You have to put bird on mike but you can't Dennis johnson or danny ainge nor scott wedman on scottie so that's dead. You think your bench is deep until scottie pippen puts you in matchup hell. Stop the foolishnes please.

      • profile image


        2 weeks ago

        Interesting take. I’ve always felt the same way about the watered down league during the Bulls 6-championship title run. As you pointed out, the league added 6 new teams just before or during the Bull’s run. That’s adding an extra 90 roster players to a league, that was already losing some of its biggest stars to age (Bird, Magic, Isiah, etc). The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Chicago. They solidified the core of their roster with young up and coming players (Pippen, Grant, BJ) just before expansion began. They were in the PERFECT position to capitalize on a weakened league. This isn’t to throw shade on Jordan, he was my hero growing up. But you have to look at the circumstances of his dominance. Just like Kareem hitting his peak when a lot of great players were getting poached by the ABA, or Chamberlin seeming so dominant because he literally admitted to chasing stats (assists leader or most notably refusing to defend at the end of games because he didn’t want to blow his record for never fouling out of a game). You’ve done a good job pointing out some of the breaks Jordan had during his run, doesn’t make him less than great, just helps put things in perspective.

        The point about him not being clutch is something I would want to see compared to other great players/closers. Everyone knows the ball is going to Jordan during the final seconds, which means the opposing defence would be keyed on him. Also, the level of difficulty of the shots could vary by a wide margin depending on so many factors. Where is the ball being inbounded from? How much time is left on the clock? Did the Bulls have a timeout to use to draw up a play? Were other key players fouled out? Was he battling an injury? Etc etc. The eye test says Jordan would refuse to lose in big games and always found a way to win even if it wasn’t him taking the final shot. Case in point, when the Bulls won in 1993, John Paxson hit the game winner, but Jordan had scored all of his team’s points in the fourth quarter (up until that point), and he wasn’t ball hogging, they just couldn’t score. Does that get factored into him being clutch?

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        3 weeks ago from Ohio


        I agree with you to a point. It definitely isnt all about numbers, but its a factor. Thats why i also included the league around them, their opponents, and many other factors. And he didnt impact the world JUST because of his PR, but lets not act like his marketing strategy wasnt the best in the world at the time, and no one was near his skill level either. Of course his influence ran wide because of it!

      • profile image

        Kamil Devonish 

        3 weeks ago

        I'm not trying to convince you if it is just a numbers game to you.

        Everyone knows the stats both for and against. That's not what puts him over the top as the GOAT. He's the GOAT because he won at every level and did impossible things on a basketball court.


        20 years on - what player can have a highlight pack with half as many incredible moves? He did stuff like this on the regular AND won 6 titles.

        I have a soft spot for Kareem. He perfected an unstoppable move in the skyhook. LeBron is an unstoppable force based on his mind and athleticism. MJ was both of those things in his career: scoring at an all-time clip through sheer athleticism and then scoring at an all-time clip by developing an unstoppable move in the fadeaway. What's LeBron's unstoppable move? What's Kareem's greatest highlights? You gotta check a lot of boxes to be the GOAT.

        My dude, MJ didn't inspire a worldwide basketball explosion because he had good PR.

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        6 weeks ago from Ohio


        I agree. Someday someone will surpass Lebron, Brady, and every other great.

      • profile image

        jampa burgos 

        6 weeks ago

        jordan made great records, yes. but talent and skill? there are players better than jordan. players have improved. actually, human race have improved. players of 2000's and 2010's are faster, smarter, have great handles etc... we all have to learn how to accept that evolution is inevitable. it's unfair to say that the best who ever played was in the 80's or 90's.

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        2 months ago from Ohio


        Youre partially right. It isn't Jordan's fault he didnt have competition. However, it can be held against him in terms of his GOAT status. People often say Bill isnt the GOAT because of his level of competition, but ignore that Jordan never faced a worthy adversary. And yes he faced 50+ win teams, but they were bolstered records just as much by those expansion teams as MJ's were. Thats why I included their paltry records up until their first playoff appearances to show their impact in watering the league. I'm not trying to say MJ isnt good. Thats not the purpose of my article. Im just saying hes overrated as this untouchable God. I think both Kareem and Lebron are right neck and neck with MJ.

      • profile image

        Karthik Konuru 

        2 months ago

        Sorry but this is straight blasphemy. You can’t put Jordan not beating prime hall of famers against him. Considering the fact that the showtime lakers and 80’s Celtics were in their primes before Jordan had an actual squad, you can’t put it on Jordan. And he did end the pistons dynasty and took them to 7 before. That 90-91 pistons team won 50 games despite Isiah playing 48 games. In 11 full seasons with the Bulls MJ was a 10 time scoring champion, 10 time all NBA first team, 1 time all NBA second team, 9 time all defensive first team, 3x steals leader, defensive player of the year, 5 time MVP, 6 time champion, and 6 time finals mvp. He’s the greatest scorer ever and one of the greatest perimeter defenders and two way players ever. Stats will never tell you a full story about how clutch a player is either. A large portion of it is the degree of difficulty of shots and the moment. And this “expansion era” is irrelevant. Look at the number of 50+ win teams Jordan has faced. He beat 4 60+ win teams in the finals itself. Jordan led a dynasty greater than the 80’s Celtics and showtimes lakers and it stopped many 50+ and 60+ teams from winning championships. The only dynasty greater than what Jordan led is Russel’s Celtics.

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        2 months ago from Ohio


        When I say overrated I'm speaking to the idea that he's an untouchable all-time great. People act as if he CAN'T be surpassed. Jordan is in my top 3 with LeBron and Kareem. I'm simply pointing out things that people very often times forget about.

      • profile image

        Chris McQueen 

        2 months ago

        Bird called MJ GOD, Bron called him Black Jesus and wore his number. Ai say he the goat. Dwade (lebrons teammate) say he the goat. Vince played against MJ Kobe Bron and still playing in 2019 and he say MJ the goat. Barley say he the goat. Bill Russell has been in record saying Mike the GOAT. Shaq say he the goat. Kerr coaches the greatest team in BBall arguably and he say MJ is the GOAT. Magic say he the goat and he played with Kareem. Most Legends who played, sports experts, B-ball anaylsts not football players or the geek squad talking about basketball. True hoopers and hall of fame coaches all on record saying Mj is the GOaT. So I say this to say that. I would take professional player or ex player opinion over some regular joe blow. Besides how is Mj overrated when y'all constantly bring him up everyday and he been retired for 20 plus years. He's obvious the measuring bar for success in the game of basketball. Kobe duplicated him, bron chasing the ghost of MJ, still the biggest shoe brand in history, he's in every basketball topic daily. I don't think he's overrated at all. Speaks to the greatness of his legacy.

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        2 months ago from Ohio


        Where in this article is a lie? Losing record to HOF talent, expansion era, never beat his greatest rivals? How is that stats making a story? Really its stats revealing the true story that your nostalgia has covered up for decades.

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Is this guy serious? You can make stats do what you want to make any point you desire to make. But hands down, MJ was the greatest ever, point, blank, period. Get a grip dude!

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        3 months ago from Ohio


        Stats are a very small portion of this article. It covers records, why his opponents were overrated, the strength of the league. Clearly reading comprehension isn't a strong suit of yours. I'd much rather be a stats and facts guy than a guy who was wowed as a kid by Jordan dominating weak opponents and living off of nostalgia. Fact is he got owned by every prime opponent he ever faced until they aged out or got hurt. But youre right, he really was great when he was destroying Ewing year in and year out.

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        stats are a way for people who don't play the sports and don't have a reference point to all of a sudden be in possession of a valuable opinion or perspective and be relevant. i fell for the obvious bait by clicking, which is on me, but damn if you're not a troll.

      • profile image

        A. Thompson 

        3 months ago

        Not even worth debating, stats guy huh. I wonder if you even played any sport??? Side line guy definetly. SMH...

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        One cannot go with stats alone. I go by achievements and the impact a players makes to the league or team at that time. Jordan completely dominated and created fear in his rivals in his prime. Stats are trash. He accompliahed wat he wanted at tje time wen he did and completely changed basketball for future generations. Won at will like no other player in recent nba has done that like jordan. And most of all jordan was a winner at everything

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        All respect for MJ, as what you said he is a great player and it is indeed true. I don't believe in Goat alone maybe herd of them. I agree with you saying that MJ is overrated. for me this is why.

        1. No other players had the same skills like him during his time, maybe someone near but not enough to compete with him.

        So all the attention was on him.

        The league itself made MJ to be the Media darling. Making issue for every little things he does to make a story, maybe like LBJ now as well but LBJ have more nemesis.

        now, almost every team have their 1 or 2 players known by many fans to talk about.

        Same case with the shoe. How can MJ never made that huge number of sales if there is only few competition? Unlike now almost every stars or even not a star status have their own shoe line.

        And lastly, MJ and the Bulls played those 6 finals having a homecourt advantage except againts the SUNS lead by Barkley. But still the betting odds favored the Bulls. A bold proof how mismatch those games. And that 6 rings issue is the main topic when people talks s about MJ they don't care if MJ got swept also and actually holds the worst records in 3 points shoot out in NBA all stars making only 5 points tie with Detlef Shcremf.

        I don't hate MJ, I never hated him, like I said I don't believe in GOAT alone. I just hated those people talking impulssively

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        Shannon and Nick Write clones. Debate is over baby. MJ is the goat. LBJ is the one overrated.

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        3 months ago from Ohio

        Lee i dont think this is hating. Everything here is true, is it not?

        Premo745 those men make millions to talk sports, I'd say thats a positive.

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        Sound like Shannon Sharp or Nick Wright lol

      • profile image

        Lee Muhammad 

        3 months ago

        Y'all are some hated on Michael Jordan

      • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

        Jesse Unk 

        14 months ago from Ohio

        DashingScorpio you certainly know your basketball! I'd love to know your votes on my polls above. I'm personally a stats man. When it comes to the game we can see who was best against the best level of competition with numbers. Kareem faced some of the greatest ever, same with lebron. Who do you personally think is the best ever?

      • dashingscorpio profile image


        14 months ago


        First of all when people talk about the GOAT they're primary focus is not on the individual's overall career but rather what they did during the NBA finals. Some people will say the fact that he (never lost) a finals series puts him above a lot of the other NBA stars. Others may point to the 72-10 record or the MVPs.

        The soaring high flashy dunks with his tongue wagging, playing with the flu against Utah in the finals are all legendary memories.

        Truth be told Jordan took the marketing of basketball shoes to a whole new level with Nike while he was winning championships. The kids saw him as being "cool". Sure Magic and Bird were great but all the kids were using the tagline "Be Like Mike".

        Magic and Bird were "fundamentally great players" but they seldom made people jump out of their seats with a reverse dunk.

        MJ did for the dunk shot what Curry is doing for the 3 point shot.

        If were strictly going by stats more than likely you'd have to say Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul -Jabbar, or Wilt Chamberlain statistically were better in many areas. Everyone likes to count "rings". Bill Russell won 11 championships out of a 13 year career! NOTE: The NBA was not near as popular then as it is.

        However championships are not usually the deciding factor.

        After all Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana both won 4 Super Bowls but no one ever says Bradshaw is in the same league as Montana when it comes to "greatness".

        Ultimately there is an "It Factor"

        Rocky Marciano never lost a fight and yet many people will tell you Muhammad Ali is the GOAT heavy weight champion.

        Stats do not translate into emotional connection.


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