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Why Giannis Antetokounmpo Has the Potential to Be the GOAT

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Picture of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Picture of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

1. He Has an Amazing Work Ethic

Giannis's work ethic is the reason he is the best on his team right now, but he still works as hard, or even harder, than he did before. It is said that whenever the Bucks lose, he will work on his screwups in the gym either that night or when the team gets back to Milwaukee. The trainers have said that he has stayed in the gym as late as 3 AM at times.

2. His Skill Is Already All-Star Level at a Really Young Age

Giannis has the skill to dominate anyone on the court. Even Kahwi Leonard can't stop him at times. There is only one weakness in his game, but it can easily be fixed: His shooting needs to get better. I haven't seen Giannis take any jump shots that weren't close to the rim.

This was what people were saying about Michael Jordan. He eventually developed a good jump shot and became an even more deadly force. Giannis has the work ethic to develop his jump shot in just a year. Matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he could shoot by the time the playoffs come around.

3. His Size Makes Him an Unstoppable Force

Think about this. If you were a coach and you had the option to choose between a six-foot-tall guard and a 6'11'' guard, who would you choose? You would be crazy not to choose height in that situation. That is what Giannis brings, though. He is 6'11'' and has the speed and strength to bully opponents. He is probably one of the tallest guards to play the game, and yet he is still developing his game.

Will He Be Better Than MJ?

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