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Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

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Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey Hall of Fame

It's a place for those who love everything about hockey. Dedicated fans will find visiting here a very memorable experience. Stories, exhibits, images, and more of professional hockey's greatest players and history are made available for everyone to see. The Hockey Hall of Fame is a special place, and it is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Flag Outside the Hockey Hall of Fame

Flag Outside the Hockey Hall of Fame


It was in 1943 when the idea for the Hockey Hall of Fame came to life. The man leading its creation was James T. Sutherland. The first class of hockey players inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame happened in 1945. This was a time when the Hall of Fame did not have a permanent location.

The NHL stopped supporting the International Hockey Hall of Fame located in Kingston, Ontario. Exhibition Place in Toronto was where the first permanent building was used for the Hockey Hall of Fame. The official opening there occurred on August 26, 1961. Canada's Prime Minister John Diefenbaker presided over the opening ceremonies.


The Hockey Hall of Fame was then moved in 1993 to a building that had previously been used by the Bank of Montreal. This is where it is located today. The Hockey Hall of Fame currently has more than 14 exhibits and covers a space of over 59,000 square feet. It provides visitors with hands-on interactive games, modern theaters, one-of-a-kind exhibits, and more.

Bank of Montreal Building

Bank of Montreal Building

Bank of Montreal Building

The building where the Hockey Hall of Fame is currently located was built in 1885. It was designed by architects Darling and Curry. It is considered the most stunning bank building from nineteenth-century Toronto. The building is also one of the few structures to survive the great fire of Toronto that occurred in 1904. It was a fire that burned a large portion of Toronto.

Construction of the building was completed in 1885. It was then used as the Bank of Montreal's head office. This ended in 1949 when the bank moved its operations to a new location at King and Bay streets. This branch of the bank was closed in 1982. At one time, the building was going to be turned into an art gallery. After closing in 1982, the building was dormant until it became home to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1993.

Team Canada '72 Sculpture

Team Canada '72 Sculpture

Team Canada '72 Sculpture

There is a sculpture dedicated to team Canada of '72 that is located outside the Hockey Hall of Fame. This was the year when team Canada faced a dominating international hockey team from the Soviet Union. It was an eight-game series. Late in the final game, Paul Henderson got a goal that gave team Canada the win. In a poll conducted by the Canadian Press in 1999, team Canada of '72 was voted as Canada's team of the century.

Our Game Sculpture

Our Game Sculpture

Our Game Sculpture

A few steps away from the Team Canada '72 sculpture is a work titled “Our Game.” It is a scene showing excited young hockey players going over the boards anxious to play the game. Edie Parker from Ontario was commissioned in 1993 by the Hockey Hall of Fame to make the sculpture.

At the Crease Sculpture

At the Crease Sculpture

At the Crease

One of the popular areas of the Hockey Hall of Fame is the Spirit of Hockey retail store. This is where visitors can purchase hockey memorabilia. In front of the retail store is a large statue called “At The Crease.” It is based on a painting by popular Canadian artist Ken Danby. The Spirit of Hockey store is designed to provide patrons with a special hockey-oriented shopping experience.

Mask Columns Display

Mask Columns Display

Puck Wall Display

Puck Wall Display

Mask Columns and Puck Wall

Near the entrance of the Hockey Hall of Fame are the well-known mask columns. This consists of more than 30 goalie masks. They are displayed with pictures of the goalie masks being worn during actual games. Among some of the most popular goalie masks are ones worn by Ed Giacomin and Terry Sawchuk. It provides a chance for visitors to see some of the most ornate masks worn during the history of hockey.

Puck Wall is the area of the Hall of Fame that has over 1,290 pucks. Each of them was collected from various hockey arenas around the world.

NHL Zone

Within the Hockey Hall of Fame is the NHL zone. This area has displays dedicated to the NHL franchises who are considered to have been hockey's dynasties. These are NHL teams who had extended periods of winning the Stanley Cup.

  • The Ottawa Senators who played during the 1920s are considered to be the first NHL dynasty. They won four Stanley Cup championships within an eight-year period.
  • During the 1940s and 1960s, the Toronto Maple Leaf were a dynasty.
  • During the 1950s, the Detroit Red Wings were a dynasty.
  • The other teams are the New York Islanders and the Edmonton Oilers.

In this area, visitors will be able to see a wall covered from floor-to-ceiling with engraved Stanley Cups titled “Bands of Champions.” There is also a detailed timeline showing the history of the Stanley Cup.

Tissot World of Hockey Zone

This is the biggest area within the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is over 5,900 square feet and was designed as a tribute to international hockey. Visitors are able to see extensive collections of history, media, and artifacts from all 74 International Ice Hockey member countries.

There are detailed illustrations of the hundreds of players and people who helped develop the game of hockey. There is a section dedicated to people who have won Olympic Gold medals, World Championship Gold medals, and the Stanley Cup. An area shows the top 100 moments in international hockey. Global Game Flight Deck is designed to be a multimedia experience that illustrates hockey and how it is played in countries all over the world.

Picture of Lord Stanley and Original Stanley Cup

Picture of Lord Stanley and Original Stanley Cup

Esso Great Hall

Many people consider the highlight of visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame seeing the Esso Great Hall. This is a place where people can view portraits as well as biographical information concerning every honored member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

This is also where visitors can view all major NHL trophies. There is a wall that has plaques showing winners of the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award. This award is given to individuals who brought honor to journalism and hockey.

This is also where visitors can see Lord Stanley's Vault. Lord Stanley told people at a dinner party in 1892 he would obtain a trophy for teams all over Canada to try and win. This vault holds the original Stanley Cup Bowl given by Lord Stanley of Preston to the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association in 1893. It's also possible to see rings from the previous Stanley Cups that were retired over the past years.

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