Unbreakable Offensive NFL Records

Updated on March 17, 2017

Records in the NFL have been continuously broken since the inception of the league in 1921. There have been many rule changes over the years that have allowed this as well as make some records seem more untouchable. Defensive rules have changed to allow for more scoring but there are still a few offensive records I think are unbreakable.

Don Hutson Scores 29 points in a Quarter

29 points in 1 quarter. Most teams would take 29 points in a game but on October 7, 1945, Don Hutson did it in 15 minutes. He scored 4 touchdowns and kicked 5 PATs for the Green Bay Packers in the second quarter of a game against the Detroit Lions. In the past 60 years, players have only scored 29 or more points 13 times in the entire game with the most being 36 by Gale Sayers in 1965. The fact that this record has lasted more than 70 years, even with the modern day offensive boom, shows how unbreakable it is.

Brett Favre's Consecutive Game Streaks

When you think of toughness at the quarterback position, Brett Favre is one of the first names mentioned. Favre is the holder of one of the most impressive records in sports, 297 consecutive games started, 324 including playoffs. That is an impressive number for any position let alone the position of quarterback. It's a role where an entire defense focuses on making you uncomfortable by applying pressure. The active regular season leader is Eli Manning who has 199 consecutive starts at the age of 36. In order to surpass Favre's mark he would have to not miss a game until the 3rd match of the 2023 season. Throughout the streak, Favre played in games with countless injuries and quite possibly a few concussions. The current protocol would likely have had him sit out some games.

Jerry Rice

I like to call this the Jerry Rice section. Some would argue that Rice is the greatest football player of all time. When you compare his records to second place you can see why.

Jerry Rice Records

  • Career receptions (1,549)
  • Career receiving yards (22,895)
  • Career touchdowns (197)

The first record, his career receptions, is the most breakable but it would still be tough for the active leader, Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinal (1,125), who at 33 years old would have to maintain his career average for the next 5 seasons.

His career receiving yards is a little more out of reach. The player that ranks second is Terrell Owens who is nearly 7,000 yards back. The active leader, also Fitzgerald(14,389), would need to maintain his current pace for nearly 8 more seasons.

The touchdown record is, in my opinion, the most unbreakable. A player has to average 10 touchdowns a season for over 19 seasons. Randy Moss finished 2nd with 41 touchdowns away and the active leader, Fitzgerald as well at 104, needs to keep up his current pace for 11 1/2 more seasons.

Given the passing numbers being put up today, the fact that his numbers are still so far out of reach gives credence to those GOAT claims.

Emmitt Smith's Career Rushing Yards

With running backs not lasting as long as they once did, 18,355 yards seem out of reach. The record holder Emmitt Smith was able to play one of the most grueling positions at a professional level for 15 seasons. That is impressive considering the average running back will have a career typically last 3-4 seasons. Averaging 1,200 yards for over 15 seasons is what would be required to surpass that mark. Frank Gore is the active leader with 13,065. He needs five more 1,000 yard seasons which is a long shot. The active player with the best shot at the record is Adrian Peterson, who hasn't shown the durability to last long enough to break Smith's record. Running backs tend to see a dramatic drop in their numbers after the age of 30. Smith had 5,789 yards from that age on, which is also a record.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26 Game Losing Streak

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Their 26 Game Losing Streak

I decided to add one team record because it required a certain level of ineptitude on both sides of the ball to be as bad as the Buccaneers were. For that reason, the Tampa Bay's 26 game losing streak also seems unbreakable. The Buccaneers were an expansion team in 1976 that didn't win a game until the 13th week of their second season. They were so bad that two coaches of opposing teams were fired for losing to them. With the modern landscape of the NFL, it hard to believe a team could lose for almost 2 straight seasons. The Lions from 2007 to 2009 lost 19 straight games, the closest to the record in the free agency era.


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      MarkT. 10 months ago

      Knew about Farve, Smith and Rice's records, but Hudson and Tampa's streak was new information. Nice read, thanks.

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