Top 10 Current NFL Logos

Updated on April 4, 2020
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Marlon is a part time sports writer with a degree in design from Central Piedmont Community College with an A.A.S degree in Advertising.

10. Kansas City Chiefs

Simple, but effective! This is one of the very few logos in the league that has been around for decades. Originally founded as the Dallas Texans, the team relocated to Kansas City in 1963. They drew inspiration from the San Francisco 49ers logo to create their current one we see today.

Kansas City Chiefs logo
Kansas City Chiefs logo

9. San Francisco 49ers

Since their inception back in 1946, the team has only made one major redesign. There was an attempt in 1991 to give their logo a new makeover. Thankfully, fans rejected it and have stuck with the logo they have today. They have only made a few changes with the colors throughout the 80s and 90s.

San Francisco 49ers logo
San Francisco 49ers logo

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Needless to say, this team logo has come a long way! As a kid growing up, I thought they were cool, mainly because of the color orange. You didn't see too many bright colors like that back in the 90s.

As I grew older, I felt something was off about that guy on the helmet, winking and biting into a sword. This is one NFL team that definitely needed a makeover. This time around, their logo is a lot meaner and tougher than Creamsicle Man.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo
Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo

7. New England Patriots

This is another team that started off with a homely logo. It was a tough-looking guy in an old military uniform, hiking a football. It looked more like a logo for cereal than a pro sports team. The current logo we see today was introduced in 1992. It is a simplified version of the original logo with a more modern aesthetic.

New England logo
New England logo

6. Philadelphia Eagles

Out of all the teams that are birds, the Eagles logo is one of the best out of the bunch. Compared to the logos of the Cardinals and Ravens, this logo shows more aggression. Since the team was founded back in 1948, there have been four redesigns. The current logo was created in 1996.

Philadelphia Eagles logo
Philadelphia Eagles logo

5. Atlanta Falcons

Speaking of birds, the best bird logo in the NFL belongs to the Falcons. The logo itself is as ingenious as the hidden arrow found inside of the FedEx logo. Since the team was founded in 1966, they have always used a similar design. The current logo has the falcon shaped into the letter F.

Atlanta Falcons logo
Atlanta Falcons logo

4. Denver Broncos

This is one franchise that has seen quite a bit in terms of different looks for the team. Their original logo was too gimmicky compared to their current one. With 20 years approaching since they have last changed their logo, I don't expect them to switch it up anytime soon.

Denver Broncos logo
Denver Broncos logo

3. Miami Dolphins

As much as I love and respect the Dolphins, it was definitely time for their logo to get a redesign. The biggest glaring problem was the vintage helmet that was featured on the dolphin. Today, you have a logo that is fresh and crisp that goes along with a nice color pallet.

Miami Dolphins logo
Miami Dolphins logo

2. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have one of the best logos in the league, period! Their original logo definitely looked like something coming out of the 90s, font included. Today, you see a ferocious animal that is well-defined through simple lines and colors.

Carolina Panthers logo
Carolina Panthers logo

1. Las Vegas Raiders

The cultural significance of this logo lands it the number one spot. You literally can't think of a team that is silver and black without first mentioning the Raiders. They have had such an impact on society that not only did the Pistons adopt their bad boy image in the late 1980s, but the LA Kings switched from wearing purple and gold to silver and black.

Las Vegas Raiders logo
Las Vegas Raiders logo


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