Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers

Updated on March 23, 2020
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Jesse is a lifelong sports fan with a passion for finding the facts. His writing has been recognized and published by Sports Illustrated.

Brady vs Rodgers

who's a better QB? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?
who's a better QB? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

Which QB is the GOAT?

Tom Brady is pretty universally accepted as the greatest QB of all time, ever since he won his 6th Superbowl. He's won more than anyone, is tied for the most rings in NFL history with any franchise, and seems to live in the Superbowl. For the longest time winning was all you needed, but football is a team sport. Aaron Rodgers began to make an argument for being the most elite passer of all time, with a lackluster team. Arguments were made that if he just had the help he'd have easily surpassed Brady. He's statistically the best passer and has an incredible touchdown to interception ratio. Tom Brady has played longer than Rodgers, so this article will focus on averages and records that aren't affected by longevity in order to have an unbiased look at the two.

Brady vs Rodgers Regular Season Stats

These stats are based on the player's statistics on years that they started at least half the season. This excludes the years Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre, his 2017 season, the year Brady was benched, and the year he had knee surgery after his first game in 2008. The results are as follows:

Per Season Averages When Starting At Least Half the Season

Yards Per Season
Touchdowns Per Season
Interceptions Per Season
Avg Completion Percentage
Average Wins
Average Losses
Average Times Sacked
Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Areas where the QBs rate higher are in bold.

Clutch Brady vs Accurate Rodgers

The stats show that Rodgers is far more accurate. He throws more touchdowns, fewer interceptions, and has better accuracy. Tom Brady throws for more yards, wins more games, loses less, and leads in both 4th quarter comebacks and game-winning drives. So the same argument that keeps the two sides on opposite ends remains the same when looking at per season statistics based on regular season stats. Unfortunately, stats don't further the argument because both QBs excel in multiple areas of importance over the other.

Brady vs Rodgers Playoff Stats

While regular season statistics don't support the argument, perhaps playoff statistics will. On the biggest stage which QB stands up and improves? Below will be the comparison of the two QB's stats. This should answer how the QBs play in the clutch, showing if they rise to the occasion or crumble under pressure.

Brady and Rodgers Playoff Averages

Playoff Games
Average Yards Per Game
Touchdowns Per Game
Interceptions Per Game
Avg Completion Percentage
Avg Wins Per Playoff Birth
Avg Losses per Playoff Birth
Average Times Sacked
Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers

Brady vs Rodgers Playoff Statistics

Again, the same results are reflected by playoff statistics as they are in the regular season. While Aaron Rodgers appears to be the far elite passer, Tom Brady simply wins far more often. Rodgers has a losing record in the playoffs, with 3 first-round exits out of his 8 appearances. Tom Brady has 2 first-round exits, but 17 playoff appearances. Of Brady's 16 appearances, 6 resulted in a Superbowl championship.

The stats do show us some things that are important; Aaron Rodgers carries a playoff win percentage of 55.5% and a regular-season win percentage of 64.9%. Tom Brady has a playoff win percentage of 73.1% and a regular-season win percentage of 77.3%. Brady has a higher winning percentage in the regular season by 13.6% and a playoff percentage that's higher by 17.6%. Again, while Rodgers seems to have the better arm, Brady wins far more often.

Does Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers Have Better Teammates?

Who do you think had more help during their career?

See results

Brady and Rodgers' Teammates

So when it comes to basic statistics we don't get a clear edge for who is the GOAT. Depending on who is judging, one may say winning trumps better arm talent or vice versa. Moving on we can possibly determine who is better based on the talent level surrounding them. Below is a list of each pro bowl player on each QBs team.

Aaron Rodgers:

Charles Woodson, DB, 2008-2011, 4x, 2x All-Pro

Clay Mathews, LB, 2009-2012, 2014-2015, 6x, 1x All-Pro

John Kuhn, FB, 2011, 2014-2015, 3x, 1x All-Pro

Nick Collins, DB, 2008-2010, 3x

John Sitton, G, 2012, 2014-2015, 3x

Davante Adams, WR, 2017-2018, 2x

Chad Clifton, T, 2007, 2010, 2x

Al Harris, DB, 2007-2008, 2x

Greg Jennings, WR, 2010-2011, 2x

Mike Daniels, DT, 2017, 1x

Tramon Williams, DB, 2010, 1x

Eddie Lacy, RB, 2013, 1x

Jordy Nelson, WR, 2014, 1x

BJ Raji, DT, 2011, 1x

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, FS, 2016, 1x

David Bahktiari, T, 2016, 2019, 2x

Jeff Saturday, C, 2012, 1x

TJ Lang, T, 2016, 1x

Scott Wells, G/C, 2011, 1x

Randall Cobb, WR, 2014, 1x

Sam Shields, DB, 2014, 1x

Julius Peppers, DE, 2015, 1x

Davante Adams, WR, 2017-2018, 2x

Mike Daniels, DE, 2017, 1x

Total: 44 Pro Bowlers, 4 All-Pros

Tom Brady:

Rob Gronkowski, TE, 2011-2012, 2014-2015, 2017, x6, 4x All-Pro

Richard Seymour, DE/DT, 2002-2006, 4x, 3x All-Pro

Wes Welker, WR, 2009-2012, 4x, 2x All-Pro

Matt Slater, WR, 2011-2017, 2019, 8x, 2x All-Pro

Ty Law, DB, 2001-2003, 3x, 1x All-Pro

Stephen Gostkowski, K, 2013-2015, 3x, 1x All-Pro

Logan Mankins, G, 2007, 2009-2013, 6x, 1x All-Pro

Vince Wilfork, DT, 2007, 2009-20012, 5x, 1x All-Pro

Adam Vinateri, K, 2002, 2004, 2x, 2x All-Pro

Lawyer Milloy, DB, 2001-2002, 2x

Matt Light, T, 2006-2007, 2010, 3x, 1x All-Pro

Jerod Mayo, LB, 2010, 2012, 2x, 1x All-Pro

Randy Moss, WR, 2007, 1x, 1x All-Pro

Asante Samuel, DB, 2007, 1x, 1x All-Pro

Mike Vrabel, LB, 2007, 1x, 1x All-Pro

Darrell Revis, CB, 2014, 1x, 1x All-Pro

Rodney Harrison, DB, 0x, 1x All-Pro

Larry Izzo, LB, 2002, 2004, 2x

Brandon Meriweather, DB, 2009-2010, 2x

Devin McCourty, DB, 2010, 2016, 2x

Jamie Collins, LB, 2015, 1x

Stephon Gilmore, CB, 2018-2019, 2x, 2x All-Pro

Chandler Jones, DE, 2015, 1x

Andre Carter, DE/LB, 2011, 1x

Corey Dillon, RB, 2004, 1x

Malcolm Butler, CB, 2015, 1x

Damien Woody, C/G, 2002, 1x

Dan Coppen, C, 2007, 1x

Troy Brown, WR, 2001, 1x

Brian Waters, G, 2011, 1x

Aquib Talib, DB, 2013, 1x

James Develin, FB, 2017, 1x

Teddy Bruschi, LB, 2004, 1x

Dont'a Hightower, LB, 2019, 1x

Total: 73 Pro Bowlers, 26 All-Pros

Clearly, Tom Brady had far more talent over his career. If you average the amount of talent by years played Aaron Rodgers had 3 Pro Bowlers per year and .28 All-Pros per year. Tom Brady had 3.7 Pro Bowlers per year and 1.2 All-Pros. Not only does Brady have a less productive arm, but he has been surrounded by far better talent throughout his career by far, especially in the category of 1st team All-Pro players by a wide margin. Rodgers has done more with far less in his career.

Tom Brady Rings

Tom Brady has been a top 4 team 70% of his career.
Tom Brady has been a top 4 team 70% of his career.

Brady vs Rodgers Playoff Info

The NFL is all about making the playoffs. Each game matters, a single game could determine if you fight for a Super Bowl or sit at home in January. Aaron Rodgers has made it to the playoffs 8 times in 11 years as a starter, winning a Superbowl in that time. Tom Brady has made it 16 times in 17 seasons as a starter (not including the year he tore his ACL in game 1) and won 6 Super Bowls. The two QBs played great in most of their playoff games, but lost at various times in the years they didn't win the big game. Below is a list of the rounds they lost each year.

Aaron Rodgers:

Lost in the Wildcard game on 2 of his 9 appearances. 22.2%

Lost in the Divisional game on 3 of his 9 appearances. 33.3%

Lost in the Conference Championship game in 3 of 9 appearances. 33%

Won the Super Bowl 1 time out of 9 appearances. 11.1%

Tom Brady:

Lost in the Wildcard game 2 of 17 times. 11.7%

Lost in the Divisional game 2 of 17 times. 11.7%

Lost in the Conference Championship game 4 of 17 times. 23.5%

Lost in the Super Bowl 3 of 17 times. 17.6%

Won the Super Bowl 6 of 17 times. 35.2%

The amount of winning that Brady does is absolutely astounding. Not only did he only lose in the wildcard round twice, partially due to him rarely avoiding the first-round bye, but he also made it to the Super Bowl more than half of his career. In fact, Brady was on a top-four team at least 76% of his playoff career.

Aaron Rodgers lost in the wildcard round nearly a quarter of the times he made it to the playoffs. In his 12-year career as a starter, he either missed the playoffs or was a first-round exit 41.6% of the time. He was only a top-four team 33% of the time, a whopping 43% less than Brady.

Is Brady or Rodgers More Clutch?

Finally, we'll look at high-pressure situations. Who has a better clutch gene? According to Tom Brady has 44 fourth quarter comebacks in his career and 57 game winning drives. Tom Brady has started in 307 games in his career. This means that 14.3% of Brady's total games played resulted in him leading a 4th quarter comeback to win a game after being down near the end of the game. 18.5% of Brady's entire career games were won by a game-winning drive orchestrated by Brady. Those are incredible numbers considering he's going to retire as one of the oldest QBs in NFL history. One of his comebacks was also in the Superbowl against the Atlanta Falcons, when Brady orchestrated the largest comeback in Superbowl history, overcoming a 28-3 deficit that lasted until the middle of the 3rd quarter. He had another game-winning drive against the Rams for his sixth Superbowl victory in the 4th quarter.

Aaron Rodgers has 15 fourth quarter comebacks in his career and 22 game winning drives. Rodgers has started in 174 games in his career. 8.6% of his career he led a 4th quarter comeback, and 12.6% of his career he won the game on a game-winning drive. His 4th quarter comeback percentage is lower than Brady's, at 5.9%, his game-winning drives are 6.6% lower. Coupling this with the fact that Rodgers also lost often in early rounds of the playoffs goes to show that Brady is far more clutch than Rodgers.

So Who's Better?

In conclusion, Rodgers has a better arm than Brady, but statistically are close in many areas. Tom Brady wins much more than Rodgers in both the regular season and the playoffs. Brady has six Superbowl rings to Rodgers one. However, Brady also had a far greater amount of talent surrounding him throughout his career than Rodgers ever did. Brady has led his team to many more late-game clutch victories, and he was a top 4 team 70% of his entire career. Who do you think is the greatest QB of all time? The greatest winner in the history of the game, Tom Brady? Or the greatest arm talent the game has seen, Aaron Rodgers?

Brady vs Rodgers

Is Aaron Rodgers Overrated?
Is Aaron Rodgers Overrated?

Who's the Greatest QB of All Time?

Who is the GOAT at QB?

See results

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    • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Unk 

      6 months ago from Ohio


      My all time favorite player growing up was Favre.

    • profile image


      6 months ago


    • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Unk 

      7 months ago from Ohio


      Same could be said for wes welker dropping the first down that could have been Brady's 7th ring. Or that the D allowed David Tyree to catch the ball. Ifs and buts dont translate to what is.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      You should a litte more digging in the clutch statistics. How many times have we seen rodgers go back for a tying or go ahead TD and their Defense jus lets the other team score a game winning drie and not let rodger get the ball? while the patriots it's the total opposite

    • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Unk 

      9 months ago from Ohio


      I await your response to this direct quote from Rodgers.

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      you get rid of his stats with deflated balls aaron is better

    • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Unk 

      10 months ago from Ohio


      Check out my other article on the Pats.

    • profile image

      Benjamin Harkey 

      10 months ago

      Brady may have a better winning percentage, but he is also a cheater. In my opinion if Brady and Rodgers went head to head one more time, Aaron Rodgers would out play and out perform Tom Brady by far. This is just my opinion though.

    • profile image


      11 months ago

      Calling someone an idiot with out any reasoning or statistcal proof supporting your own claim is petty idiotic, rodgers has the best QBR in history also the best td to int ratio also he can throw moving to either direction and i read somewhere he has had more drops by widerecievers than almost any other qb in history but here are actual stats

      Rodgers : 14 years in the league 352 tds, 82 ints

      Bady. : 19 years in the league 527 tds, 174 ints

      Montana : 14 years in the league 273 tds, 139 ints

      The article is about who is/was the better qb not about who has the most rings its a team game and as you can see at the positions they are the best by a wid margin now just my opinion but watching the 2 of them play i think rodgers is the better qb

    • profile image

      Jerry Gilbert 

      12 months ago

      First, to Mr. Irwin Jamss (or James?). You may be right about Montana being better than Rodgers. I haven't seen comparison statistics on that. I do recall that Montana led his team to 4 SB wins. But I just don't see why it was necessary to call Mr. Unk an idiot. That is disrespectful. Also, we are just sharing opinions. Second, so who do you think was better between Brady & Montana? I'm a Patriots fan, so my opinion is biased. I consider Brady the GOAT, but Mr. Unk made a good point about some statistics favoring Rodgers, & Brady being surrounded by better players. Still, it's a matter of opinion.

    • JesseUnk profile imageAUTHOR

      Jesse Unk 

      13 months ago from Ohio


      You should read my article that includes montana in the argument. Youd be surprised just how much HOF talent he had to aide him along the way.

    • profile image

      Irwin Jamss 

      13 months ago

      Aaron rodgers isnt even better than joe montana you idiot


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