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The World's 6 Most Valuable Sports Teams

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Dallas Cowboys Logo

Dallas Cowboys Logo

1. Dallas Cowboys

Value: $4 billion

America's Team hasn't been past the divisional round of the playoffs in 20 years, but they are the most valuable team in sports. The $1.2 billion AT&T Stadium is something to brag about as it increases the profits of the team. Average crowds for Cowboys games number 90,000. In 2014, the Cowboys generated revenue of $620 million, which was a record for a U.S. sports team.

Historically, the Cowboys have been very successful winning the Super Bowl five times after making the big game eight times.

Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid Logo

2. Real Madrid

Value: $3.65 billion

During the 2014-15 season, the Spanish powerhouse had revenue of $694 million. This went down as the highest revenue of any sports team in the world. The team plays its home matches in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 85,454.

Branding is one of the reasons Real Madrid is so cash-rich. When it comes to soccer, Real Madrid is king when it comes to branding. For instance, the purchase of David Beckham from Manchester United in 2003 showed that Real Madrid captured emerging soccer markets.

TV income came in at €188 million in 2012-13. To put some perspective on this, Manchester United and Bayern Munich earned €119 million and €107 million respectively from television rights.

Barcelona Logo

Barcelona Logo

3. Barcelona

Value: $3.55 billion

Spanish soccer giant FC Barcelona reported record revenue for the 2015-16 season of €679 million or $750 million. This was up 12% over the previous year, and it is the highest annual total in the history of sports.

Barcelona’s $750 million in revenue comprises revenue from all FC Barcelona sporting divisions, including soccer, basketball, handball, and field hockey. However, the soccer division accounts for approximately 90% of the overall business.

Marketing revenues are set to soar because of a new kit deal with Nike signed in 2016. This is projected to bring in about $170 million a year.

Barcelona is looking to start a $650 million renovation of its Camp Nou stadium this year. The project will modernize the stadium, increase seating capacity to 105,000, and further boost revenue.

New York Yankees Logo

New York Yankees Logo

4. New York Yankees

Value: $3.4 billion

The New York Yankees play at the $2.3 billion Yankee Stadium, which replaced the original Yankee Stadium in 2009. The Yankees have 27 World Series titles; they won their first one in 1923. Their last World Series title came in 2009. The Steinbrenner family owns the New York Yankees.

Revenue for the Yankees has consistently topped $500 million. In 2015, the team’s operating income was $13 million. In Major League Baseball, the average franchise value has gone up 146% over the last five years. A lot of this has to do with the huge television deals being handed out.

The Yankees’ franchise value was up from $3.2 billion last year. They were valued at $2.5 billion in 2014, $2.3 billion in 2013, $1.85 billion in 2012, $1.7 billion in 2011, and $1.6 billion in 2010.

Manchester United Logo

Manchester United Logo

5. Manchester United

Value: $3.32 billion

In 2014, the largest source of revenue for Manchester United came from sponsorship agreements amounting to $170.39 million (31.4% of total revenue), broadcasting for a total of $170.26 million (31.3% of total revenue) and matchday revenue of $135.63 million (25% of total revenue).

Sponsorship agreements are the largest share of revenue for Manchester United. Among their sponsors are prestigious companies like Adidas, Bulova, General Motors, Nike, and Toshiba.

For the 2015-16 season, United made a 10-year kit deal with Adidas worth $1.1 billion. This more than made up for the fact that United missed the Champions League. United reportedly has the highest debt load of any of the top 10 most valuable sports teams.

The Glazer family owns United.

New England Patriots Logo

New England Patriots Logo

6. New England Patriots

Value: $3.2 billion

The average NFL team is now worth $2.34 billion, with new stadiums and relocation driving values 19% higher. This team has been at the top of the pile for several seasons now, with Tom Brady winning six Super Bowl rings over the course of his career. The success of the team has led to owner Kraft developing the retail complex that surrounds Gillette Stadium, known as Patriots Place.

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