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The Five Ugliest NBA Jerseys of All Time

Noah is an NBA fanatic and amateur NBA historian who loves to watch every Celtics game he can.

Basketball is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing sports, not just in the United States but all across the world. Amateur to professional leagues are being set up in many European, Asian, and African countries.

Because of the growth of the sport, the sale of NBA memorabilia has also grown in popularity. Many relics of NBA history are popping up on some of the largest auction websites in the world. And these relics are bringing in the big bucks. From game-worn jerseys, to game-worn shoes, to even game-worn Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goggles, NBA fans are willing to buy any piece of NBA history to add to their collection.

But just like most things, there are some outliers. There are some things that not even the biggest fans would want. In the case of the NBA, that outlier is ugly jerseys. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the ugliest NBA jerseys to ever be put on the backs of NBA players.

Charlotte Bobcats point guard D.J. Augustin

Charlotte Bobcats point guard D.J. Augustin

1. 2010 Charlotte Bobcats

Starting off the list is arguably one of the worst franchises in NBA history: The Charlotte Bobcats. In 2010, the Bobcats held "Nascar Night." This event combined the NBA and NASCAR for one night only. Unfortunately, this fusion of sports also happened on the court.

The Bobcats wore their regular home court jerseys (which are ugly enough), but they added a checkered flag on the side of them. It is quite a weird mixture. The checkered flag is outlined in orange, which does not suit them at all. The jerseys also have grey pinstripes. Pinstripes and a checkered flag on the same jersey? Sounds like a toddler's fashion choice.

The Bobcats basically took their home jerseys and stuck a checkered flag on the side of it in a bleak attempt to make it NASCAR themed. Even though these jerseys were only worn for one night, they could have put a little more effort in making the jerseys look nice.

Grizzlies small forward Rudy Gay

Grizzlies small forward Rudy Gay

2. 2012 Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies wore these jerseys in honor of the 1970s ABA team, the Memphis Tams. The Tams lasted from 1970-1975 in the struggling ABA. They had many name changes, like Pros, Sounds, and Claws. So why did the Memphis Grizzlies punish spectators with these awful jerseys from a team that couldn't even keep a consistent name?

These jerseys seem to give off Seattle Supersonic vibes rather than Memphis Tam vibes. Ignoring that, the jersey is a disgusting yellow top with gross green shorts. The two colors do not go together at all. Yes, those were the Tams colors back in the 1970s, but that was the 1970s. Those colors were not going to work in the 2010s. They could have at least had the same color for the shorts and the tops. Some players chose to wear green-colored shoes to match the shorts, which was the only part of the whole jersey that actually matched.

Maybe it was nice for the Grizzlies to have a night to remember the old ABA league, but they could have remembered the old team in another way. These uniforms were not the best.

Clippers center Elton Brand

Clippers center Elton Brand

3. 2006-2008 Los Angeles Clippers

We have another team that attempted to pay tribute to an old team. The Clippers wanted to honor the Buffalo Braves, which was their previous name in the 70s. They decided to wear the old jerseys. Now, orange is a color that only a few teams can pull off. Unfortunately, the Clippers failed at being one of those teams.

The orange color itself is enough to make anyone look away. The diagonal line is not even centered, and it has a weird mixture of black, white, and orange. Why not make in one or maybe even two colors? Then they threw the Braves logo onto of it. And the front still says Buffalo? How is one supposed to know that these players are the Clippers? Many fans might be confused on why it says Buffalo when there is no basketball team there.

These jerseys were not good. It would have made sense if they were dropped after one or two games. But the Clippers wore these on occasion for two seasons! Thank goodness the team rebranded.

Raptors shooting guard Demar DeRozan

Raptors shooting guard Demar DeRozan

4. 2011-2012 Toronto Raptors

It is good to show support to the servicemen and veterans of the military. It not uncommon for North American teams for wear jerseys to honor those individuals. And while some teams have had really great looking military jerseys, the Toronto Raptors did not.

The Raptors attempted to wear these camouflaged jerseys, but they look nothing like the real deal. The camouflage is off and the front is just boring. The jersey is just boring. Other teams have done really cool things with military jerseys, but the Raptors just put terrible looking camouflage on the jersey and called it a day. These could have been really cool, but they just flopped.

While many teams have made gaudy jerseys, the Raptors made one that was too plain. There is no doubt that the team learned from this mistake. Hopefully they will have better military-themed jerseys.

Maverick point guard Steve Nash

Maverick point guard Steve Nash

5. 2001 Dallas Mavericks

Finishing this article off is what many consider to be the worst NBA jersey of all time. In 2001, Mavericks's owner Mark Cuban decided to experiment with the jerseys. He decided to use Nike's own Dri-FIT. This Dri-FIT gave the jerseys a metallic look. The metallic look was not as popular as Cuban hoped.

The metallic look is just...awful. It is unappealing, and the uniform doesn't even look like a jersey. The jerseys look lightweight and appear to be made out of tin foil. Some fans described them as looking like grey trash bags. There aren't even any other colors to help balance out the look. The outfits are just a solid grey. Maybe Cuban tried to make the jerseys so ugly that the defense would look away and the Mavericks would get easier shots.

It was no surprise that these uniforms were hated by the fans. Cuban pulled the jerseys after just one game. Although they only lasted one game, they live on in NBA history as one of the ugliest jerseys ever made.