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Mourinho's Premier League Titles, Ranked

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Honourable Mention: Manchester United 2017/18

Mourinho Record: W25 D6 L7 - 81 Points

Mourinho's second season at Manchester United saw him take the club back up the table to second place, their highest finish since Sir Alex Ferguson retired and with the largest points tally since 2013. In a year that Pep Guardiola raised the bar to impossible-to-reach new heights at Manchester City, Mourinho would go out of his way to ensure United won the title of 'the best of the rest'.

Beating every team in the division that season, United ultimately came up short because of their slip ups against several 'lesser sides' in the division. Over the course of the year, United would lose to all three promoted sides: Brighton, Newcastle and Huddersfield.

This would become even more of an issue following the defeats to Bristol City in the Carabao Cup and Sevilla in the Champions League.

With the cracks in the side beginning to grow larger, United's remaining harmony was broken up further by the abysmal signing of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal in January. All of this culminated in Mourinho's frustration levels rising, eventually severing his relationship with the club's board, team and eventually the fans.

United finished the 2017/18 season on 81 points, five points off the average amount needed to win the Premier League title.

3. Chelsea 14/15

Mourinho Record: W26 D9 L3 - 87 Points

Despite being the 'happy one' when he returned to West London in 2013, Mourinho also proclaimed that he was leading the 'little horse' in the tense title race of 2013/14. Ultimately, his Chelsea side finished 3rd that season, but perhaps people should have taken Mourinho's words a little more seriously when he explained how 'next season, it'll be a nice horse'. Less than twelve months on, he and his team would be lifting the Premier League title again.

Both marquee signings made by Mourinho in the summer of 2014 would prove decisive to the side's eventual conquest of English football: Diego Costa was signed from Atletico Madrid and would score 20 goals, whereas Cesc Fabregas came in from Barcelona and would register a monster 18 assists across the year.

It was a typical Mourinho, textbook way of winning a title. Blasting out of the gate in the early stages and only losing their first game in December to Alan Pardew's Newcastle, Chelsea's proficiency in front of goal eventually settled down and tactics changed after January as they became the dominant force in defence following Christmas.

A shocking defeat to Tottenham (5-3) and the eventual mistakes in letting the likes of Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne leave hold this title win back from Mourinho's best however.

2. Chelsea 05/06

Mourinho Record: W29 D4 L5 - 90 Points

Only three clubs in English football can point to winning back to back Premier League titles: Manchester City, Manchester United and Jose Mourinho's Chelsea side from 2004 to 2006.

Going into the 2005/06 season as strong favourites after their ultra-impressive performance the previous season, Mourinho had built an all-conquering side that no one in the land could come close to besting. A rock iron spine consisting of Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba had the experience know-how to win the crunch games that really mattered by now, allowing for flair players such as Arjen Robben, Hernan Crespo and Joe Cole to really let loose.

Once again only losing their first match after twelve games, two of Mourinho's five losses came in the final two games of the season when the title was already in the bag.

The only thing holding this triumph back is purely how absolutely dominant Chelsea were in Mourinho's opening season...

1. Chelsea 04/05

Mourinho Record: W29 D8 L1 - 95 Points

Chelsea and Mourinho's first Premier League title remains their best ever, and easily ranks amongst one of the best of all time. Coming into England on the back of an infamous 'special one' comment, Mourinho's arrogance and swagger gripped the Premier League and stunned his opponents left, right and centre.

Bringing in absolute titans in Arjen Robben, Didier Drogba and Petr Cech, Mourinho forged a team that was steely, robust and more than happy to combat every opponent they came up against. In fact, over the course of the entire season, Mourinho remained unbeaten at home and only lost one game all year.

The two great dynasties of Arsenal and Manchester United were smashed apart and you could argue that they both haven't quite been the same since. Had Chelsea not lost that one game to Manchester City, I have no doubt that we would be talking about this side being the best the league had ever seen.

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