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Manchester United vs Liverpool F.C.: EPL's Fiercest Rivalry

Andrew first saw Liverpool play in 1974 and has followed the Reds ever since. A keen football fan, he writes on all aspects of the game.

Manchester Utd v Liverpool

Manchester Utd v Liverpool

Manchester United v Liverpool: EPL Big Game

Every football league in the world has its one big game each season. In Spain, it's Barca against Real, El Clasico. In Italy, it's Inter against Milan. In Iceland, it's Knattspyrnufelag Reykjavik versus Valur.

For sure the game of the season in the EPL has to be Manchester United versus Liverpool, two of the most successful clubs in world football. Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City may have something to say about that, but in terms of history, vibe, value and success, Man U v LFC is the game to watch. Argue against it? You can't.

While Manchester United has the bigger stadium and world fanbase, Liverpool is a six times Champions League (European Cup) winner and has, as some argue, a more secure future.

German manager Jurgen Klopp has restored confidence to the team, the stadium has been enlarged, and there is a renewed optimism amongst the Anfield faithful. At the moment Liverpool have a feared threesome in attack, with Mo Salah the Egyptian king lauded as the world's best footballer.

Liverpool, with their increasing emphasis on swift lightweight attacking players and a fast-pressing game, has the chance to claw their way back to the top and gain the upper hand in this oldest of rivalries.

Matches between these two are often tight, keenly-fought affairs. But occasionally, you do get a freak scoreline as in 2009, when Liverpool went to Old Trafford and won four goals to one. And recently, Manchester gained revenge with a sweet 3-0 beating of the Reds.

The media don't have to hype this game up - it's guaranteed to get the juices flowing no matter what but certain games at certain times have that extra edge. For example:

  • Ronaldo is back and scoring vital winning goals. But can he maintain his form at the age of 36?
  • Mo Salah is arguably the best in world football, and will be demanding more buck for his bang, but can Liverpool break the bank and calm the Anfield nerves?

It's often up to the fans to show the media and the players what these games are all about — passion, skill, and bragging rights.

This article will concentrate on the bitter and witty rivalry between the two sets of supporters, as well as concentrate on the football. As a regular at these matches over the years, I can vouch for the unique atmosphere generated; a mix of hostile fervour, mutual appreciation, and ecstatic celebration.

In the football world, nothing can quite equal the ongoing rivalry between these two great clubs.

Premier League Encounters-Statistics

Premier League Record  

Liverpool at Anfield

P21 W7 D4 L10

Goals for 30 against 29.

Manchester Utd at Old Trafford

P20 W12 D 4 L 4

Goals for 32 against 18.

Recent Premier League Results Manchester Utd v Liverpool

  • 16 Mar 2014 Manchester United v Liverpool L0-3
  • 14 Dec 2014 Manchester United v Liverpool W3-0
  • 22 Mar 2015 Liverpool v Manchester United W1-2
  • 12 Sep 2015 Manchester United v Liverpool W3-1
  • 17 Jan 2016 Liverpool v Manchester United W0-1
  • 17 Oct 2016 Liverpool v Manchester United D0-0
  • 15 Jan 2017 Manchester United v Liverpool D1-1
  • 14 Oct 2017 Liverpool v Manchester United D0-0
  • 10 Mar 2018 Manchester United v Liverpool W2-1
  • 16 Dec 2018 Liverpool v Manchester United L3-1
  • 24 Feb 2019 Manchester United v Liverpool D0-0
  • 20 Oct 2019 Manchester United v Liverpool D1-1
  • 19 Jan 2020 Liverpool v Manchester United L2-0
  • 17 Jan 2021 Liverpool v Manchester United D0-0
  • 13 May 2021 Manchester United v Liverpool L2-4
  • 24 Oct 2021 Manchester Utd 0 v Liverpool 5
  • 19 Apr 2022 Liverpool 4 Manchester Utd 0

Manchester Utd v Liverpool Top 5 Moments

The History - ManU versus Liverpool

The two teams first played each other way back in April 1894, when Manchester Utd were known as Newton Heath. Liverpool won that test match 2-0. Then in October 1895, Liverpool thrashed the Mancunians 7-1!

So began the history of these two iconic clubs, and it has gone on for all these years, except for two short hold-ups—World War 1 and WW II. Even soccer has to stop for wars.

In all the ensuing years, there have been 230+ matches in cup and league competition.

Between the two clubs they have won 38 League Titles, eight European Cups, four UEFA Super Cups, three UEFA Cups, 18 FA Cups, 12 League Cups, and 35 Community Shields. Quite an amazing collection of silverware!

Manchester United fans will claim that they are the giants of English football, being ahead in the number of trophies by 66-64. Liverpool fans can counter that claim by stating the fact that they have been Champions of Europe six times, while Manchester United have only conquered Europe three times.

Fields of Anfield Road Song Lyrics

Liverpool fans wishing Gary Neville of Manchester Utd. all the best for the future

Liverpool fans wishing Gary Neville of Manchester Utd. all the best for the future

The Fans-Scousers and Mancs

Liverpool and Manchester are two powerhouse cities in North West England. They are only 30 miles apart on a map, down the East Lancs Road by car, but they may be closer than they let on when it comes to culture and identity.

Mancunians are well-known for their political savvy, grit, honest determination, and down-to-earth Coronation Street accents. Manchester has produced the likes of Oasis, Morrissey, Danny Boyle, L.S. Lowry, and many more famous sons and daughters.

Scousers are renowned for their acidic wit, honest observations, and unbelievable Lime Street Station accents. Liverpool has produced the likes of the Beatles, Elvis Costello, Glenda Jackson, Sir Simon Rattle, and oodles of famous daughters and sons.

  • Both cities share common ground in their effervescent creativity which transcends boundaries and spreads artistic ripples across the globe.

The two football teams have a history of playing open, attacking football. This ethos has led them to enormous success and made them leading brand names in the world of sports. Strong homegrown fan bases and a boost from the formation of the EPL has led them to global popularity.

Don't get me wrong; there is plenty of venom and loathing between the fans when the two teams meet. I'd be disowning the truth if I didn't accept this basic fact.

  • Yet, deep down, I suspect that these rival Scousers and Mancs, who shout such vitriol at one another across the terraces, have an unconscious respect for each other's names and history.
Hillsborough Disaster Memorial

Hillsborough Disaster Memorial

The Munich Disaster and the Hillsborough Disaster

You don't get real success without having to go through some pain. Both clubs have suffered over the years with major tragedies cutting short promising lives and bringing turmoil to hearts and minds.

Airplane Crash

On 6 February 1958, the aptly named Busby Babes—named after Matt Busby, then manager—were taking off in snowy weather from Munich-Riem Airport when their plane crashed. 23 people lost their lives, amongst them some of the best young footballers in the country.

A nation mourned the unbelievable loss. Matt Busby miraculously survived the disaster and went on to build more great teams, culminating in the 4-1 victory over Benfica in the 1968 European Cup Final. They were the first English club to become champions of Europe.

Tragedy at the Stadium

Liverpool are no strangers to tragedy. In April 1989, during a FA Cup semi-final match at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, 96 of their fans were crushed to death as a result of poor crowd management and lack of organisation.

Family and friends of the bereaved fought a long, hard battle for justice and have recently been vindicated in their belief that their loved ones died unnecessarily. A fitting memorial at Anfield gives the names of those who lost their lives, alongside an eternal flame.

Whilst rivalries remain, and history is rewritten with every match that is played, both clubs and supporters can hold their heads high and celebrate the fact that they have come through tragedy and are ready to move forward to greater glories.

The Busby Babes line up in their final match against Red Star Belgrade.

The Busby Babes line up in their final match against Red Star Belgrade.

Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish.

Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish.

The Legends

Both clubs have had great teams over the decades, dominating the English game since the 1960s. As for the legendary players within those brilliant teams, the list is a long one. It is nigh on impossible to name them all but here we go.

To cut to the chase, I've compiled two teams made up of the legends over the years. You may not agree with certain choices - after all, football is about opinions and every supporter should have their own reasons why and why not.

Manchester Utd

  • Peter Schmeichel
  • Denis Irwin
  • Bill Foulkes
  • Duncan Edwards
  • Patrice Evra
  • Roy Keane
  • Paul Scholes
  • Bobby Charlton
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Denis Law
  • George Best


  • Ray Clemence
  • Phil Neal
  • Ron Yeats
  • Emlyn Hughes
  • Alan Kennedy
  • Graeme Souness
  • Peter Beardsley
  • Steven Gerrard
  • Luis Suarez
  • Kenny Dalglish
  • Robbie Fowler
Best, Law, and Charlton.

Best, Law, and Charlton.

Managers: Jurgen Klopp and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. . .And Next?

Champions of Europe, EPL winners, World Club champions....Liverpool have lived the dream over the last few years, thanks to Jurgen Klopp. Klopp has given his all to lift Liverpool Football Club back to the top. Who knows how much they can achieve going forward?

The introduction of a fresh, intense pressing game (gegenpressing) by Jurgen Klopp took time to embed but the Reds are back to where they belong. FSG have undoubtedly played a crucial role in this quantum leap forward, providing sound finance and it has to be said hope for the future of the Anfield stadium itself.

The recent ESL debacle has left a bad taste in the mouth however and it won't be easy to fully win back supporter trust. Klopp wasn't in favour of this greedy breakaway project, likewise the players, and the fans resentment was immediately obvious.

  • The public displays of anger and sadness touched a nerve and the owners felt this strongly - within a few days the project was all but abandoned but the future for leagues such as the EPL is now under severe threat. Massive effort will be needed on the ground (and possibly from governments) to avoid another such attempt by the elite to form their money circus.

Overall, Klopp has won the trust of the fans with his passion and colourful commentary—he has a great opportunity to make his mark at this famous old club.

Both Manchester United and Liverpool fans share common ground - love of fast flowing football and hatred of owners simply in the game for cash profit. The ESL project brought out the good in both sets of supporters. What they want is a voice on the board, at the top table, via a share in the club's ownership (many clubs in Germany have 51% supporter input for example) and unless this happens soon the elite owners undoubtedly will pursue similar ideas to the ESL, regardless.

It has to be sorted, sooner rather than later, for the future of the game as we know and love it today.

Meanwhile Manchester United are experiencing a revival of fortune under the guidance of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, former attacker and ace goalscorer.

But he's not out of the woods just yet. Inconsistency and disjointed performances have led some to believe Ole hasn't got the leadership qualities needed to take Utd to the next level. His future could hinge on one result from one big game. Manchester United versus Liverpool at Old Trafford for example.

The signing of legend Ronaldo has brought renewed hope for a return to the good old times, when 'squeaky bum' Fergie reigned supreme.

What set the Red Devils apart under their legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson was an uncanny ability to win matches even if they were playing poorly. Winning in style was everything. Slowly, this mentality is returning. Season 20/21 should see them qualify for the Champions league and they will also contest the Europa Cup final.

Liverpool have struggled in 20/21, the pandemic and serious key injuries undermining their quest for success. Klopp has to regather his troops for the following season, perhaps buy two or three fresh creative players and re-establish that uniquely effective pressing game again.

Old favourite Ole Gunnar Solskjaer withstood early pressure of bad results and poor performances and has turned the fans in his favour. Shrewd purchases such as Cavani and Fernandez have transformed the team. Pogba is back to his imperious best, Greenwood is firing again. You have to admire Ollie's self-belief, his calm and measured response to criticism.

The 'Baby faced Assassin' hasn't won anything yet but he seems to know where he wants to go and how to get there. So far, so good.

Liverpool in 19/20 were simply unmatchable. The front three of Salah, Mane and Firmino terrorised defences - speed, counter-attacking finesse and combination passing meant goals galore. With a spine of Allison, Van Dijk and Henderson strength was guaranteed. Henderson especially with his roaring voice and encouragement inspired.

Season 20/21 has been a sorry story of inconsistency. What with the pandemic, serious injury and poor shot to goal ratio, results have disappointed. Klopp is still as honest as ever but he'll need all his man-management skills and coaching nous to get LFC back to the top again.

One thing that will remain a constant is the fierce rivalry between these two historic football clubs.

© 2013 Andrew Spacey


Davidwork on February 17, 2013:

Just browsing through your hubs and I came across this one.

Yes, it always seems to be a good game when these two meet, and Liverpool are one of the few teams that can give Man Utd a run for their money.

I have to grudgingly admit that Man Utd are a good team, and Fergie is one of the great all time managers, but I hate them!

This hatred goes back 36 years. In the spring of 1977, Liverpool were on their way to a then unique treble of the old 1st Division League Championship, the FA Cup and the European Cup. They won the 1st Division, and the European Cup in Rome, but in between, they were beaten 2-1 by Man Utd in the FA Cup final. The MU winner was a fluke goal that was deflected off Jimmy Greenhoff's chest. He didn't know anything about it!

After scuppering Liverpool's treble bid that year, Man Utd went and did the treble themselves 22 years later in 1999! Jammy so-and-sos!!

Look up FA Cup final 1977 on You Tube just to see Jimmy Case's equalising goal, one of the best ever scored in an FA Cup Final.

Andrew Spacey (author) from Sheffield, UK on January 13, 2013:

Many thanks for the visit and comment. I shall certainly be looking through your hubs. As a football addict and LFC regular today's game at Old Trafford is a seasonal highlight. Come on you Reds.

Dilip Chandra from India on January 13, 2013:

Excellent hub, well written. I have a hub as well on best football players, just go through my profile. I hope you like it.

Am following you now, looking forward to read all your interesting and amazing hubs :)