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Top 10 Biggest Cricket Stadiums in India

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The most popular game in India: cricket. You can watch this great game day and night!


Largest And Most Amazing Cricket Stadiums in India

What are the largest cricket stadiums in India? Currently, this list is dominated by Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Most metropolitan cities will have their venues listed here; Mumbai will have two as the city is the financial capital of India.

The newer entries on this list include the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior, the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack, the Pune International Stadium, and the Raipur International Cricket Stadium. There's also been news that the world's largest cricket ground, with a seating capacity higher than the Melbourne Cricket Ground, will be built in a village near Chennai.

Below, you'll find the list of the top 10 largest cricket grounds in India. Venues with the same number of capacity have been given a joint ranking.

A Summary of the Biggest Cricket Stadiums in India



Eden Gardens


West Bengal


Raipur International Cricket Stadium




Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium




Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium




DY Patil Stadium




MCA Pune International Cricket Centre




Feroz Shah Kotla Ground




Sardar Patel Stadium




Municipal Corporation Stadium




M. A. Chidambaram Stadium


Tamil Nadu


Greenfield International Stadium




Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium




Barabati Stadium




Captain Roop Singh Stadium


Madhya Pradesh


Barsapara Stadium




JSCA International Stadium Complex




M. Chinnaswamy Stadium




Wankhede Stadium



10. Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

A shot taken from the third tier of the Sachin Tendulkar stand.

A shot taken from the third tier of the Sachin Tendulkar stand.

  • Seating capacity: 33,108
  • Year built: 1974
  • Home team: the Mumbai cricket team and the Mumbai Indians

The name Wankhede alone is enough to bring out many emotions for tens of thousands of cricket spectators. This is by far the most famous stadium in India. Getting tickets here for when India plays is about as easy as winning the lottery.

This is the grounds where:

  • Sachin bade adieu to his international career.
  • Ravi Shastri hit six sixes in an over.
  • India won its second World Cup title under the leadership of MS Dhoni.

9. (Tied) M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Karnataka

  • Seating capacity: 40,000
  • Year built: 1969
  • Home team: the Karnataka cricket team and the Royal Challengers Bangalore

In the middle of the city, this rules the rosters when it comes to the sporting culture of this state. This is a unique one of its kind anywhere in the world as it uses solar panels to generate electricity.

9. JSCA International Stadium Complex, Jharkhand

Entrance of the JSCA cricket stadium

Entrance of the JSCA cricket stadium

  • Seating capacity: 40,000
  • Year built: 2010
  • Home team: the Jharkhand state cricket team
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A recent entry on this list, this Ranchi stadium hosted the first international match in January 2013. The stadium boasts international level facilities. Or rather I should say facilities at par with other stadiums in India. Nowadays, the world is looking at India to emulate cricket stadiums.

8. (Tied) Barsapara Stadium, Assam

View from the stands

View from the stands

  • Seating capacity: 45,000
  • Year built: 2012
  • Home team: the Assam cricket team

Named after classical singer Bhupen Hazarika, this was inaugurated for international matches in October 2017. This too has all the modern facilities including covered seating all around, indoor practice wicket, and water sprinkler, gym, pool etc.

8. (Tied) Captain Roop Singh Stadium, Gwalior

The view of the Captain Roop Singh Stadium from inside.

The view of the Captain Roop Singh Stadium from inside.

  • Seating capacity: 45,000
  • Year built: 1978
  • Home team: the Madhya Pradesh cricket team

The Captain Roop Singh Stadium was originally built for hockey but has been renovated for cricket games recently. It was named after the hockey player Roop Singh and has hosted some ODI internationals.

The place will always be remembered for the location where the first double century in an ODI match was made, by Sachin Tendulkar in a game against South Africa.

8. (Tied) Barabati Stadium, Cuttack

The view of the entrance of the Barabati Stadium.

The view of the entrance of the Barabati Stadium.

  • Seating capacity: 45,000
  • Year built: 1958
  • Home team: the Odisha cricket team

This ground has hosted a few ODI and Test matches. The Barabati Stadium is used by domestic teams for matches in cricket as well as football. The Odisha Cricket Association handles the affairs and administrative matters.

8. (Tied) Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur

The VCA grounds in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

The VCA grounds in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

  • Seating capacity: 45,000
  • Year built: 2008
  • Home team: the Vidarbha cricket team and the Central Zone cricket team

This modern venue is located on the outskirts of Nagpur, approximately 15 km from Jamtha. The facilities here are on par with some of the best in India. As a welcoming, the first ever match hosted by this stadium was between Australia and India, where India won by a whopping 172 runs.

VCA has received a lot of praise from both Indian and international players.

7. (Tied) M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai - 50,000

The staircase of Stand A at the Chidambaram Stadium

The staircase of Stand A at the Chidambaram Stadium

  • Seating capacity: 50,000
  • Year built: 1916
  • Home team: the Tamil Nadu cricket team and the Chennai Super Kings

This venue is also commonly known as the Chepauk stadium. The first test match here was played between India and England in 1934. A major renovation was undertaken in 2010 in order to host the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

7. (Tied) Greenfield International Stadium - 50,000

The colorful seating arrangements at the stadium

The colorful seating arrangements at the stadium

  • Seating capacity: 50,000
  • Year built: 2015
  • Home team: the Kerala cricket team and the Kerala Blasters Football Club

This is India's first stadium financed as per the DBOT model. This generally means Design, Build, Operate, and Transfer. The contractor for the stadium is IL & FS Limited. This is one of the few stadiums where international cricket, as well as football matches, have taken place.

6. Municipal Corporation Stadium, Kozhikode - 53,000

An artist's depiction of proceedings at the Municipal Corporation Stadium

An artist's depiction of proceedings at the Municipal Corporation Stadium

  • Seating capacity: 53,000
  • Year built: 1977
  • Home team: the Viva Kerala Football Club

Though mostly used for holding football matches, the Municipal Corporation Stadium is also occasionally a venue for cricket. International cricket matches have also taken place here.

5. Sardar Patel Stadium, Gujarat

The Iron Bull at the entrance of Sardar Patel Stadium.

The Iron Bull at the entrance of Sardar Patel Stadium.

  • Seating capacity: 54,000
  • Year built: 1982
  • Home team: the Gujarat cricket team

The Sardar Patel Stadium is the largest venue in Gujarat and is located in Motera, Ahmedabad. It's also commonly known as the Motera stadium and has witnessed some of the greatest cricket matches in its history. Some mind-boggling records set on these grounds include Sunil Gavaskar's completion of 10,000 runs and Sachin Tendulkar's completion of 20 years in international cricket.

4. (Tied) Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi

The Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium

The Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium

  • Seating capacity: 55,000
  • Year built: 1883
  • Home team: The Delhi Daredevils, Delhi's cricket team

The Feroz Shah Kotla Grounds is one of the most famous venues in India and is the second oldest after Eden Gardens. Its administration is with the Delhi District Cricket Association.

Many famous records have been kept and broken here such as:

  • Anil Kumble's most famous ten-wicket haul against Pakistan was at this picturesque ground.
  • Sachin's 35th century that overcame Gavaskar's record of most international Test centuries.
  • Bradman's tally of 29 centuries, equaled by Gavaskar, was also witnessed here.

4. (Tied) MCA Pune International Cricket Centre, Pune

The MCA Pune International Cricket Centre

The MCA Pune International Cricket Centre

  • Seating capacity: 55,000
  • Year built: 2011
  • Home team: Maharashtra cricket team

This ground houses the Maharashtra Cricket Association's headquarters. The state-of-the-art stadium is also a relatively new attraction for cricketers from all over India.

4. (Tied) Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad

  • Seating capacity: 55,000
  • Year built: 2004
  • Home team: the Hyderabad cricket team and the Deccan Chargers

The Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium has a rather very bizarre record tied to its name; the home team has never actually won a match here. The stadium has hosted three ODI's here as well as a test match—India lost all three ODI's and the test match was drawn.

3. (Tied) Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi

  • Seating capacity: 60,000
  • Year built: 1982, and then renovated in 2010
  • Home team: the Kerela cricket team

This is the fourth largest stadium in India. While Jawaharlal Nehru stadium was originally created to host football matches, it is now a venue for international and domestic cricket matches.

3. (Tied) DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai

The posh looking DY Patil Stadium

The posh looking DY Patil Stadium

  • Seating capacity: 60,000
  • Year built: 2008
  • Home team: the Pune Warriors India

The DY Patil Stadium is a recent addition to the number of cricket grounds in India. This location was designed at par with some of the best stadiums in the world.

2. The Raipur International Cricket Stadium, Chhattisgarh

The Raipur International Cricket Stadium at Chhattisgarh

The Raipur International Cricket Stadium at Chhattisgarh

  • Seating capacity: 65,000
  • Year built: 2008
  • Home team: the Chhattisgarh state cricket team

This is the second largest stadium of India and also located in one of the youngest states—Chhattisgarh. The first international cricket match here was played between Canada and the state cricket team on November 21, 2010.

1. Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Eden Garden showing Howrah Bridge

Eden Garden showing Howrah Bridge

  • Seating capacity: 68,000 (before renovation it was 90,000)
  • Year built: 1865
  • Home team: the Bengal cricket team and the Kolkata Knight Riders

This is India's oldest and the biggest cricket stadium. It is notorious for its crowds—with foreign players usually on the receiving end of the spectator's hostile comments and actions. The incidents have decreased as of late, however. Despite the home fans’ reputation, every player has a hidden wish to fulfill which reminds me of the famous quote:

A cricketer's career is incomplete until he plays in front of a packed Eden Gardens.

The Biggest Cricket Stadiums in India

I hope you liked this exploration of the largest cricket stadiums in India. From the newcomers like Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior to the majestic and enormous Eden Gardens, these huge stadiums make India a sportsman's paradise. Thank you for visiting!

Questions & Answers

Question: Where is the smallest cricket stadium in India?

Answer: Here are the smallest cricket stadiums by number of seats as well as ground size.

By number of seats: The Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground in Uttar Pradesh is the smallest international cricket ground by number of seats. The total number of seats is 8000, which is very low compared to other stadiums in India. The stadium was built and completed in 2013, and the first ODI, which was between Afghanistan and Ireland, took place on 15th March 2017. The Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground serves as the home ground for the Afghanistan national team. The sports complex also has a swimming pool, football ground, badminton and squash courts, as well as billiards tables.

By ground size: Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in Delhi is the smallest international cricket ground as per size. The square boundary is 56 meters and the straight boundary is 60 meters. Though the stadium’s seating capacity is 50,000 people, the playing area is small. The ground's pitch has also been criticized for its bounciness. Built in 1883, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground is the 2nd oldest cricket ground in India. This ground has hosted a number of international and domestic matches, including international matches in all 3 formats: viz. Test, ODI, and T20. Despite being a small ground, only two scores have been above 300. One of the most notable performances here was when India’s Anil Kumble took all 10 wickets in a single inning against Pakistan.

Question: Which are the top five oldest cricket grounds in India?

Answer: India has a long history of cricket because of its colonial history. Since then cricket has remained the most played game in India. Below are the oldest international grounds:

1. Eden Gardens, Kolkata – Est. 1864

2. Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi- Est. 1883

3. Chepauk Stadium, Chennai - Est. 1916

4. Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai - Est. 1937

5. Green Park Stadium, Kanpur - Est. 1945

Question: Which cricket stadium is more useful for bowlers in India?

Answer: Pitches in India have always been prepared to suit batsman. Earlier there have been instances wherein the pitch curator have openly admitted to preparing pitches suitable to the batsman as India has always been strong in batting.

There have been few cases where some pitches have performed so badly that ICC had to declare sanctions on it. The most famous being the banishment of Feroz Shah Kotla in 2010. ICC banned it for 12 months against hosting any international matches. The second case is of Nagpur stadium getting an official warning from ICC for its unprepared and poor pitch in 2015.

If I consider it holistically and as far as I know the pitch in Mumbai's Wankhede has always been bowling friendly. Apart from this, Mohali stadium has had several low scoring test matches pointing towards the fact that it is more suited to bowlers.

Question: Which stadium has the highest number of attendance in cricket?

Answer: When it comes to the highest number of people attending a cricket match, then India scores much above the rest of the world.

There have been many occasions when on a single day there was more than 100,000+ attendance. None other than Eden Gardens has the unique distinction of hosting that many people at multiple times. These were as follows:

ODI matches - Eden Gardens, Kolkatta - Single day audience

1) India v South Africa - 1993-94 - 100,000+

2) India v West Indies - 1993-94 - 100,000+

3) India v West Indies - 1993-94 - 100,000+

4) India v Sri Lanka (WC semi-final) - 1995-96 - 100,000+

5) India v Australia - 2003-04 - 100,000+

Test matches - Eden Gardens, Kolkatta - Single day audience

1) India v Pakistan - 1998-99 - 100,000+

Just to keep in mind, these are unaudited figures as in those days there was no official bookkeeping for such figures. The capacity of Eden Gardens was well above 1 lakh. The stadium was choc a block, and several newspapers carried the story of such a massive attendance.

Test matches - the 5-day audience

1) England v Australia - 1953 - Headingley, Leeds - 549,650

2) India v Pakistan - 1998-1999 - Eden Gardens - 465,000

Reference used:

© 2011 Aarav

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The last time I fully updated this page I collected the figures from wiki and ESPN.

Thanks for the valuable comment.

Prashant on November 06, 2017:

1. As per Wiki Pedia Ethen Garden's Capacity is 66,349 you can see in List no 10. capacity is 33108 and in descrption 33482

3.M. A. Chidambaram Stadium 38000 as per WIKI

4. Municipal Corporation Stadium 50000 WIKI

5. ‎Sardar Patel Stadium in 2019 110,000

6.Sardar Patel Stadium 56000 WIKI


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I Love SRK.

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CR7 RAZA on July 27, 2016:


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'Eden garden?'not stand in front of other cricket ground in India.

Wankhede is the best.

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The only comparison which can be made is with the upcoming Jaypee Stadium in Noida. But that hasn't been fully constructed yet. So for now, Pune is No. 1.

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The seating capacity of Eden Gardens in Kolkata has been reduced to 66,349. Still largest stadium in INDIA. Feel proud to be from Kolkata, INDIA.

MD. Reza Fazal Ansari on November 26, 2013:

Seating capacity of Eden Gardens reduced to 68000 after renovation for World Cup 2011. Still argest stadium in INDIA. Proud to be from Kolkata.

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ashish on April 28, 2013:

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