Greatest NFL Teams Ever

Updated on March 2, 2018

5. 1984 San Francisco 49ers

With one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Joe Montana at the helm, and fellow pro bowler Wendell Tyler as their running back, the 1984 49ers went 15-1 and went all the way to the Super Bowl and won 38-16 against the Miami Dolphins. Wendell had a career year and ran for 1,262 yards and 7 touchdowns, as well as getting 20 receptions and 230 yards respectively. While Joe Montana played like Joe Montana and threw 3,630 yards, 28 touchdowns, and only 10 picks, keep in mind that in the 80s the run game ruled the league. It's hard to put this team up here since they didn't have Jerry Rice yet but with receivers like Dwight Clark, Freddie Solomon, and Roger Craig, the 49ers were not lacking a receiver by any means. But their defense really shined. With 25 total interceptions, 51 sacks, 2 defensive touchdowns, 23 fumble recoveries, and a safety, the 49ers defense is easily one of the greatest defenses of all time time, especially with amazing players like Keena Turner and Ronnie Lott.

4. 1992 Dallas Cowboys

With Troy Aikman throwing for 28 touchdowns and 3400 yards, despite 14 picks, the Cowboys had one of the greatest offensive lines and running backs of all time in Emmitt Smith. He had a career year even for him with 1712 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns. The team also had Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin and first team All-Pro tight end Jay Novacek. Their defense also had a solid 17 picks, 21 rumble recoveries, a touchdown, and 44 sacks. They also had 2 pro bowl offensive lineman in Mark Stepnoski and Nate Newton. The 1992 Cowboys ended with a 13-3 record and beat the Bills in the Super Bowl with a score of 52-17. RIP Jim Kelly.

3. 2007 New England Patriots

The 18-1 New England Patriots went 16-0 during the regular season until falling to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. With MVP quarterback Tom Brady throwing 4,806 yards, 50 touchdowns, and only 8 picks leading the way for the Patriots, they were supposed to steamroll their way to a ring. They had first team all-pro wide receiver Randy Moss who caught 1400 yards, Wes Welker who had 1100 receiving yards, and first team all-pro linebacker Mike Vrabel who had 4 forced fumbles and 12.5 sacks during the season. They had another first team all-pro cornerback in Asante Samuel who had 6 interceptions and 1 pick-6 along with 18 passes defended (24 if you count in interceptions). The defense overall had 19 picks, 47 sacks, and 18 fumble recoveries along with 3 defensive touchdowns. This doesn't matter that much but they also had Stephen Gostkowski, who went 74-74 from extra points. So yeah, amazing.

2. 1972 Miami Dolphins

The only completely undefeated season is held by the 1972-73 Miami Dolphins. They had first team all-pro QB Earl Morrall and two pro bowl running backs in Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris, who both had 1000+ rushing yards. Mercury had 12 touchdowns while Larry had 6 touchdowns. They also had a pro bowl wideout in Paul Warfield with 606 receiving yards. The defense had 26 interceptions, 29 fumble recoveries, and 33 sacks.They also had first team all-pro safety Dick Anderson with 5 fumble recoveries and 3 picks for one scoop and score.

1. 1985 Chicago Bears

This team had the 15-1 record pro bowl QB Jim McMahon, first team all-pro running back Walter Payton, who had 1551 rushing yards, 9 touchdowns, and 1 passing touchdown. He also had 493 receiving yards. But the defense had 34 interceptions, 27 fumble recoveries, 5 defensive touchdowns, and 64 sacks. They also had first team all-pro middle linebacker Mike Singletary who had 1 pick and 3 fumble recoveries, first team all-pro defensive end Richard Dent who had 2 picks, 7 forced fumbles, and 17 sacks. They had another first team all-pro linebacker in Otis Wilson with 10.5 sacks and 3 picks. The stats are phenomenal by themselves, but the Bears also had the greatest running back of all time in Walter Payton.


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    • Ty Tayzlor profile image

      TT 2 months ago from Anywhere

      My top five

      5. 1992 Cowboys

      4. 1989 49ers

      3. 1976 Raiders

      2. 1985 Bears

      1. 1972 Dolphins