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Five of the Greatest Shooting Guards in NBA History


Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller is the definition of a clutch performer. He shines brightest during the most pressure packed moments. The fourth quarter is usually "Miller Time" as he tends to dominate when the game is on the line.

He was also a prolific three-point specialist during a time when the three-pointer was not valued as it is today. Miller was a marksman of the highest order, and he is best known for his clutch three-pointer that forced a Game 7 in the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals. He also scored eight points in nine seconds in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Miller ranks fourth in league history in three-pointers with 2,560. He is also a five-time All Star, a Hall of Famer, and a member of the Dream Team II. He has career averages of 18.2 PPG, 3.0 RPG and 3.0 APG.


Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is one of the greatest small players in NBA history. He joins players such as Nate "Tiny" Archibald, Isaiah Thomas, Spud Webb and Muggsy Bogues as one of the most famous little men in the league. Iverson also had a huge cultural impact on the league as he brought hip hop culture to the league through his music and manner of dressing.

He was one of the best one-on-one players of all time. He had a killer crossover which mesmerized opponents. His crossover was so deadly that one of Iverson's most famous moments was him doing a crossover and scoring over Michael Jordan. Iverson peaked in 2001 when he won the league MVP award and led the Sixers to their first Finals appearance since 1983. He led a team full of role players past the Vince Carter-led Raptors and the Glenn Robinson, Ray Allen and Sam Cassell-led Bucks.

Iverson is a 1-time MVP, an 11-time All Star, a Hall of Famer, and a member of the 2004 United States Men's Olympic Basketball Team. His career averages are 26.7 PPG, 6.2 RPG and 3.7 APG.


Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade was the fifth pick of the fabled 2003 NBA Draft Class.This class included LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh. From the get-go, Wade was already a good player. In his rookie season, he averaged 16.2 PPG, 4.0 RPG and 4.5 APG.

In Wade's second season, the Heat would acquire Shaquille O' Neil for a package that included Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, Brian Grant, and a future first-round draft pick (Jordan Farmar). This provided Wade with an inside veteran presence which resulted in a championship in his third year. They beat the heavily favored Mavericks led by Dirk Nowitzki.

Wade joined forces with LeBron James and Chris Bosh in 2010. The partnership resulted in four Finals appearances and two titles. Wade is a 1-time Finals MVP, a 13-time All Star, a Hall of Famer and a member of the 2004 United States Men's Olympic Basketball Team. Wade has career averages of 22.0 PPG, 4.7 RPG and 5.4 APG.


Kobe Bryant

Every kid in the 90s wanted to be "like Mike." This included a young Kobe Bryant. The 90s had a crop of "next Michael Jordans." This included Harold Miner, Jerry Stackhouse and Vince Carter, yet none came closer than Kobe Bryant.

Kobe not only had a similar bald look, he also copied many of Jordan's moves and mannerisms. He was as close to Michael Jordan as we ever got. Just like Jordan, Bryant was an assassin of the highest order, and he shone the brightest when the stakes were the highest.

Bryant had 5 NBA titles, 2 Finals MVPs, 1 regular season MVP and 18 All-Star selections. His career averages were 25.0 PPG, 5.2 RPG and 4.7 APG.


Michael Jordan

Considered by many as the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan is one of the best shooting guards to grace the basketball court. Jordan had a lot of attributes that made him great. He had a near 7-foot wingspan, a 48-inch vertical leap and he was 6'6".

He gained notoriety early on for his vicious dunks in an age when there were many great centers. He would also be known for popularizing the fadeaway shot. Jordan was everywhere in the 80s and 90s as he had numerous endorsements with companies like McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Gatorade and Hanes. He even had a movie alongside Bugs Bunny called Space Jam.

Jordan had 6 NBA titles, 6 Finals MVPs, 5 regular season MVPs and 14 All-Star selections. He has career averages of 30.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG and 5.3 APG.

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