Analysis of Warriors Offseason Moves

Updated on July 25, 2017
Warriors won the 2016-2017 Finals, now what else could they do to improve
Warriors won the 2016-2017 Finals, now what else could they do to improve | Source

Warriors' Types of Moves

Warriors have resigned players and have signed ring chasers. Bob Myers is one of the best general managers ever, maintaining four all stars. The Warriors have won two championships in the last three years, and the one year they didn't win includes the one twitter famous 3-1 lead blown. How does Myers even sign players if they got four all stars with a lot of cash flow? He signs veterans that are willing to take a pay cut for a chance for a ring. He makes a deal with the player for the veteran's minimum. But who knows, they may get a ring and have a champagne shower. So it may or may not be worth it. You could take more than the veteran's minimum, or take a champagne shower? You choose. Either way, these free agents the dominant team has acquired is better than what the Cavaliers front office has been doing.

Nick Young, a guard signed in the off season, who left the Lakers
Nick Young, a guard signed in the off season, who left the Lakers | Source
Omri Casspi is the Warriors' new forward
Omri Casspi is the Warriors' new forward | Source
Jordan Bell is our rookie who posted a 5x5 in the NBA Summer League
Jordan Bell is our rookie who posted a 5x5 in the NBA Summer League | Source

New Arrivals

Nick Young is a popular signing among Dub Nation. Swaggy P is a shooting guard from the Lakers that will be helpful bringing off the bench. He will take the role of Ian Clark, who will probably leave in free agency. He had a 3 point percentage of 40.3% and a field goal percentage of 43%. For the people that read celebrity news, Nick Young is Iggy Azalea's ex fiancé. His teammate D'Angelo Russell snitched on him. Nick Young is now on the Warriors, the team that just came off of a championship. While, Russell is on the worst team in the NBA from the last season. Let that be a lesson kids. Sorry I got off track, this is a good signing by getting a lethal shooter that fits their system.

Omri Casspi is a forward from the Timberwolves. He is 6'9" and can shoot. In his last season with the T-wolves, he has a field goal percentage of 47% and a three point percentage of 34.9%. He will be taking the role of Matt Barnes, who is either leaving in free agency, or retiring. Any person taking Matt Barnes' role will be an upgrade, considering Barnes is now past his prime. The former T-Wolves forward statistically is slightly better than Barnes. Barnes has a field goal percentage of 42.2% and a three point percentage of 34.6%. Casspi's good shooting will fit well with their system. This is a good signing because they needed to get more of a shooter that they can put in and keep the lead and game going strong.

Jordan Bell is technically not a free agent coming from an NBA team. But the Warriors aquired him in the draft by paying the Bulls 3.5 million, so he is a newly arriving to the bay. He is a 6'8" forward/center from Oregon State. He will be helpful in small ball lineups, considering he can block, rebound, and has speed. He was a steal from the second round and came in on No. 38. He was one of the players drafted that was ready to defend professional players. Recently in the summer league, he produced a 5x5. The 5x5 had 5 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals, and 6 blocks. While that is only the summer league, there is no denying his potential future. I think this was yet another steal by Bob Myers. Only time will tell if he's going to be a Charles Jenkins or another Draymond Green.

Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are one of the best duo in the NBA right now.
Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are one of the best duo in the NBA right now. | Source

Back to the Bay

Stephen Curry is back to the bay. I remember reading all kinds of NBA rumors early in the season on how Steph Curry was going to leave and go to the Hornets. Well that was bull poop. He signed a super max deal of 201 million over 5 years. It was the biggest NBA deal in NBA history. He had carried the Warriors and helped unite four all stars by being selfless, and not caring who was the star of the team*cough cough Kyrie should take some notes*. In 2014-2015, he helped lead his team to the championship and taking home Larry. He helped lead the team two seasons ago to a NBA record 73-9 wins. Then he helped the super team to win his second ring. He got 2 MVP awards out of the last 3 seasons. The baby faced assassin was also the first unanimous MVP. He holds the record for most 3 pointers in a season, and a game. Yeah, we get it, he has a big resume. He has been underpaid for all his past seasons. He averaged 25.3 points, 6.6 assists, 4.5 rebounds, 1.8 steals, and 0.2 blocks in the regular season. His field goal percentage was 46.8%. While, his three point percentage was 41.1%, 18th among the whole league. He definitely was a needed resign. As much as I think Curry deserves it, I wish he had taken less money. We could have gotten better players, more importantly, a better center than our current starting center, or even have a better chance of resigning McGee. What more money does Curry want? Another house, more fidget spinners, like what do you need bro? I can get you some water guns from the dollar store, or some signed sticks by me. I bet it was that new yacht. Anyways, this was a crucial resign, but maybe he should have taken a couple millions off his paycheck, so they can get better players.

Kevin Durant is a great move. The thing I love about this deal is that he took a pay cut, so we could resign better players. He's our Finals MVP and is one of our puzzle pieces to our championships. The Slim Reaper's got everything, size, athleticism, defense, shooting. What does he not have? He just came off a big season, including 25.1 points, 4.8 assists, 8.3 rebounds, 1.1 steals, and 1.6 blocks. He got 53.6% in field goals, 13th among all of the league. He also got 37.5% in three point percentage from the regular season. This was a great resigning and I thought it was nice he took a pay cut to afford some players.

Livingston and Iguodala
Livingston and Iguodala | Source

6th and 7th Man

Andre Iguodala was a great defensive player that was a nominee for Sixth Man of the Year. He was the one that defended Lebron and was great at it. He contained him enough so they could win 5 games. Still laughing at those Cavs fans, "Cavs in 7". His field goal percentage was 52.6%. Anyways, he was a little expensive. He kind of played with the Warriors minds. So they should really give that agent a raise! He's a big key to our small ball lineups and has great defense and can dunk it, unlike 6'11" Zaza. It was a good resign, but a little overpriced. But definitely a valuable player to help them win back to back championships.

Shaun Livingston was a good resign. He was a great backup to Curry and is very underrated. He can dunk, assist, and his mid range is fire. His mid range percentage is 56%.Even Aaron Rodgers agrees that Shaun has great mid range, always tweeting about Drew Gooden and him. He had 54.7% field goals in the regular season. This was a good resign and he is one of our key bench players.

2nd Season with the Warriors

Zaza Pachulia was not a good signing to me. I think he did not do that good. People say his screens are good. I think he fouls to much and has no athleticism whatsoever. When I watch it I'm like, "What the heck your almost 7 foot and can only do layups that Karl Anthony Towns' blocks." Javale has about half the minutes Zaza has and still makes the same amount of points. He has a fairly good mid range for a center. He has a free throw shooting of 77.8%, which is pretty good compared to higher caliber players like Andre Drummond with 38.6%. He is not the athletic center the Warriors need on the roster, but he can get good minutes and not get to tired.

David West was an ok resign. It's not good or not bad. He's great at passing and has court vision. He can dunk it better than Zaza. All I am going to say is that it was a better resigning than Zaza.

Remaining Free Agents who Should Return or Pack their Bags

Javale McGee is a fan favorite. Last season, he almost said bye bye to the league like the Backstreet Boys. But, the Warriors gave him a chance. He redeemed his name and is a very athletic center. The Warriors need that athletic center that has size, can catch lobs, and can be a rim protector. His athleticism was key to the Warriors going 16-1 in the playoffs. McGee is very productive with his time on court. In the regular season, Javale averaged 9.6 minutes, 6.1 points, 3.2 rebounds, 0.2 assists, 0.2 steals, and 0.9 blocks. His field goal percentage is 65.2% and is good in the paint. He is good at not getting into foul trouble. He only averaged 1.4 fouls per game. He's only 30 and hasn't faded yet. We need an athletic center. Damian Jones isn't ready yet, Jordan Bell is gonna be more on small ball lineups, and Zaza just isn't the athletic center we need on our roster. Steve Kerr said,"I'd like to see Javale Back." He deserves the last roster spot. This should be a must need resign for he last roster spot.

Ian Clark is a great point guard and could be another Eric Gordon. He has a lot of potential. He can shoot, and defend enough where he's not falling all the time. He's a great locker room guy. Although I do like him, I think that he has he potential to be something more and become something more somewhere else. I wish him the best of luck.

Matt Barnes is an oldie, but a goodie. His defense is pretty good. But his offense is fading and that's not enough to keep up with other young players. I think he should retire with the Warriors. Might as well retire as a champion. We Believe Warriors was a big part of him and I'd like to see him retire with the Warriors.

James Michael McAdoo is not a needed resign. McGee is a bigger priority that can do more with his minutes. He's not a bad player, he could play for another team, just not for the Warriors. but hey, you got more rings than Steve Nash did. I wish him well on the next journey of his.

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