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A Definitive Ranking of America's Baseball Stadiums: Four More!

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My ranking of MLB stadiums.

My ranking of MLB stadiums.

Our Baseball Stadium Tour

A few years back, my cousin and her husband set out on a venture to travel to all 30 baseball stadiums. A lover of baseball myself, I had already racked up a few ballparks on my own; however, two are better than one. Once my baseball-loving husband decided to jump on board, we were up for the challenge. This past July, we reached the three-fourths mark.

I have decided to rank each stadium so far (an updated list will occur when I have finished) based on three simple criteria, also known as the 3 A's:

  1. The Atmosphere: This includes the fans and their enthusiasm. The more diehard and crazy they are, the further up on the list the stadium will fall.
  2. The Amenities: This includes what is around the outside of the stadium and what special features the inside of the stadium has to offer.
  3. The Ancestry: Even though I am a lover of baseball, I, by no means, claim that I have knowledge of all things baseball. While I can't rattle off the starting lineup of the 1936 Yankee roster, I do appreciate a stadium that is rich in history.