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4 Volleyball Drills to Help Passing

These four drills will help players work on their passing skills, which are integral to setting up great kills.

These four drills will help players work on their passing skills, which are integral to setting up great kills.

Passing is a very crucial skill to have as a volleyball player. Passes are the key to great sets which lead to great kills. These drills are aimed at bettering passing techniques for the best results on the court.

1. Butterfly Drill

For this drill, the team needs to be split into three groups. Have the first group start in zone one, the second group across the net in zone five, and the third group on the same side of the net as group two but where the setter should be.

The first player in group one will have the balls and will overhand throw the ball over the net to the player in group two. The group two player will then move to the ball and catch it with both hands, in-between their legs at the knees, bodies lined up with the setter. After catching, they will stay in position and flick their hands to throw the ball to the setter. The player from group 1 will go to group 2, the player from group 2 will go the setters’ line, and the setter will go to line 1.

After as many reps as you want, you can move up to actual passing and can even add setting and attacking into the drill.

2. Rapid Drill

For this drill, you can either have the team in one large group or split them up. Have the group start in zone 1. First, a ball is thrown or hit overhand at the player, and they will pass to target. Immediately after that ball, a short ball is thrown up near the net, and the player must pass this ball also.

Next, the player will run to the net and complete a “fake” block. After landing, a ball will be thrown to zone 5 on the court, and they must run and pass this ball back into the court.

This drill works on hustle, persistence, and passing skill.

3. Run Through Drill

The players will begin in zone 1. At the slap of a ball, they should begin running out of bounds in a circle then back towards the net.

Once they get close, a ball will be thrown lower, and they will be expected to “run through” the ball and pass it to the target (not releasing their passing position until they have counted to three after passing the ball).

This works on low passes that are near the ends of the court and need to be ran back into the court. You can add a ball thrown toward zone 5 as an additional pass.

4. Shuffle Drill

This drill requires partners. One partner will be standing with the ball. The other will be the passer.

At the coach’s whistle, the passer will begin shuffling, in passing position, from side to side. At each far left and far right shuffle, the partner will throw the ball at different heights and distances. The passer will pass the ball back to the partner, then shuffle to the other side. This can also be done in a “short and long” way. This time the passer will pass short, shuffle backward, pass, then run forward to get another short pass.

This will repeat for as long as desired. Make sure the passer remains in the correct passing form throughout the drill.

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