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Wow: Steph Curry Makes Impossible Shot Against the Celtics

He just makes it look too easy!

The Golden State Warriors may have fallen to the Boston Celtics in a thrilling overtime battle last night, but Stephen Curry's half-court shot at the end of the first quarter will be forever etched in the minds of basketball fans everywhere. With the clock winding down and the score tied, Curry made a steal on defense, sprinted up the court and with a swift flick of his wrist, launched the ball from beyond half-court and swooshed it right through the hoop as the buzzer sounded. The clip, posted on the official NBA TikTok, has already been gathering huge praise from fans all around the world.

The shot was not only a thing of beauty but also a game-changer, giving the Warriors the lead and sending even the Boston crowd into a frenzy. It was the second-longest make of his career and a true testament to Curry's incredible skill and precision. Even though the Warriors didn't come out on top, Curry's shot will be remembered as one of the greatest moments of the season.