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Wow: Donte DiVincenzo Has Epic Reaction to Andre Iguodala's Dunk

He said what?!!!?

In the world of sports, nothing quite beats the excitement of a great dunk. The National Basketball Association (NBA) recently posted a video of the Golden State Warriors player Donte DiVincenzo’s epic reaction to his teammate Andre Iguodala’s dunk. The video has since been viewed 879,700 times and counting.

The video starts with Iguodala,  driving to the basket and slamming it home with a powerful dunk. DiVincenzo, who was sitting on the Warriors bench, starts shouting at Iguodala in excitement: "They still work! They still work!" while tapping his legs. The elder statesman on the Warriors, and a key cog to their championship run in the past decade, Iguodala has struggled with injuries in recent seasons. DiVincenzo was no doubt ecstatic to see his teammate healthy again and able to get some serious airtime while throwing down a dunk.

The video has resonated with viewers, who have expressed their appreciation for DiVincenzo’s enthusiasm. Many have praised his reaction as an example of the passion and energy that make sports so great. DiVincenzo’s reaction has also been the subject of much discussion on social media. Many have commented on the video, noting that it is a testament to the respect that teammates have for each other.