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Wow: Deion Sanders Gives Epic First Speech to His New Team

Everyone really needs some Coach Prime in their lives!

When it comes to college football, few coaches have the presence and charisma of Deion Sanders. The former NFL great recently took over as head coach for the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team and he made sure to make an impression with his first team meeting. A video of the meeting was posted to the College GameDay TikTok account and has quickly gone viral, with over 51,600 views.

In the video, Sanders is seen standing in front of the entire team, delivering an inspiring speech about the importance of believing in oneself and wanting it. He emphasizes the importance of being the best version of themselves and not settling for anything less.

The speech was not only inspiring but also entertaining. Sanders focused on the importance of having a relentless work ethic and being all-in. It’s clear that the team is excited to have Sanders as their new coach and it’s easy to see why. His inspiring speech and enthusiasm were infectious and it’s clear that the Buffaloes have a bright future ahead of them. With Sanders at the helm, the team is sure to be one of the best in the nation in the coming years.