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Wow: Bol Bol's Crazy Dunk Is Turning Heads

He's got smooth moves!

On Friday, Bol Bol of the Orlando Magic put on a show against the New Orleans Pelicans with an amazing dunk. Bol Bol drove to the hoop and threw down an incredible dunk that has left fans in awe. The video, posted by ESPN, has been viewed over 359,500 times, and it is easy to see why. Bol Bol, who stands seven feet two inches tall, is a unique talent. He is a gifted scorer and can even handle the ball like a guard. His size and skill set make him an incredibly special player who can do things on the court that few can. The dunk that Bol Bol threw down against the Pelicans was no exception. He drove to the hoop and threw down a monstrous dunk that sent the crowd into a frenzy. It was a moment that will live in Orlando Magic fans’ memories for a long time.

Bol Bol is a unique talent and the video of his dunk against the Pelicans is proof. He has the potential to be a special player and the Magic have a lot to look forward to with him in their lineup as he continues to develop.