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Wow: 6 Runners Break 4:00 in the Mile at Altitude During a Workout

They looked like they were jogging out there!

In a recent workout at the University of Colorado, Boulder indoor facility, six members of the On Athletics Club put on an incredible performance in the middle of a grueling training session. Joe Klecker, Yared Nuguse, Ollie Hoare, Mario Garcia Romo, George Beamish, and Jonas Raess all broke the four-minute barrier in the mile, recording times of 3:57-3:58 for 1600 meters, which is slightly shorter than the full mile distance. It's only 1 second or so shorter though, meaning all 6 runners easily broke the legendary 4:00 barrier, impressive considering Boulder's elevation is 5,318 feet. To just casually do that in the middle of a workout is even more impressive. 

The feat was captured on a TikTok video by Citius Mag and has been generating buzz within the running community. This impressive accomplishment was achieved in preparation for an upcoming series of indoor races, including a 5k for Klecker. The On Athletics Club has been tearing it up in recent months and are clearly primed for a big indoor season of racing.