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Watch: Trevor Zegras' Funny Reaction to Save Is Priceless

He could not believe his eyes!

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms for athletes to share their experiences, and the National Hockey League (NHL) has taken notice. Recently, the NHL's official TikTok account posted a video of Anaheim Ducks player Trevor Zegras' reaction to an incredible save by Penguins goalie Casey DeSmith. The video, which has been viewed over 34,900 times, captures Trevor’s priceless reaction that has been shared by many hockey fans. In the video, Casey DeSmith makes an incredible save by stretching out as far as possible to catch the puck in his mitt. The save was so impressive, that Zegras is left in shock, with his mouth wide open in disbelief. You can almost hear him saying "how did he do that?!?"

 The video captures Trevor's reaction perfectly and is a must-see for any hockey fan. The video has become a hit among hockey fans, and has been shared across various social media platforms. Fans have been praising the NHL for posting the video and have been commenting on Trevor's reaction. Many have said that his reaction is priceless and that the video perfectly captures the excitement of hockey. Overall, the video posted by the NHL has been a huge success, with over 34,900 views.