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Watch: Top NBA Dunks of the Season So Far

These dunks will have your jaw on the floor!

Dunks are the exclamation point of the NBA. They're the high-flying, rim-rocking, crowd-pleasing plays that leave fans on the edge of their seats. Dunks showcase the incredible athleticism and skill of the players, and they can turn a good game into a great one. Whether it's a powerful one-handed slam or a graceful alley-oop, dunks add excitement and energy to the game. They can also be a key part of a team's strategy, shifting momentum in an instant. And let's not forget the artistic aspect of the dunk, some players have signature dunks that can make the crowd go wild. Dunks are more than just a play, they are a moment that can be remembered for a lifetime.

The NBA season is filled with many highlight-worthy plays, and dunks are some of the most impressive. This year, the NBA has seen some heart-stopping dunks that have left fans in awe. CoshReport ( recently released a video featuring some of the best dunks of the season so far, and it has already been viewed an astounding 1.8 million times.

These dunks are sure to leave you in awe, and they are a testament to the athleticism and creativity