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Watch: Stephen A. Smith Clowns Michael Irvin on First Take

He loves rubbing things in, doesn't he?

The nation's most vocal critic of the Dallas Cowboys, Stephen A. Smith, was in rare form this morning on ESPN's First Take. As the show kicked off, cameras captured Cowboys legend Michael Irvin preparing to reflect on his team's playoff defeat. But in a surprise move, Smith made a grand entrance, dressed as Pinky from the movie Next Friday, and reenacted the famous "Shut Up!" scene with Ice Cube's character Craig. Smith relished in the moment, mimicking Clifton Powell's iconic character before having the staff members join in singing a variation of "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye."

A clip was posted on the official ESPN TikTok account, where it quickly went viral and has since been viewed by thousands of Cowboys fans and critics alike. The Cowboys' season came to a close with a 19-12 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round, missing out on a chance to make the NFC Championship game. This marks yet another disappointing playoff exit for the team, who have not made it to the NFC Championship game since their last Super Bowl-winning season in 1995.