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Watch: Scott Rolen's Parents React to Hall of Fame Announcement

What a sweet and tender moment!

On Tuesday, former third baseman Scott Rolen received the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rolen, an eight-time Gold Glove winner, made it into the Hall of Fame in his sixth year of eligibility, earning 76.3% of the votes.

A heartwarming video of Rolen's parents finding out the news has been circulating on social media, capturing the joy and tears of the moment. The Cincinnati Reds shared the video on their TikTok account with the caption, "The moment Scott Rolen's parents found out their son is heading to Cooperstown." In the video, Rolen is seen walking up to his parents and simply saying "I'm in" before his parents and his entire family erupt in applause and cheers.

Rolen, who played for 17 years in the MLB for teams such as the Phillies, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Reds, and was a seven-time All-Star, expressed his surprise and humility upon hearing the news. He recently told MLB Network, "You don't think about this...You think about trying to do the best you can, play for your team and play the game as best you can, and there's such a long road. I never thought that the Hall of Fame was going to be the answer."