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Watch: Dillon Brooks Has Strong Words for Shannon Sharpe After Altercation

He was not having any of it.

The incident that occurred between TV personality Shannon Sharpe and Memphis Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks right before halftime of the Grizzlies' game against the Lakers at Arena on Friday night has sparked strong reactions from both fans and players alike. The altercation began when Sharpe told Brooks he was too small to guard LeBron James, which led to an exchange of profanities between the two. Sharpe had to be restrained by security during the incident as Steven Adams and Ja Morant's father Tee had begun getting into an altercation with him in response to his comments towards Brooks. Sharpe was detained in the tunnel during halftime but he was allowed to return to his courtside seat at the start of the 2nd half.

In a postgame interview posted on TikTok by reporter Jovan Buha, Brooks expressed his disappointment with the incident and called out Sharpe, referring to him as a "blogger" and questioning his presence at the arena after the verbal altercation. It remains to be seen if the league will take any action on the altercation, but Brooks' comments have certainly added fuel to the fire and sparked further discussion about the incident.