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Watch: Dak Prescott's Message for Brett Maher Is Going Viral

This is what true leadership is all about!

Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, showed true leadership and support for his teammate Brett Maher during a postgame interview after the team's win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night which has been posted on the official CBS Sports TikTok account. Despite Maher's legendary struggles during the game, missing multiple extra-point attempts, Prescott defended Maher and expressed confidence in him.

Watch the video here

He stated that he was Maher's biggest fan and praised him for his amazing career in the NFL and his resilience throughout his career. This display of support from the team's leader is a testament to the importance of unity and positivity within a team. Prescott's words of encouragement and support for Maher received positive reactions from the NFL community, and it is evident that the team's spirit is strong despite the challenges they faced. This kind of leadership and support is what makes a team successful, and it's a great example of how a team should act.