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Watch: Claude Giroux's Mind-Blowing Shot

Some shot!

Recently the National Hockey League (NHL) posted a video on their TikTok account that has since gone viral. The video features Ottawa Senators player Claude Giroux executing an incredible goal from halfway across the rink. The goal was a complete accident, and has since been dubbed a “blooper” goal. The video starts with Giroux in the neutral zone, and he quickly passes the puck across the ice. Then Giroux executes a perfect shot, sending the puck into the top corner of the net from long range.

The goal was an incredible feat of skill and luck, and it has since been viewed over 138,700 times. People have been in awe of the goal, and the video has been shared widely on social media. The NHL’s post has been accompanied by the hashtag #ClaudeGiroux, which has also been used by fans to show their appreciation for the goal. The hashtag has been used over 16,000 times, and it has become a trending topic on Twitter.

The goal has also been praised by other hockey players, including Ottawa Senators teammate Brady Tkachuk. Tkachuk took to Twitter to congratulate Giroux on his impressive goal, and he also encouraged fans to “get pucks on net”. The goal by Giroux is an incredible feat of skill and luck, and it has now become an iconic moment in NHL history. The video has been viewed over 138,700 times, and it is clear that the goal has resonated with hockey fans around the world.