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Tony Hawk Asks Random Skaters to "Do a Kickflip" in This Viral Video

They were all caught off guard!

Tony Hawk, the iconic skateboarder and entrepreneur, recently took to the streets to ask random skaters to do a kickflip. The video, posted by ESPN on their TikTok page, has been viewed over 1.6 million times and has been met with great enthusiasm by the skateboarding community. Hawk, who first shot to fame in the late 1990s with his daring skateboard tricks, is no stranger to the camera. His most recent video, however, features Hawk driving around talking to random skaters on the street and asking them to do a kickflip.

The video shows Hawk driving by skaters in a variety of settings, from skate parks to city streets. He yells out from the window "do a kickflip" to unsuspecting skaters, who are totally caught of guard that Hawk is asking them to do the trick. Many of the skaters are eager to show off their skills and some even manage to land the trick. Others, however, struggle to even get their board off the ground.

The video is a great example of Hawk’s continued commitment to the skateboarding community. He is still an active skateboarder and is constantly seeking out new ways to engage with the sport.