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Look: Vitek Vanecek Makes Game-Winning Save Look Easy

He did it? How?!??

The NHL recently posted a TikTok video featuring a jaw-dropping save from New Jersey Devils goalie Vitek Vanecek. The video, which has already been viewed nearly 15,000 times, shows Vanecek making an incredible game-winning save in a penalty shootout against the San Jose Sharks. The video starts with a shot of Vanecek in the crease, ready for the Sharks’ penalty shot. As the shooter approaches, Vanecek stays calm and focused, and when the shot comes, he makes an unbelievable save, pushing the puck away with his outstretched stick. The camera then pans back to Vanecek, who raises his arms in triumph, knowing he just made a huge save that helped his team win the game.

Vanecek’s save was truly spectacular, and it’s no surprise that it caught the attention of hockey fans around the world. Overall, this TikTok video shows just how exciting hockey can be. Vanecek’s save was a thing of beauty, and it’s no wonder why it has been viewed so many times. If you’re a hockey fan and haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out—you won’t be disappointed.