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Look: Stephen A. Smith's Reaction to the Cowboy's Loss Is Going Viral

The man really loves rubbing it in the faces of Cowboy's fans.

Stephen A. Smith, a known detractor of the Dallas Cowboys, had a hilarious reaction to the team's loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Wild Card Game. In a video posted on ESPN's official TikTok, Smith can be seen hysterically laughing and joking about the Cowboys' latest playoff defeat to the San Francisco 49ers. He also took the opportunity to call out former Cowboys player and NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin for his optimistic comments about the team's chances of winning leading up to the game.

The Cowboys lost to the Niners 19-12 in the divisional round, failing to make the NFC title game. This marks yet another disappointing playoff exit for the team, who have not made it to the NFC Championship game since their last Super Bowl-winning season in 1995. The defeat also marks the end of the Cowboys' season, putting a cap on another year of high expectations and underwhelming results. Smith's reaction to the Cowboys' loss, while comical, also highlights the frustration of the team's fans and critics who have grown tired of the team's inability to live up to their potential in the playoffs.