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Look: Patrick Mahomes Sent to Locker Room During Playoff Game

He's not happy.

Patrick Mahomes is known as one of the fiercest competitors in the entire NFL, so any time the Kansas City Chiefs QB has to sit out, it's not a pretty site. Mahomes injured his ankle during the first half of the divisional-round playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In a viral TikTok posted to the official NFL on CBS account, Mahomes is seen reacting negatively to being sent back to the locker room to undergo further evaluation. He slams his parka on the ground in frustration and rushes back to the locker room. Mahomes will be replaced by competent backup QB Chad Henne, who has relieved Mahomes in previous playoff games.

It remains to be seen if Mahomes is able to return to the game or not, which may put the Chief's chances of victory in jeopardy as the Jaguars have proven to be a tough out this postseason.