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Look: Joe Burrow Has Message for NFL Fans

He's not afraid to speak his mind, that is for sure!

The Cincinnati Bengals made a statement in the AFC divisional game, pulling off a stunning upset against the Buffalo Bills and sending shockwaves through the NFL. With this victory, the Bengals have not only advanced to their 2nd straight AFC title game, but also eliminated the possibility of a neutral-site AFC Championship game between the Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. In his postgame interview with Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports posted to the official ESPN TikTok account, quarterback Joe Burrow had a special message for NFL fans who had already purchased tickets for the potential matchup, saying "Better send those refunds."

This victory was a reminder that the Bengals should not be underestimated and that they are a team to be reckoned with. Many fans and analysts had overlooked the Bengals in the matchup against the Bills, but they have now proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. Considering the Bengals advanced to the Super Bowl last season, the fact that they did not get the respect of anyone outside of Cincinnati at the start of the playoffs is quite shocking.