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Look: Eli Apple Mocks Damar Hamlin in Controversial Tweet

It really does seem like he's calling out Hamlin specifically.

The Cincinnati Bengals' 27-10 win over the Buffalo Bills in the divisional round of the playoffs was a hard-fought victory, but Bengals cornerback Eli Apple has found himself at the center of controversy due to his post-game social media activity.

Apple took to Twitter to mock Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs following the game, but the tweet was met with criticism for appearing to make fun of Damar Hamlin, who had suffered a cardiac arrest earlier in the season. Apple tweeted the phrase "Cancun on 3" and used the heart hands emoji that some say represents the symbol Hamlin would make during games this season and while he was recovering in the hospital. In response to the backlash, Apple clarified that he did not intend to mock Hamlin and was simply ribbing Diggs' post-game reaction. He also posted a TikTok video of Diggs arguing with quarterback Josh Allen during the game.

Overall, it seems that Eli Apple's tweet and video were intended to mock Stefon Diggs and not Damar Hamlin, but his choice of words and timing of the tweet, in the wake of Hamlin's cardiac arrest, was not appropriate and it was met with criticism from fans and analysts. You can watch a TikTok video of the various tweets in question below.