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Look: Colin Cowherd's Comments on Dak Prescott Are Going Viral

He did not hold back speaking his truth.

It's well known that sports pundit Colin Cowherd is not a fan of Cowboy's quarterback Dak Prescott, but in a recent clip posted to Cowherd's official TikTok account, he took it one step further. Cowherd did not hold back in disparaging Prescott's terrible play in the NFC divisional round loss to the San Francisco 49ers and said that he was more comparable to lesser quarterbacks like Daniel Jones and Kirk Cousins than the best quarterbacks in the NFL like Patrick Mahomes. Cowherd also pointed out that now 49ers rookie QB Brock Purdy has just as many playoff wins as Prescott now, insinuating that the massive contract Prescott has is not worth it considering his poor performances in the playoffs.

Cowherd then went on to suggest that the Cowboys need to trade Prescott and replace him with a suitable QB in the upcoming NFL draft. Clearly, Cowherd is not a fan of Prescott and is tired of the Dallas Cowboys' continued failure to make the NFC Championship game or the Super Bowl, which they have not done since the 1995 season.