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Derek Roy Gets Stick Caught in the Boards


When it comes to the NHL, there are always a few moments that stand out from the rest. Recently, a throwback video of Derek Roy of the St. Louis Blues from the 2013 season provided one of those special moments in a TikTok video posted by ESPN NHL. The video has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, and it's easy to see why. The video starts off with a seemingly mundane play, with Roy attempting to clear the puck out of the defensive zone. However, things take a funny turn when Roy's stick gets caught in the boards. Suddenly, everyone on the ice, including Roy himself, is trying to help get the stick out of the boards. After a few failed attempts, Roy finally gets his stick free, to the amusement of his teammates and the viewers of the video.

This video is a great example of why the NHL is so entertaining. Even in moments of adversity, the players can still find humor in the situation. It's also a reminder of the skill and athleticism of the players, as they are able to react quickly and come up with creative solutions to get out of a sticky situation.

As the NHL continues to gain popularity, it's moments like this that will continue to bring people back to the game. It's these unique moments that make the NHL an enjoyable and entertaining sport to watch. Derek Roy's stick-in-the-boards moment is one that will be remembered for years to come.