100+ Badass Roller Derby Names & Team Names

Updated on August 15, 2017
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If you are a female and are great on rollerskates, then maybe roller derby is your calling for a hobby! If you’ve ever witnessed the complete brutality between the two fierce female teams, then you likely have a good idea how tough you need to be for the sport.

What is roller derby?

Roller derby is a sport that takes place in roller skates in a skating rink. Teams, or packs, race around the rink in an effort to score on the other team, which happens when the designated teammates, known as the jammers (marked by big stars on their helmets), make their way through the group of teammates and opponents, known as the blockers, but not easily; they face an obstacle of hips, butts, and shoulders! Ahead of the blockers are the pivots who set the pace for the group of blockers.

It can get brutal, but there are rules to be followed, and penalties to be issued for illegal blocking. Some illegal moves includes using elbows, tripping, back blocking, and passing out of bounds. You can only block the other players by touching them on the side or front from the shoulder to the thigh, but touching anywhere else is illegal in the game of roller derby.


Roller Derby Girl Names

The Player

Coming up with a name for yourself can be tricky, so unless your team can bestow one on you naturally, here are some tips for choosing your own roller derby name:

  • Personality: You roller derby name should match your personality. If you're loud and proud, "Big Mouth Bitch" or "Banshee" might be good matches. If you're a girly girl, "Kruisin' Kitten", or "Duchess of the Derby".
  • Interests: If you have other passions apart from derby, incorporate them into your name, for example: "Bleeding Mascara" (for those Atreyu fans), or "Indominous" for Jurassic World junkies! Talk about a badass female, am I right?!
  • Appearance: If you're over 5'10", you have to play that up with a great name like "Lady Liberty" or "Amazon". If you're a redhead, try "Ginger-Neck-Snap", "Red Hot", "Cherry Choker", or "Derby Devil" on for size.

Big Red
Tequila Sheila
Miss United Skates
Infernal Myrtle
Lord of the Rink
Deathrow Roller
Gore-ticia Addams
Lady Liberty
Nine Inch Nails
Max Penalty
Rusty Razor Blades
Jammin' & Rammin'
Strawberry Jam
Niagra Falls
The USS Bloodbath
Big Rig
Jelly Roll
Long Arm Lolita
Mother Nature
Dollface Smasher
Internal Injury
Pepper Spray
Bloodsoaked Skater
Pumpkin' Smasher
Assaulted Peanut
Rita Skater
Beware of Bitch
Chief of Skate
Avatar of Dispair
Hit and Run
Unholy Roller
One Hit Wonder
Miss Fortune
The Gruesome Twosome
Bitchy Butcher
Bambi Hunter
Road Rager
Cinnamon Roller
Sweet 'n Sour

Roller Derby Team Names

The Team

So you’re putting together your pack? Well you will certainly need a good name! What should you look for in a team name? Here’s some tips for coming up with roller derby names:

  • Feminine: Your team name should say a little something ladylike about the team, but you still mean business!

  • Fierce: Nothing says you mean business like a fierce name. Your name should be one that other teams fear at the sound of it, rather intimidating, and serious with a touch of girl.

  • Funny: One thing we can all agree on, a funny name is better than one that isn't! Make sure to include as many rolling puns as you can, i.e. "The Rolling Pins: Baking up some Bruises!"

Purple Minions
Curvy Derby
The Punishers (Mom Team)
Girls of Fury
Dark Divas
Hissin' Kittens
Crazy Daisies
Smackdown Sweethearts
Thunder Thorns
Rink Rashers
Diesel Chicks
Honey Punch
Swiss Cake Rollers
Lipstick Sliders
Cruisin' n' Bruisin'
Twisted Nippers
Derby Divas
Angels of Anger
Hot Shots
Ladies of the Fight
Fire Fliers
Furrocious Cats
Slammin' Jammin Roller Babes
We Recycle
Queen Bees
Pucker Punchers
Pinup Punks
Beautifully Brutal
The Derby Dolls of Detroit
Brutal Beauties
Barbie Beaters
Rockin' Rollers
Whip Crackers
Naughty Knockouts
Screamin' Banshees
Slickity Splits
Dirty Birdies
Skaterina Skulls

Ready to Kiss Some...

I don’t know about you, but if I were playing any of these teams, I’d be pretty intimidated at the sound of the names! They are everything you need in a team name for roller derby.

Now, I bet your head is already spinning trying to think of a few good names, but don’t forget that each girl on the team needs an individual nickname, too!

Following the same tips for a thinking of team names, you should have no problem naming the girls. You have a lot of thinking to do!


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