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5 Life-Changing Lessons From Michael Jordan

Life-changing lesson from Michael Jordan, the all-time greatest basketballer.

Life-changing lesson from Michael Jordan, the all-time greatest basketballer.

Michael Jordan, the most outstanding athlete and sportsperson of all time, is known for his unwavering mindset. He is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. Even to people who do not know so much about him, there are several key lessons we can all get from his life and achievements.

As a player, Mike was skilled and possessed excellent qualities. However, what set him apart in his career was his mindset. He was obsessed with winning and giving his best in every game, practice, and activity he participated in. As we can see from Michael's life, reaching and staying at the top requires consistency and discipline.

With his numerous achievements and failures, Michael has inspired generations. To succeed in any venture, we must show up, give our best, and never tire of improving our skills. Michael understood how to cope with setbacks and failures, and he used these challenges as fuel to improve and become better at playing.

Pat Williams, a motivational speaker and author, captures Mike's methods for living a life of greatness and relentless pursuit of excellence in his book How to Be Like Mike: Life Lessons about Basketball's Best. I recommend the book to anyone who would like to transform their lives and become like Mike. It's a great read for those that have an unrelenting desire to excel. The book highlights the importance of focus, passion, hard work, perseverance, and accountability. These qualities shaped Michael Jordan as one of the most revered athletes in the world.

Michael won six NBA titles before ending his stellar career. What can we glean from Mike's life to bring into our own? Here are several lessons that can help you grow.

Trust the Game

Michael Jordan once said, "If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you." Michael loved basketball, and he always enjoyed playing it. He knew that there were no shortcuts to improvement and becoming a star. He dedicated his life to becoming the best at his work. The mindset was that he could not get dazzling output with a mediocre work ethic.

In life, you get what you put in. If you sharpen your skills and aim to excel, you will always shine and get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life. Be ready and willing to do the work. Learn. Improve. Grow.

Do Not Fear Tyring

Michael Jordan was aware of the possibility of failure. However, that did not stop him from trying. He said, "I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying." We do not know the results in life unless we take chances and try. We can have 101 reasons why it won't be possible, but nothing will ever happen if we never show up and try.

Do not be scared by the odds working against you. Always try and show up. Pitch and reach out. Remember, there will always be obstacles in the journey toward our goals. However, do not stop pursuing them. Take bold steps and move forward. If you do not try something, nothing will ever happen. Testing is the best alternative we have in life.

Have a Positive Attitude

Mike always had a way of turning negative situations into positive situations. He knew the power of staying positive even when the odds were stacked against him. A positive attitude significantly affects how we maneuver through challenging circumstances. It determines how far we are ready to go in pursuing our dreams.

Be bold enough to see things positively when encountering challenges. Work around the obstacles and stay focused on your goals. Do not fail because of a lack of effort. Do your best and aim to achieve your dreams.

Learn and Improve Each Day

Michael wanted to improve after every game. He dedicated his life to learning from his mistakes and taking steps to improve on his weaknesses. Being good at something is not enough. You need to master a skill and be the best you can be.

There are many people good at different crafts. However, people who dedicate hours to work on their skills and master specific areas stand out. The daily commitment to be the best in your niche will give you better returns and more freedom.

Be Excellent At Your Craft

This is perhaps the most important lesson. At the peak of their game, the Bulls would fill stadiums to the brim, whether they played home or away. But you should know that the marketing department's effectiveness was not what brought the people. It was the output Mike and his teammates made on the court. Consistently delivering quality work will bring you an endless stream of clients.

All these lessons and principles can propel you in your career and any other area of your life. Mike played and gave his best to cement his legacy. We can also do the same by following these timeless principles. We need to have a definite desire and take action every day.

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