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8 Qualities Shared by Successful Skateboarders

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Long-time skateboarder from Canada who writes about skateboarding and doing what you love for a living.

Multiple factors go into becoming a great skateboarder, including patience and persistence. Possibly the most important ingredient is failure; failing over and over again until you succeed.

If you’re thinking about learning how to skateboard, you might be wondering if you have what it takes to become a good skateboarder. To understand what makes a successful skater, you first need to know what skateboarding is.


Definition of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is commonly thought as a sport, but it’s much more than that. It's an art form, and a way of life.

Certain characteristics are particularly important when it comes to learning the skateboarding blueprint and being a successful skateboarder. Not everyone has what it takes to be a good skater.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful skateboarder? You might if possess these eight key qualities shared by skilled skaters and pros alike.

1. Independent

Skateboarding is an individual sport, free from outside control.

There's no authority overseeing you skate. Skaters are in charge of themselves and get to make the rules. They think and act for themselves.

Skateboarders are known for their individuality. They go against the grain and are not afraid to stand out. True skaters are originals. They dress how they want, skate when and where and what they want - any type of terrain (ie. bowls, half-pipe, flat ground, skatepark, street, stair sets, manual pads).

Skaters tend to be free spirits who value fun over work.

They enjoy spending time with friends and doing what makes them happy instead of conforming to society's expectations of what is considered 'normal'.

2. Creative

Skateboarders are creative and can think outside the box.

Skating obstacles that weren't meant for skateboarding, using the skatepark in ways no one else does, adding unique twists to simple tricks, or filming a skate video part are some of the ways skaters use their creativity.

3. Passionate

Getting good at anything requires work and hours spent on your craft.

Skateboarders have a passion that drives their motivation to skate everyday. If you aren’t excited to go skate, you will not reach a high level of success as a skateboarder.

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Skaters are passionate about doing what they love for a living.

4. Self-Motivated

Being an individual sport, you are responsible for your own success or failure.

Learning how to skateboard takes a personal commitment to the sport. You have to be self-motivated to push yourself and learn the skills.

Skaters create their own missions and set their own goals. Often times you battle for a certain trick, or line of tricks, and it doesn't happen right away.

Skaters are motivated to make it happen.

5. Adventurer

Skateboarding is a risky sport.

Skaters take chances landing tricks and often times you pay for it with bruises and scrapes. Even after getting good at skateboarding, falling is inevitable; it’s part of the game. Failure is the learning that equals success.

Great skaters will adventure into the unknown, and take calculated action, in the face of fear.

Jamie Thomas, Leap of Faith

Jamie Thomas, Leap of Faith

6. Dedicated

Skateboarding requires dedication.

Skaters focus time and energy into this one thing. Splitting focus with another sport, hobby, or activity can be a major distraction.

True skaters are wholeheartedly committed to skateboarding.

7. Relentless

Skateboarders are relentless.

This can be seen when attempting to land a new trick. They will attack it from all angles until they unlock the trick. They push through pain and fatigue, and do whatever it takes to succeed and land the trick.

Skaters are always looking for new tricks and challenges.

If one thing becomes too easy, they look for another challenge to take on. They never stop progressing and getting better because the satisfaction of landing a new trick is so addictive.


8. Problem Solver

Often times faced with challenges that need to be overcome in order to move forward, they learn quickly what works and what doesn't. They learn how to get around problems in order to achieve their goals.

Skaters know what it means to be creative and they will think outside the box to make stuff happen.No matter how many times they fall trying to land a trick, they just get back up and try again until they master it. Failure doesn't phase them.

Skateboarders are problem solvers.

What about yourself?

Do you have what it takes to be a skateboarder? What did you learn about skateboarding that you didn't know before? Leave a comment below.

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