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How to Clean Skateboard Grippe (Grip Tape)


If you are one of the many people using a skateboard today, then you be all too aware of the importance of good balance. Being able to properly balance and stand on your skateboard is very important to making sure you can skate with ease. And over time, one thing that is almost certain to start coming away on your skateboard is the grippe (grip tape).

A skateboard can be immensely fun to ride, but they require a lot of balance. They also require a small amount of luck to be able to use properly. With that in mind, you might wish to make sure your skateboard grip tape does not become ruined and weakened. Many skaters today use grip tape to make sure they aren’t falling off the board with the slightest of movement.

To help you make the right decision on cleaning skateboard grippe, this simple guide should make what is otherwise a confusing process pretty simple. If you wish to go ahead and get your skateboard working as good as it should be, then you should always look to regularly clean and care for it.

When this becomes dirty it naturally stops you from gripping on to the board with the same authority. Your ability to pull off tricks is more or less reliant on having a good grip of your board. So you could always look to try and clean up your skateboard tape before you go and replace it.

Why Not Just Replace the Skateboard Grip Tape?

Well, you could, but it is another time-consuming event. It means you have to buy more tape in the first place. Instead, a bit of DIY cleaning can be all that you need to make sure you can stick to the board like glue once again.

If you want to a make sure your board is safe to ride, then you should look to clean it up as soon as possible. The cost of both time and money is something you want to avoid wasting in life. So, instead of simply ripping off and replacing your skateboard grip tape, you could repair it and save yourself some time.

It’s all about making the steps you need to get your board back into the shape you would expect.

When to Replace Your Skateboard Grippe

Of course, over time your tape will begin to wear out, and no amount of cleaning will save it. With that in mind, you should look to replace your tape if it begins to become faded or if it begins to feel slippery. When it goes to the slippery phase, you are probably at the point where even the most extensive cleaning operation would not restore it to as good as new territory.

So, try and focus on when to make the replacement.

Getting Started

To get started on learning how to clean skateboard grippe, you need to focus on the tools you need. We recommend that you try to get started on the cleaning process by investing in the following tools:

  • Rubber. You want to find a bit of natural rubber as opposed to anything synthetic.
  • A wire brush. Try and find a wire brush that is a touch softer as this can produce better results.
  • A microfibre cloth. This is needed for the cleaning process without removing all of your grippe.

Having all three of the items above should give you everything you need to start making sure you can clean up your product. However, some people prefer to just buy a grip tape cleaner online. You can find these on Amazon and in hobby stores. They are typically more expensive than buying all of the above, and it might only clean your tape once, but it is a less intensive process and could get your board cleaned up a touch quicker.

The three items above, though, are essential if you want to go ahead and restore your tape. It would cost you about the same to buy the above as it would to buy new tape. The only difference is that cleaning tape is faster than replacing it, and you can use these same items again and again to clean up your tape.

Cleaning Your Skateboard Grip Tape

To get started, you simply want to try and begin using the rubber. The rubber you have purchased will be used to get rid of any excess debris. This can come off your shoes or it can come from just about any outdoors area.

Cleaning the grip tape with the rubber first and foremost will get rid of most of the mire that is making it slippery or unsuitable. Rubber is a good choice as it can easily rip through the stuff without ruining the actual grip tape that is stuck on the bottom.

Focus on this, and you can easily and effectively clean off the mess that is making your skateboard so slippery.

Next, you should use the wire brush to clean even deeper. If you use the rubber first, you could get rid of anything that the wire brush might tear through and thus damage the tape. By using the wire brush after this, though, you make sure that you can avoid destroying the tape at the same time. This will work well as it can easily break through anything remaining and make sure that you are back to the original product.

Once you have scrubbed this down with enough of the wire brush, simply run over it with the microfibre cloth to get rid of anything that is remaining. A combination of all three cleaning good should work in tandem to help get the skateboard back to feeling safe.

With a bit of elbow grease and a little time, you could easily get your skateboard feeling safe to ride around on again. It does not take long, but it could make sure that you don’t have to spend an afternoon in A&E after falling off your non-grip skateboard!

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