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The 7 Greatest Matches of "Ravishing" Rick Rude

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A WWE ring.

A WWE ring.

"Ravishing" Rick Rude's Best Matches Ever

"Ravishing" Rick Rude was one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Standing at 6'3 and weighing 252 pounds, Rude was a constant component of the upper card matches.

Despite his masterful in-ring prowess, fantastic promo skills, and his truly impeccable physique, he never clutched the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Regardless, Rude was a major force in the wrestling industry in the late '80s and early '90s. In tribute, here is a list of "Ravishing" Rick Rude's seven greatest matches of all time.

Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

1. Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

The ravishing one got his shot at the Federation's championship belt at Summerslam 1990. Unfortunately, nobody believed he could actually conquer Warrior for the belt. That's because the duo had feuded one year prior, with Warrior besting Rude in the contests.

Regardless, the Summerslam 90 match was held inside a solid steel structure and provided the extra gimmick the clash needed. Rude was assaultive as ever and carried the more clumsy Warrior to one of his best matches.

2. Rick Rude vs. Sting

One of my personal favorite matches of all time happened on November 19th, 1991, at WCW Clash of the Champions. Rude had just arrived in World Championship Wrestling, and he targeted one of my idols, Sting. The heroic Sting came to the ring limping because of a leg injury, and Rude met him halfway up the ramp.

In an impressive maneuver, Sting launched Rude over his head and slammed him onto the unforgiving ramp. I went wild. After bumping around for the babyface, Rude went on to pin Sting and win the WCW U.S. Championship.

Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

3. Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior

Rick Rude gained one of his biggest triumphs at the expense of his old nemesis, Ultimate Warrior, at Wrestlemania 5. Of course, he had a helping hand, this time by his manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Rude was always known as a guy that could take creative bumps and falls, and this is a good example of that. His selling for Warrior is faultless. Also of note is Rude's signature mullet. You've got to love the 80s.

Rick Rude vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Rick Rude vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

4. Rick Rude vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Rude's most exalted feud in wrestling also happens to be one of his earliest. Before his matches, he would often invite a female fan into the ring to help him remove his robe before the match and kiss a fan after he won his challenge.

At one television taping, he targeted the wife of Jake "The Snake" Roberts. This led to an intense feud between the two legends. Both men were in the prime of their lives and truly gave the fans a masterful story. Like Rude, Roberts is also an unsung hero of pro wrestling.

Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat

Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat

5. Rick Rude vs. Ricky Steamboat

Superbrawl was WCW's answer for Wrestlemania. It was the culmination of feuds and showcased the best matches they had to offer. Such was the case in 1992 when they had Rick Rude versus Ricky Steamboat. Both men had recently deserted the WWF and were determined to show the world that they could still go. And boy did they ever.

Steamboat played the quintessential babyface, always in peril, always fighting up. And Rude was the perfect cocky heel. The personality clash was like oil and water. The 20-minute bout had both men sweating profusely, with Rude catching the win after a masked man interfered.

Rick Rude vs. Sting

Rick Rude vs. Sting

6. Rick Rude vs. Sting

Sometimes a wrestler discovers an opponent so compatible that they are incapable of producing bad matches. Such is the case with Rick Rude and Sting. The two opposed one another dozens of times and never had an unsatisfactory outing.

One of their best bouts happened during the dreadful King of Cable Tournament. This match also features a rare appearance of Rude without his signature mustache. The two men wrestled to a 20-minute draw that evening.

7. Rick Rude vs. Ric Flair

Unfortunately for wrestling fans, Flair and Rude didn't have many matches together. When Flair came back to WCW, he was characterized as a babyface climbing back to the top of the mountain. Rude was only a stepping stone to Vader. Despite this, both men put it all on the line at Fall Brawl 1993. This bout would go on to be one of Rude's last great matches. He retired in 1994 after he suffered a back injury during a fight in Japan.

What Happened to "Ravishing" Rick Rude?

Unfortunately, the wrestling world lost a legend in 1999 when "Ravishing" Rick Rude died of heart failure. He will be remembered for his intensity, his incredible physique, and his ability to make the men he worked with look like a superstar.