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Best Disc Golf Courses to Play in Colorado

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Colorado's varied landscape makes it a great place to play disc golf. Check out these courses and decide where to play next.

Colorado's varied landscape makes it a great place to play disc golf. Check out these courses and decide where to play next.

Playing Disc Golf in Colorado

People in Colorado love outdoor activities, and frisbee golf is no exception. You will find great courses close to Denver and the Denver metro area, but you can also head into the Rocky Mountains or out to the plains for some even more fantastic places to play.

The landscape around Denver tends to be flat with few trees, so it's not exactly a stellar environment for a naturally technical course. Parks without a lot of trees or man-made obstacles tend to just add distance to a hole to make a higher par. Experienced Colorado disc players enjoy going into the mountains for more interesting courses.

Colorado's quickly changing weather can also make play interesting. The hard-core will play in the snow. Beware that warm spring days are usually very windy. Early morning summer games can be the way to go.

Best Free Courses in the Denver Area

All of these are in the Denver metro area and very easy to get to within a 20-minute drive of the city.

Johnny Roberts

The frisbee golf course at Johnny Roberts is a free, 18-hole course in Arvada. It's right next to a small skate park. It's a pretty disc golf park with large, spaced-out trees. A narrow creek winds throughout the park with a few holes crossing it.

Badlands (Camenisch Park)

Badlands disc golf course is in the Federal Heights neighborhood, on the north end of Camenisch park. Don’t confuse this course with South Badlands (aka Lighthouse) located in south Denver Metro. It's a fun, technical course.

There are some signs that this course’s maintenance could use some love, like uneven tee boxes and worn tee signs, but it's an enjoyable play if you don't mind the aesthetics.

Bird’s Nest

Sitting just north of Golden, Bird’s Nest is a little further than Johnny Roberts or Badlands for the Denverite. This is a long course with something for players at every level.

This is an open, grassy course typical of Colorado’s lower elevation. Areas of the course can be pretty swampy in wetter seasons. Check out more course information here.

Bird's Nest is a fun disc gold course not far from Golden, CO.

Bird's Nest is a fun disc gold course not far from Golden, CO.

Colorado's Mountain Disc Golf Courses

For the days you're able to make the trip, Colorado has some amazing disc golf courses in the mountains that are well worth the drive. These tend to be pay-to-play courses in wooded areas. Usually it takes getting into these mountain courses (where the trees are in Colorado) to get a more technical, natural course.

Ghost Town

This is a fairly well-known disc golf course in Central City. It is a fairly technical course with some unique mining town scenery.

During the summer it costs $10 to play here. You're not strictly required to reserve a tee time, but you'll have better results if you call before showing up.

Beaver Ranch

Beaver Ranch is an award-winning course in Conifer, CO. It's a beautiful course with a mix of aspens and pines. This is the perfect course to bring players visiting from out of town to because it shows off Colorado's landscape in a fun course. The cost is $12 per day.

Bucksnort Course

Another great course in Colorado is Bucksnort, which is outside of Pine, CO. Pine is a 20–30 minutes drive past Confier. The course has 27 holes in a heavily wooded area. It is on private land, so there is a cost, and you need to call ahead to reserve tee time.

Colorado Springs Frisbee Golf Courses

While Denver does have a high density of courses, there are many places to play around Colorado Springs as well.

The Aviary

The Aviary is in southeast Colorado Springs next to Fountain Creek Trail. It's a fairly treed area and a fun course. This area is exposed, so beware on windy days.

Cottonwood Creek Course

Cottonwood Creek is a well-maintained course north of Colorado Springs. It is shorter than most other courses on this list, which can be more fun for players that don't have the distance yet but still want to work on some technical throws.

Widefield Course

You'll find Widefield south of Colorado Springs down I-25. It has holes with varying lengths and levels of technical difficulty. Also, the baskets are changed often, so it's hard to get bored at this course. Give it a try next time you're in the area.

More Colorado Golf Courses

The courses on the list provide a combination of free, easily-accessible, and unique that should give players a well-rounded experience of Colorado disc golf. There are plenty more courses worth checking out.

Pessimist Park

Pessimistic Disc Golf Park is in Fort Morgan, CO, which is about an hour northwest of Denver on the 76. Pessimist has an awesome name, and its counterpart, the Optimist, is in the same town.

This course is free and is pretty well maintained. It's built into the natural landscape, giving players views of the northwestern Colorado landscape and the South Platte River.

East Interlocken

East Interlocken is a short (9-hole) course in Broomfield. It's a great park if you live in the area, and it makes a rewarding, quick stop when passing through.

Shining Mountain

Shining Mountain in Woodland Park, CO is also a super fun course and is absolutely worth checking out. It costs $10 and is definitely worth the money!

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