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5 Biggest AEW Wrestling Stars


1. Brian Cage

"The Machine" Brian Cage was one of the hottest free agents in wrestling, and AEW was able to snag him.

Brian began his career as someone who was the size of Chris Jericho (225 lbs). He is now the size of Batista (278 lbs).

Brian is six feet tall and 278 pounds of muscle. Think of a wrestler with the destructive force of Bill Goldberg, but with cruiserweight abilities.

In AEW, he has shown more of his power moves, such as powerbombs and suplexes. The suplexes Brian does are a tribute to his manager Taz.

It was an AEW masterstroke to have them copy the Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar dynamic. Paul does all the talking while Brock just stands there looking intimidating. In the same way, Taz does all the talking while Cage just stands there looking menacing.

Taz gave Brian his FTW Championship belt. This was a nice homage to Taz's ECW roots.

In his AEW debut, Brian dominated his way into getting a title shot with Jon Moxley.

Only time will tell if the former Impact World Champion can win the AEW title.


2. Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega was at one point the hottest free agent in all of pro wrestling. He chose to come to AEW.

Kenny is one of Dave Meltzer's favorite wrestlers and many of his matches have been rated five stars or higher.

Kenny can do it all in the ring. He can do Japanese strong-style, submission, high-flying and hardcore brawling.

Kenny was a big deal in Japan and was at one point the leader of the Bullet Club. He wrested the position from outgoing leader A.J. Styles.

After his stint in Japan, Kenny went to AEW and became one of its executive vice presidents.

He has used his Japanese connections to bring along some Japanese talent to AEW in the form of Riho, Michael Nakazawa and Hikaru Shida.

Kenny is a big fan of video games and has incorporated video game lore into his move set and theme music. He even came out as Akuma at Fyter Fest. He does the hadouken fireball as part of his moveset.

He has captured tag team gold with Hangman Adam Page.


3. Cody Rhodes

Cody is the son of the late great Dusty Rhodes.

Being part of wrestling royalty and being a second generation wrestler should have been a ticket to stardom. Sadly, WWE squandered Cody and made him do ridiculous gimmicks such as "Dashing Cody Rhodes" and "Stardust."

Upon leaving the WWE and being part of Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, Cody developed the gimmick of "The American Nightmare."

Cody has since developed his promo skills and has become a good talker like his father and like the great Ric Flair. He is a throwback to wrestlers of old.

From his theme "Kingdom" to his promo work to his in-ring skills, Cody is a star.

He failed to get the AEW World Championship but was able to get the TNT Championship.

As TNT Champion, Cody has been a fighting champion similar to Bret Hart in 1993.

He is taking on all challengers, even from wrestlers outside AEW.


4. Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley was formerly Dean Ambrose—one of the three members of The Shield.

They had a gimmick of being "the hounds of justice" and took out their target whether it was a face or heel.

The Shield was dominant in three-man tag team contests and beat the biggest stars during their initial run.

The Shield was one of the most successful factions in wrestling history and each member won a world title and several lower-tier titles.

Ambrose was known as the "lunatic fringe," as he had a very unstable personality.

Sadly, the WWE saddled Dean with a comedy gimmick instead of featuring him as a serious competitor.

Fed up with WWE misusing him, he left WWE when AEW came knocking.

Dean Ambrose reverted back to the Jon Moxley character he used in Combat Zone Wrestling.

Ever since debuting, AEW featured Mox as a serious contender and he made his debut challenging one of the best wrestlers in the world in Kenny Omega.

Mox now has a world championship under his belt and has beaten stars such as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and Brian Cage.


5. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has been in the business since 1990 and has been everywhere from Japan to ECW, WCW and WWE.

What has kept Jericho relevant for three decades is his ability to reinvent himself. This has made his character fresh and helped him avoid being stale.

Chris Jericho is the first Undisputed World Champion as he beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night.

Despite this accomplishment, the WWE never gave Jericho the ball to run with.

He also has won every belt in the WWE. Whether it be a world title, midcard title or tag title, Jericho has won them all.

Being stacked with talent and having no viable competition, the WWE complacently let Jericho slip through their fingers.

Now, he is the face of AEW and is bringing attention to the fledgling wrestling organization.

AEW gave Jericho the ball and he sure ran with it.

AEW's Biggest Star

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