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5 Facts About WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair

The Queen

Charlotte Flair, also known by nicknames such as The Nature Girl, The Genetically Superior Athlete, and The Queen, has completely taken over the women's division in the WWE. She has amazing in-ring skills and is a natural all-around talent with her mic skills. She is the daughter of the 16-time world champion and two-time hall of famer Ric Flair. She has completely stepped out of his shadow and may be the best performer currently on the roster. Her accomplishments include being a former Divas Champion, a four-time WWE Raw Women's Champion, and a former NXT Women's Champion. She is also a five-time WWE Smackdown Women's Champion. She has had amazing matches with talents such as Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Natalya, and Bayley. Whether she delivers her signature somersault senton, or finishing maneuvers such as Natural Selection or the Figure-Eight Leglock, she always makes sure that the fans get their money's worth.


1. She Didn't Spend a Lot of Time With Her Father in Her Youth

Wrestling fans all are aware of the bond between Ric Flair and his daughter. He has stated many times how proud he is when he witnesses the excellent work and success of his beautiful daughter. Charlotte has also said how proud she is of the legacy that her father has created in the professional wrestling industry. However, one fact that may not be surprising is that Charlotte and Ric Flair were hardly together when she was young. This is not shocking since Ric was in the prime of his career, traveling around the world for WCW and WWE, winning championships and living a jet-setting lifestyle. This made it difficult for him to spend a lot of time with his daughter. Charlotte actually referred to this fact in a promo during a TV segment with her father in 2016. Charlotte's mother and Ric eventually got divorced, driving them even further apart. However, the two seem to have kept a pretty close relationship over the years, despite his travel schedule and the divorce.


2. Jail Time

Many people can find themselves on the wrong side of the law and end up having to serve some jail time. This was no different for Charlotte Flair. She was arrested in 2008 after an altercation with a police officer. She reportedly assaulted the officer in a fight that also involved her father and her first husband, Riki Johnson. She pleaded guilty to the assault and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. The sentence was suspended after paying a $200 fine and being placed under supervised probation. This event is not very surprising given the fact that her father is also known to be a hothead at times.


3. Husbands

Ric Flair has been married five times and has gone through four divorces. His daughter seems to be following in his footsteps, as she has already been married and divorced twice. She married her first husband Riki Johnson in 2010. The union was brief and they called it quits not long after. Her second husband may be familiar to wrestling fans as he is a former NXT developmental talent. He is Thomas Latimer, formerly known as Kenneth Cameron in NXT, and now known as Bram in TNA Impact Wrestling. The duo married in 2013 but they quickly split after Thomas reportedly assaulted Charlotte. The divorce was finalized in October 2015. They remain friends.


4. Death of Her Brother

Many fans of wrestling past may remember the name Reid Flair. Like his father and older sister, he was a professional wrestler who appeared in WCW and wrestled 2 matches between 1998 and 2000. He also wrestled in promotions such as Big Time Wrestling, Northeast Wrestling, NWA Charlotte, and All Japan Pro Wrestling. However, he had a rougher life than his sister. He was arrested on several occasions and had issues with drug use. Unfortunately, on March 29, 2013, Reid was found dead in his hotel room bed at a Residence Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina. An autopsy in June of 2013 revealed that he had an overdose of heroin and prescription drugs in his system. Charlotte was very close to her brother, especially since their father was away most of the time in their childhood. She has paid tribute to him several times during her WWE career. She has stated that his death caused her to strive and work harder in her pursuit of a wrestling career.


5. Her Mother

Charlotte Flair's mother, Elizabeth, was the second wife of the Nature Boy. Ric and Elizabeth were married for a whopping 26 years until they divorced. Charlotte was just 20 and studying at college when this happened. The separation caused Charlotte and her mother to form a very special bond.

The Queen has had many trials and tribulations during her life but she was able to overcome them and make herself one of the most successful wrestlers of all time. Her brother Reid must be very proud of her when looking down at her success.


Mrs preeti on August 14, 2019:

Hello chralotte flair my super fan is you welcome back smackdown live reunion hall of fame with ric flair

justin ross on March 16, 2018:

i love u i want u to be my wife

notorious9912 (author) from Chicago, IL USA on July 04, 2017:

Yes that is very strange with the elizabeth name lol

N B Yomi from Dallas, TX on June 30, 2017:

I knew about Charlotte's brother(unfortunately), but not about everything else. Like how she was at one point married to and is good friends with Bram... Holy crap. And then there's her mother...Elizabeth... In an anime I watch called "Tiger Mask W"(I'm pretty sure you've heard of it...) There's a character allegedly inspired by Charlotte named "Queen Elizabeth." I questioned calling this character "Queen Elizabeth," until reading this, but I'm sure it's mere coincidence.

notorious9912 (author) from Chicago, IL USA on June 30, 2017:

She has definitely lived up to her father's legacy

Mamerto Adan from Cabuyao on June 29, 2017:

She should continue the Flair legacy.