50 Girl Fantasy Football Team Names

Updated on March 9, 2017
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Who said football was only a man’s sport? Many women choose to play along in fantasy football, whether it’s a co-ed league or even all ladies leagues (yes, those exist!) If you’ve wound up on this page, chances are, you are thinking about starting up your very own league consisting of all ladies, but you don’t know what to call it.

If you are starting an all-girl fantasy football league or just joining one, then you need a name for your league or team that screams girl! In my opinion, not enough ladies play fantasy football, let alone enjoy the sport, so when girls get together to play, it’s kinda a big deal. So, what I’m getting at is that you should show some pride in your interest to play fantasy football, and do enough homework on your team to score big and build a good rep!

Defensive Dolls
Bloodbath and Beyond
Superbowl Babes
Gridiron and Wine
Kansas City Chicks
Junk in the Trunk
Sacks and the City
Lucky Ladies League
Miami Hot Mamas
Girls only!
The Watergirl
Minivan Mavens
Chicago Mama Bears
Locker Room Ladies
P.M.S. Pretty Moms Score
The Brains of the Game
Girlz Rule Boyz Drool
Babes with Brains
Diva Draft Picks
Dallas Cowgirls
Lipstick Leatherheads
Huddle Hussies
Badass Baby Makers
The Tacklebox
Sweet Cheeks
Glitz and Blitz
Hail Marys
Jersey Babes League
Girls on the Gridiron
Southern Sweet Peas
In Her Endzone
Friday Night Tights
Gunner Gurlz
The Pleated Prowlers
Victorious Secret
Miss Daisy League
The Pink Panthers
Green Babe Packers
Cuddling Cougars
Ladies for Manning
Mile High Heels
Easy, Breesy, Beautiful!
Punting Pussycats
Running Back to Me
Pigskin Princesses
Ovaries in Overtime
Drawn and Quarterbacked
Suicide Squad
Apple Bottom Turnovers
Wenches in Trenches

For even more ideas, check out 100 Funny Fantasy Football Names!

Tips for Naming Your Team

If you need some ideas for coming up with good girl fantasy football team names, here are a few pointers to get you thinking in the right direction:

  • Girl things: Just because you love the sport of football doesn’t mean you don’t also enjoy a good pedicure or shopping! You’re still a girl inside and out, so use girl things in the name, such as lipstick and diamonds.
  • Ladies, girls, divas, etc: Nothing says girl like literally saying girl! Use terms like girls, ladies, divas, or even bitches in your name to make it clear that you have vaginas and you’re still playing fantasy football.
  • Puns: With all of the football terms out there and really fun football player last names, there’s a whole wide world of puns out there just waiting for you to use it in your fantasy football team/league names!
  • Humor: Don’t be afraid to try to be funny! Most of the team names out there are pretty funny, which is the only bandwagon I’d jump in on!
  • Raunchy: Okay, just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you can’t be a little raunchy in your team name. Why should only guys be allowed to be raunchy? I, for one, believe in equal rights!
  • Throw it at the men: With football being a male-dominated sport, this can be a chance to really stick it to them. Show them that a lady can know just as much or even more about football! Being a male has nothing to do with how well someone can do playing fantasy, so don’t be afraid to put men down in your name!

Having a ladies league is the perfect excuse for the girls to get together on game night and party! Although you are likely to be betting money in the league, most of the focus should be on having fun, and thus the fun be reflected in the girl fantasy football team names! If it’s not fun, then what’s the point?

Fantasy Football Girls: DOs and DON'Ts


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