100 Funny Fantasy Football Names

Updated on April 8, 2020
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With fantasy football season approaching, it’s time to start recruiting players to fill the slots in the league! If you’re a first-timer, fantasy football is a game where each player drafts their own team, similarly to how drafts occur in real life, just on a smaller scale.

You have position slots to fill, and you can pick any player in the NFL with respective positions to fill those slots, thus putting together your fantasy team. Okay, so you’re not going to wind up with every single player you would ideally want, but it’s a lot of fun!

Funny Fantasy Football Names

Having a good league name can mean the difference in convincing that one person to play who just isn’t quite sure if they want to. When it comes to naming the league, nothing is better than funny fantasy football names!

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the perfect league name, so I am here to give you some pointers in selecting the perfect name for your league!

  • Puns: Whether you play on a player’s name or a football term, puns can make for some really funny fantasy football names!

  • Commissioner: You are the commissioner and everyone probably knows it, but show ownership of the league by incorporating your name into the league name, and make pun of it!

  • Be risky: Some of the funniest fantasy football names are the ones that people are taken aback by, the complete unexpected and potentially crude. It’s a man’s game (for the most part), so don’t be scared to let out those repressed, chauvinistic impulses.

  • Inside jokes: It’s likely that you are playing with a bunch of people you know well, so if there’s any inside jokes within the group, use it to the league name’s advantage!

Now that your head is probably swarming with some good ideas for fantasy football names, here’s a list of examples that came to mind.

Jurassic Jocks
The Other Guys
Beers and Beards
Locker Room Rookies
Cubicle Quarterbacks
The Jelly Beans
Cowboys Suck
The Benchwarmers
Too Legit To Quit
Team Waterboy
Men of Shoe Size 13
Blue Balls from Football
Grass Eaters
Lazy Tailgaters
Team Gryffindor
Weed Whackers
The High Throne League
Blitzkrieg Bop
The RedBullies
The Little League
Master Chiefs
Final Fantasy Football
Chicago Teddy Bears
The Florida Grayhairs
First Round Nose Pickers
The Lollipop Guild
Colorado Reefers
The Great Beard Guild
No Brain Without a Beard
Deflated Balls
Pork Nachos
Kris' Tight End
Blowing Chunks
League of Kings
The Oilers
Twiddling 'staches
We Yell at TVs
Smells Like Team Spirit
Fuzzy Bunnies
Soggy Bottom Boys
I Choo-Choo-Choose You
Joe's Jackalopes
Lozers and Boozers
The He Man Woman Haters Club
League of Losers
Drunken Dwarves
Spontaneous Sacking
Offensive Flatulence
Apple Turnovers
Picking Winners
Turf Munchers
Off the Gridiron
We've got big BALLS!
3XL League
The Republic
Mike's Ditkas
Wrench Dodgers
Crocodile Dungy
Blue Steelers
Beards Offsides
Peter Piper Picked a Team of Packers
Dink and Dunk, Drink and Drunk
The Man Babies
Jacques Strap
Jolly Green Giants
The Space Rangers
Tactical Tacklers
Hail Mother Mary
Nothing Butt Fumbles
My Humps
The Milk N Cookies League
Leading with the Head
Kidneystone Kickers
The Farting Falcons
The Lard Lads
Liquor is Quicker
Flergerburger Hobbits
Wreck-it Ralphers
The Slobberknocker League
Wet Willies Fantasy League
Tight End Spread
Crayon Box Brutes
Team Swagger
Sandbox Sackers
Takin' the Touchback
The Juicebox League
Blitz Me a Beer
The Snickerdoodles
Freaks of the League
Ready to Fumble
The Kickasseroles
The 'I Prefer Baseball'ers
The Ball Tossers
Street Fighters
Huddles and Cuddles
Can't Touch This!
Team of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Looking for something a bit more feminine? Check out 50 Girl Fantasy Football Team Names!



Have fun giving your league a good name, and if you are having a hard time coming up with a good name on your own, invite the guys over for some beers and BBQ and see what you can all come up with together.

Not only is it a reason to party and have the guys get together, but it can really spark some great ideas, especially when beer is involved. Sometimes it pays to just ask the other players!

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