101+ Kickass Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Updated on December 14, 2016

Getting into Fantasy Hockey

Many of us dream of coaching our own sports team--a dream that many of us don’t actually plan on following through with, of course. Lucky for all of us lazy, unambitious folk, there’s fantasy sports!

Fantasy hockey is one of the many games of fantasy out there and it involves just that, hockey. The NHL to be exact! You’ll build an entire hockey team by going through a draft, ensuring that you draft a couple of each position as well as a good defense. Then you will take your super awesome team and compete with confidence while the hockey games are airing!

Fantasy Hockey Team Names

One of the fun parts of fantasy sports is that you can choose whatever name for your team, because you’re the owner! When it comes to fantasy hockey team names, here’s a few tips:

  • Actual team names: You can find ways to incorporate an actual team name into your team name if you’re some kind of toothless, diehard fan! Go Lightning!
  • Player names: Likewise, you can find ways to use the names of your favorite players in your team name. Hopefully you have some of those players on your team!
  • Puns: Puns are actually quite common in fantasy sports team names, and are always a great option in include! Puns can be really funny, especially in those team names that use a player’s name!
  • Hockey terms: Every sport has terms they use for penalties, plays, etc. Find clever ways to use these hockey terms in your team name!a few people involved in some kind of fantasy sport. The most common fantasy sport I hear about is football, but hockey is a big one, too!
  • Funny: Who said a kickass name had to be tough sounding? Picking a funny name, like the Misbehaving Musk Oxen or the Adorable Snowbunnies, will give your team character and let you show more personality in the Fantasy rink!

With these tips in mind, here are 101 example fantasy hockey team names to get you in the rink!

101+ Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Arctic A-holes
Grumpy Goalies
Arctic Anarchy
H-E-Double Hockey Sticks
Puck Pushers
Army of the Arctic
Hawkey Styx
Pucked Up
High-stick Hoodlums
Bering Sea Brawlers
Hockey Hailstorm
Razor Blades
Best Fantasy Hockey Team
Hockey Hookers
Razorblade Brigade
Biscuit Busters
Hot off the Ice
Ref Roughers
Black Ice Beauties
Ice Block
Rink Rebels
Bladed Retaliators
Ice Crushers
Sabertooth Tigers
Blades of Fury
Ice Fairies
Shaved Ice
Blades of Glory
Ice Ice Baby
Shootout Skaters
Brain Freezers
Ice Insurgency
Sin City Snipers
Broken Noses
Ice Road Truckers
Slapshot Slashers
Bruisin' Blizzards
Ice Screamers
Slice the Ice
Candle Lighters
Ice Sculptors
Slurpee Suckers
Center Ice Skaters
Ice Town Mayors
Snowbunny Brawlers
Chicken Goaltenders
Icees are Delicious
Stick Tossers
Chilly Checkers
Icerink Rascals
Cold Feet
Icing on the Cake
Stuttering Stanley Cup
Coldblooded Canucks
Italian Icers
Tavares Troublemakers
Crobsy Co.
Lamp Lighters
The Big Freeze
Cross Checkers
Let it Go
The Big Zamboni
Cutting the Ice
Misconducting Misfits
The Canadian Geezers
Drifting Ice
Moose Knuckles
The Dalton Dashers
Dust Collectors
Mountain Dewers
The Defrosters
Face Breakers
North Pole Pirates
The Mighty Ducks
Nosebleed Narwhals
The Seattle Shiverers
Penalty Box Bruisers
Twig Tossers
Frosty & Friends
Penalty Box Prisoners
Washington Walruses
Penalty Boxers
Wild Wolverines
Glacier Gliders
Penalty Pokers
Winter Wizards
Glove Throwdown
Periwinkle Penguins
Wooly Mammoths
Gloves Comin' Off
Pine Riders
Yellow-Belly Yankees
Pissed Off Polar Bears

Finding Inspiration

If you still need help coming up with the most awesome moniker for your mean team, inspiration is easy to come by!

  • Hockey movie marathon: Grab some chips and dip and a few pals and host a hockey movie marathon. My person favorites are Goon and of course, since I was a kid of the 90's, the Mighty Ducks! Hail to the Coach, Gordon Bombay!
  • Watch a game: Head to the ice to watch a game for cheap in the nosebleed section, or enjoy a game or two of last year's Stanley Cup finals. Either way, watching the action firsthand is a great source of icey inspiration.
  • Youtube fails: Obviously you want your players to be more successful than these guys, but you can't argue they're funny as hell to watch! Check out these hilarious hockey fails on Youtube:

Best HOCKEY Fails of 2016

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      • Jeremy Gill profile image

        Jeremy Gill 9 months ago from Louisiana

        Even for someone who isn't big on fantasy sports like myself, I enjoyed these entertaining names. Shaved Ice cracks me up and I'm not sure why haha. Well done!