101+ Badass Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Updated on December 10, 2016

“Up, up, up the court! Down, down, down the court! Up the court, down the court! Go, team, go!” This is a cheer that I can recall fondly that was one of the chants at my brother’s basketball games back in high school. It’s one of the only ones that I hear when I fantasize about basketball in the good ol’ days!

Speaking about fantasizing about basketball, let’s get on the topic of fantasy basketball! With so many good, professional players out there, everyone can build their very own dream team and even win a few bucks in the process. What’s even more fun is getting together with the rest of the fantasy players and partying during game time, being in the presence to make fun of those who are losing!

Fantasy Basketball Team Names

If you are playing fantasy basketball and do not yet know what you are going to call your team, then you are probably in need of a few good fantasy basketball team name ideas! What exactly do you look for in a team name? That is up to you; after all, it’s your team! Here’s some tips for coming up with your own:

  • Your name: So you’re basically a coach at this point, right? Right. So own the team as if they were right in front of you! Be cocky, name the team after you!

  • Your favorite team: Think about your favorite team and use their name or colors or some other aspect about them in your team’s name. You’ll be showing some team loyalty while taking pride in your fantasy team!

  • Basketball terms: There’s many words out there that are specific to basketball, so since this is a fantasy basketball league, those terms are fair game!

  • Puns: Puns are clever when used in any aspect of life and fantasy basketball is no different! Give other team leaders a few laughs by using a pun in your name!

  • Gender: Fantasy basketball is not just for the guys, and whether your league is based around the NBA or WNBA, it never hurts to be gender-specific in fantasy basketball team names!

With these tips in mind, they should not only help you to come up with your own team names, but also to narrow down a list that you might have in mind. Sometimes these decisions are hard to make! Anyway, here is a list of example fantasy basketball team names:

101+ Fantasy Basketball Team Names

3 Point Hotshot
Finger Rollers
Ready Shoot SCORE
4 Score and 7 Years Ago
First String Superstars
Rebound Your Mouth Shut
Air Those Balls
Five Finger Ball Slingers
Runnin N Gunnin
Air Walker Slam Dunker
Frank N Balls
Sasha the Slasher
Alley Oop Me
Free Throw Fancies
Sexy Shutout
Alley Oopsies
Hacky Shaqers
Sexy Slam Dunkers
Half Court Hotties
Shasty McNasty
And1More For Me
Hang it Up
Shattered Scoreboard
Ankle Breakerz
Hook Shot Slim
Sixth Man Standing
Backboard Breakerz
Hot Shot Harry
Slam Drunkers
Backboard Shattered Dreams
Houston Rox My World
Slam Dunk Divas
Backboard Shattering Dreams
Impossible Shots
Slam Dunk Sallies
Backdoor Ballers
In the Zone
Slam Dunk Slammed Drunk
Backyard Ballers
Jump Shot Jack
Slammed Drunk
Ball Busters
Layup or Down
Small Ball Stealer
Baller Shot Caller
Love Triangle Offense
Spare Balls on Hand
Balls To The Walls
Luv Me Some Nuggets
Spare Me Net
Balls Up
Miami Light My FIre
Spin City B-Ballers
Basket Baller Shot Caller
Mikan Drill You
Steal 4 Real
Booga Pick N Roll
Mister Swisher
Streets to da Courts
Boston Cell Ticks
Neck Breakerz
The Ball Boy
Buzzer Beaters
Nellie Ball Nancies
The Benchwarmers
Cherry Picker Finger Licker
Netty Shots
The Ghetto Ghost Baller
Chicago No Bull Shyt
No Small Balls Allowed
The Judge of the Courts
Court Ruler
No Stealing
Third String Strangers
Crossover Pwners
No Tie for This Guy
Three Point Shizzle Muh Dizzle
Da Ball Hog
No Time Out
Tip Offs With Tops Off
Detroit Piston My Cheerios
Number 1 Fan
Upcourt Funk Me Up
NY Knicks N Kicks
Utah Jazz Me
Dribble Driving the Game
O?Doyle Rules
Violate Me
Dribble My Nizzle
On Da Rebound
Whoosh Scoooooore
Dribbles and Drools
One Shot Wonders
Wingin It Forward
Dribbling Soul
Orlando Tragic
Yer Face is McNasty
Dub Shots
Panties and Penalties
Zero Violations
Fade and Win
Point Guard Play Hard
Fatty McFatty Crackers
Pussycat Passers

If nothing else, I hope that by seeing these example names, you were able to think of a few good ones on your own! You can, of course, use any of these names as your own because that’s what they’re here for. As always, the best way to find inspiration for a good name is to watch a game or two while thinking on it and surely something will come to mind!

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